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  1. GC4226 - Sisters, Locationless cache requires 2 geocachers from sister cities to complete. (see http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6&Submit6=Find) Okotoks, AB (see www.okotoks.ca) has a sister city - San Carlos, California. I need to find a cacher in San Carlos so we can both log this cache. Can anyone HELP??!!
  2. GC4226 - Sisters, Locationless cache requires 2 geocachers from sister cities to complete. (see http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6&Submit6=Find) Okotoks, AB (see www.okotoks.ca) has a sister city - Digby NS. I need to find a cacher in Digby so we can both log this cache. Can anyone HELP??!!
  3. Okotoks Alberta, Canada got hit 3 times in June 2005 with major floods here. I thought I lost 2 caches by the river. One is for sure gone, as is all the land it was sitting on. The other, GCN225, Benny Dog & I dug around and found just this week. Very covered with mud/silt, but the contents were dry. Amazing. I was able to clean it up and replace it in it's original spot tonight. I always put labels on my cache's with my phone number etc. Like a message in a bottle, I patently await a call from someone in Hudson's Bay (where the Sheep River ends up) saying they found my lost cache.
  4. We've all seen our share of used range golf balls, cassette tapes (not playable), Various common coins with demoninations under .26 ETC in traditional caches. In an effort to raise the level of booty from junk to ??, I ask the question. I am interested in opinions from those in other areas as to what they would REASONABLY like to see in traditional caches.
  5. Ok, dump of pent up GSAK questions: a) What PQ's would a Normal geocacher set up. (I know, my wife says there IS NO such thing as a "normal" geocacher) - I have two, 1 with the first 500 from home, and another with My Finds. & use "get data by email" to load them into GSAK. Do I need others? I have done trips where I generated/imported a PQ for the area into GSAK. My db is at over 6200 records. How many is too many in GSAK? c) If I delete (see previous post) waypoints that are further than 300kms away that I haven't found, I figure I could reduce the count to about 1200. Is there any reasons why I shouldn't do that?
  6. Clyde, As an enhancement, could you modify the DELETE WAYPOINT dialogue box (right click on a waypoint>delete) to indicate in the number of waypoints that will be deleted depending on the radio button chosen at the top? Eg: This waypoint only: One waypoint will be deleted... All waypoints in filter: 534 waypoints will be deleted... All User ticked: 238 waypoints will be deleted... This would be a helpful quick check that you are deleting the number of waypoints you expect to delete. (therefore saving me the time to do a restore after I screwed up)
  7. Has anyone /does anyone know of.. someone who has been able to extract the CASH part out of geocaching? Of course, there are stores that sell GPSr's etc. What about caching tours or other services or ventures?
  8. Good point on the archived caches. I hadn't thought of those. We had major floodiing in the area in June which killed/archived a number of caches. As far as "possibly log an event cache more than once or something?" Yes, GC43F3 Brass Cap Cache (similar to benchmarks) will allow a log for each brass cap found. I think the mystery is solved. Thanks.
  9. I've only been able to get 180 PQ finds max, when my profile shows 198. Trying to get a PQ to give me ALL of My Finds. If I only select "I have found" and leave the rest wide open, I get the error "You need to choose a point of origin, state or country in your search." If I put in any point of origin, (say my home co-ords), the query max's out at 500 miles from home or given co-ord/place. I think the difference comes from Locationless caches that originate in other countries/more than 500 miles away. I cannot seem to get around this. Advice??
  10. 6.5, not the beta. (Beta's scare me. I perfer letting someone else work the bugs out, rather than inflicting them on my system.) I don't think so. We're talking the TransCanada Highway here. See screenshot. Brandon > Winnipeg OK. Winnipeg> Drydon-goes direct, and then Drydon > Thunder Bay OK, Thunder Bay to SS Marie- direct again.
  11. This kind of relates to ANOTHER issue that I have encountered and posted in thread http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...0entry1608163 Any ideas?? BTW, a GREAT post, very easy to understand/do.
  12. Topo Canada DOES do routing on both the GPS and PC. You just can't put in an address and find it. No problem waypoint to waypoint. I am REALLY stumped as to why the routing preference (auto-routing / direct) would switch in the middle of creating a single route. I have closed Mapsource, rebooted, started a new Mapsource file, poked, prodded, still no success.
  13. New firmware for the 60cs has solved the problem.
  14. Mapsource w/Canada Topo, on my PC. Options are set to Auto-Route by car. Trying to do a Route from Calgary to Toronto, Using Route Tool, clicking on cities along the #1 (TransCanada Hwy). Calgary> Regina > Brandon > Winnipeg all OK. Click the city, the Route follows the hwy. Then Winnipeg > Kenora > Dryden, the Route goes Direct (as crow flies, NOT via the hwy). Then, Dryden to Thunder Bay, it is OK again, then TB to SS Marie goes back to Direct. Why? Why does Mapsource not follow the highways (as desired)? Next question: Caching across the Country - What is the best way to load up geocaches say within 20miles of the highway / route. PQ's? Searches? GSAK? Procedures?
  15. This has probably been asked, and maybe should be pinned?? Is there a step by step instruction sheet to change the default Geocaching icons (chest/open chest) on the 60cs to the cache type (traditional, multi etc) icons used with Geocaching.com? I assume that this is done through PQ's, > GSAK > 60cs, correct? I do remember seeing a post with a zip file of the icons, but I cannot seem to locate it now. I also remember reading that changing the icons will loose the geocaching functionality on the 60cs.
  16. How can I build a Pocket query (PQ) with just Locationless cache's? When I build a PQ, choose only locationless, the PQ won't submit until you choose a country or location. The list of what appears to be over 250 locationless cache's always ends up with a PQ that returns much less (like 15). It would seem to me that if you choose locationless in the cache type, that the Within or From Origin should not be required.
  17. Are you supposed to log a "Found It" for each of the caches you have placed? I got asked this the other day, and didn't know an official answer. I never have logged any of my own hides as found, although I could use the stats.
  18. http://earth.google.com/index.html Won't allow downloads right now. Can't get the software.
  19. I tried the above. Works great for US addresses. Thanks. Canadian stuff - nope, which is the immediate issue. Sample address: a WalMart in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Alberta's code is AB. 9650 MACLEOD TRAIL SE Calgary, Alberta, Canada Postal Code: T2J 0P7 It should be around N50 57.940 W114 04.231
  20. This may not be quite the right forum for this, but... How do I convert a Canadian street address to Lat/Longs? I have tried Mapquest, Maps.com, yahoo maps and all will do a fine job of finding the place, but none show lat & long for my GPS. What about US addresses? There has GOT to be a site somewhere that does this. Am I missing a click somewhere? Any ideas?
  21. How many feet between N 50° 42.097 and N 50° 42.098? Distance between say N 50° and N 49° ? Distance between .42 and .43? etc. Is there a chart somewhere?
  22. New version 3.80 of software for the 60CS is just out. http://www.garmin.com/support/collection.j...ct=010-00322-30 Changes made from version 3.70 to 3.80: * Corrected intermittent USB data transfer. * Corrected 'Recalculate' option for 'Off Road' navigation. Any feedback yet? I had the USB problem, many others had the switching nav problem
  23. You might want to try a different USB socket on the computer as well. I had problems that were related to a bad USB 1.1 hub. It would connect & transfer small amounts of data/waypoints/tracks, but when the track file was at 62% full on the 60cs, the transfers would fail. Hooked the unit to a USB 2.0 port right on the computer and everything worked fine.
  24. I've also tried OziExplorer v3.95.4g and get an error at reading record 1000 of 7203. Also failed on ExpertGPS. -------- Problem Solved ----- FYI ----- Tried the USB cable directly into the computer's USB 2.0 port on the front, and it worked. The cable previously was in a Newport USB hub that may only be USB 1.1. The connection had not been a problem until this big track (see attached file). It looks to be a USB hub problem. I will replace the Newport hub with a new 2.0 hub, try it again, and let you know how that worked/if the hub is the problem.
  25. Does anyone else have problems transferring large TRACK files from the 60cs into Mapsource? I get a "Error communicating with your device...etc" when the tracks are large. The Track page on the GPS now shows 66% full. It won't transfer to the Mapsource software. It starts the transfer and gets to about 15-44% done and fails.
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