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Favourite Caches Vancouver - Banff


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Hello Hollyburn!


Pretty much any cache in Banff is a "Must-Do" cache in my opinion!! [B)]


We spent our honeymoon in Banff and did our share of caching while were there.


I particularily liked these two:


Tunnel Mountain - Banff


Sulphur Mountain - if you don't mind virtuals, and are looking for the best view in town.


If I could have only ever done one cache in my entire visit to Banff however, it would be the following:


Root Canal


This cache simply has it all. A long hike, a GORGEOUS canyon (Sundance Canyon) and its not too far from town. I would recommend biking if you can.


Hope this helps. I really Miss Banff! you are making me want to go back! :blink:


Oh, and if you are looking for a place to stay, we really enjoyed Buffalo Mountain Lodge. Good service, close to town and a fantastic room!

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Thanks for the cache ideas. The view from Tunnel Mountain was fabulous and we thought we were quite high up until we got to Sulphur Mountain, then Tunnel Mountain looked like a small hill. Views are out of this world. We didn't go to Root Canal as we heard there were bear sightings nearby. Will check out Othello Tunnels after the blasting is finished.

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