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Hands On Comparison Of Legend C Vs. Gpsmap 60c


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Other than memory size and antenna type, why are the 60c or 60cs deemed to be the favorites here by most over the Legend C or Vista C? I'm on a tight budget and would like to upgrade from my Legend to a Garmin color screen unit by July 5th to get the rebate. Just how much bigger is the screen on the 60c than the Legend C? (It appears to me that the Legend C screen is smaller than the Legend). I know I can get the specs from Garmin's site, but I have yet to actually see a 60c or 60cs in person and would like some thoughts. I do wedge the Legend between the dash and windshield while driving and realize the 60's won't do that.

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The 60c's screen is a bit bigger, but the 60c always shows a status bar, which takes up space. The Legend C is smart enough not to show a status bar when it is not needed. Taking that into account, the difference is quite small.

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The Legend C and Vista C have really only been out a short while. The 60C and 60CS have been around for over a year. That probably explains a lot of the market penetration among cachers here. The 60C and CS (and the 76C and CS) were really the only color options available for quite a while.


As for screen size, the Legend is 1.7 x 1.3 compared to 2.2 x 1.5 for the 60C. But the resolution should be better. The Legend is only 20 pixels shorter (220 vs. 240) and is 16 pixels wider (176 vs. 160).


The 60C has a serial port and USB. Legend is USB only, but this is less and less of a concern as third party apps add USB support. Also, the 60C has a quad helix antenna instead of patch, but Legend/Vista C owners report great reception--better than the standand Legend, so there must be some improvement in the technology.


I have not compared these units side by side. I'm hoping this helps until someone comes along who has.

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