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WebCam Cache

Guest WrongWay

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Guest WrongWay

Anton from NY has come up with a great idea:


Originally posted by Anton:

Your own front yard?


Okay, then you can aim a webcam at it, and we can all watch the next "discovery", too. Just be sure to post the link for your cam.




A WebCam cache !!!


What an excellent idea. Stash a micro-cache where there is an existing webcam. Check these out:


USA WebCams



World WebCams


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Guest Anton

Thanks for the credit. Since there are so few "new" ideas, it makes me wonder if it hasn't already been done somewhere. Hmmm.


Anyway, perhaps this website will put up a page just for "Web Cam Caches" sometime soon. If someone sets up as web cam cache, they can send the url here for a link. Then we can stay up til all hours lurking in the "bush" to see who finds the cache first. Or not.





Anton Ninno, N2RUD

Syracuse, NY 13210

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Guest Seamus

I'd thought about this a couple times early on, but didn't spend too much time on it. Living in a third-floor apartment, I don't exactly have a lot of wooded acreage to hide a box in nearby.


I'd kicked around a few ideas involving auto-triggered cameras, both still and video, but eventually let them fall by the way, as they are quite impractical in my situation. I'd bet there are quite a few people in the "Had the idea, but it wouldn't work for me" category.


I _have_ read a couple of cache reports about people being greeted by the cache placers, who placed it within view of their own homes. Now _those_ are the ones who should be setting up cache cams! :^)


-- Seamus


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Guest makaio

I actually discussed this with Jeremy months ago. the idea was to use existing webcams (traffic cams, etc.) and find one trained on a site suitable for a cache that wouldn't disappear too quickly. Nice to see others are thinking along the same lines. Let us know when one pops up cuz I'm sure we'd all love to peek in on it.



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