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  1. OK I am sure that some clever clogs will tell me how to get my picture to come up
  2. http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/fae9ba47-cadc-4a4c-8617-5bfa1770392d.jpg Bridge near cache GC2TNVV
  3. Hamsters are obviously still hungery so will try later. Thanks every one
  4. Is anyone else having problem logging their finds tonight? I managed to log one cache but am unable to log the others. The click box to submit cache wont click (if you know what I mean).
  5. I always put my hand through the loop and hang stick from my wrist and I still leave the pole behind! Other half normally notices before me and sends me back. Reckon I have walked a fair few miles just retrieving my stick.
  6. Is it too late to be put on the list for one coin. Really don't mind which colour (it will be a nice surprise!)
  7. My daughter asked us to introduce geocaching to her brownies when thet went to camp. I set out serveral dummy caches for them over the weekend, explained all the ins & outs and they loved it. We arranged for them to do my mini series (4)one evening and it was explained to them that if they tell people where they are they might go missing, so it wont be fair on the next set of cachers to find that they have gone missing, that was 9 months ago and we have had no problems with the caches. They have there own account and have put out there own cache which is local so as they can do all the maintenance on it. They also have two TB's out in the wild which they are tracking on a map one in France and the other in Austria, so learning comes into it as well (even if they dont realise it) They really enjoy it. So I would ay go for it.
  8. My piece of playing card is now winging its way over the pond.
  9. Hate it!!! Where on earth is My Assistant, I cannot find it anywhere. Why oh why do sticky fingers have to play about. If it aint broke dont fix it!!!!!!
  10. You can count me in for a celtic design. Thanks
  11. I posted on 07/12/10 post no 245 to say mine has arrived!
  12. Glad you like the coin, I fell in love with it when I saw it, luckily the coin designer only live about 15 miles (as the crow flies) from me and he is selling them in his outdoor shop, so we went up to get one (well two as I had to have one for myself of course!) especially for the mission. You must have been sending out vibes!!! Cannot believe it only took 8 days to get to you. Merry Christmas to everyone in the mission.
  13. Woo Hoo my mission arrived today (along with Joyeux Noel Mission from the same sender!!!!!(would love to know what the odds on that are!)) I received a pair of socks, a pair of gloves, two magnetic note pads (now I will allways have a note pad to hand) four sachets of spiced tea (looking forward to tasting them) a large thermal mug (which hubby has his beady eye on) and eight peanut butter trees (yum) AND three coins all wrapped up and placed in a super christmas tin. Not sure what the coins are yet so will have to do a bit of research, i'm sure someone will let me know when I can get the photos up. One is a small white envelope, an earthday coin (?) and a very large copper coin with 5 green jewels in it (stunning) So its a very HUGE THANK YOU to ESeurat for two fantastic missions.
  14. Woo Hoo my mission arrived today and I had quite a surprise as my sender had me for TWO missions (this one and lorcal's winter mission (what are the odds on that!!!!)). So I have a rather large box. For this mission I had a card and a bigfoot coin, it is oh so sweet and I love it. I'll tell you what else I got in the other forum. Photos on the way asap. Thankyou so much to ESeurat
  15. Hopefully mission 2 will turn up with all the Christmas post, do post offices ever have a clear out? I can only hope.
  16. I know I am pleased with any coin I recieve. I do not have that many (30ish). So go for it, if they are not happy with the coins maybe they should not enter missions!!! With only a few coins I think the likelyhood of getting a double is pretty rare, and if I did I wouldn't mind. I dont actually activate my coins as they will not be released into the world, not sure whether I should or not, what does everyone think on here?
  17. At least Just A Trifle is alive and well. Just a shame about the mission. I live in hope that it will eventually get there. Sorry to everyone else who is on the waiting list. Would you like me to send another mission to another cacher, obviously it will not contain all the cards etc. Let me know what you think. Sue
  18. Email Sent: 29/10/10 Name rec'd: 01/11/10 Mission sent: Mission rec'd
  19. OOOH Have just found this mission. Count me in please. e mail on its way.
  20. I'm in. Its only TWO MONTHS to the big day! Email sent: 25/10/10 Name rec'd: Mission sent: Mission rec'd:
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