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  1. I use both since Topo 24K doesn't cover all the areas, as mentioned in an earlier reply.
  2. Yes, WAAS was enabled, but the GPS did not have WAAS accuracy. No radio activity and I did not transmit. The nimh batteries were cycled just one time prior. I assume that if you have radio traffic and transmit, the times will be significantly reduced. Lithium batteries are advertised as having a higher capacity than alkaline, but of course are more pricey. - John
  3. Hi group. FYI, I tested my Rino 120 with 4 types of batteries, to check how long they would last. My test was un-scientific. I left the radio/GPS on, and had the Rino in the same location for each of the tests. The Rino was indoors and had intermittent satellite reception. Results: battery battery life hrs:mins (unit turned off) lithium energizer E2 22:35 nimh energizer 1850mah 4:45 nimh powerizer 2000mah 9:45 Rayovac alkaline 15:15 Note that the lithium batteries are also the lightest and best performing in cold weather.
  4. quote:Originally posted by st_richardson:I use to use my Vista but now I favor my Rino 120 due it's better performance under tree cover. I agree. Rino 120.
  5. Got mine at REI.com. Search for lithium. I have also seen them at the photo section in places like Fred Meyer. They are kind of pricey but long lasting, light weight, and not as affected by temperature extremes.
  6. Can anybody recommend a speaker microphone for the Rino 120? I am disappointed that Garmin doesn't offer this accessory for the Rino's. Overall I am very satisfied with my Rino. For my purposes it is great. I use it for short range communication (less than 1 mile), and for locating where I am at (with the uploadable maps) in the city and in the mountains. I have not noticed a power down problem that some people have reported. I also think that the audio quality is satisfactory. I also have several FRS and HAM radios.
  7. I have been using my Rino 120 for some snowshoeing this winter. I have been using Lithium batteries due to the cold weather. The battery life is very impressive with lithium batteries. I have over 24 hours of GPS and radio use, and the battery signal is still at full strength!
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