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    System Response

    Geocaching.com is horribly slow to load here too. Seems to have just started last night though.
  2. I had found that I could not log in from the office - which I do not save cookies on - but I could log on at home using my stored credentials.
  3. Zop

    EXIF data

    I really hope that the EXIF data is not stripped automatically. The EXIF data serves a valuable tool for puzzle solvers and placers alike. It would be a nice option to permit CO's to strip EXIF data on images posted in logs though.
  4. That would be up to the cache owner. According to the Listing Guidelines here: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=307#maint section 2.1 ----- Snip ----- 2.1. Listing Guidelines that Apply to All Geocaches 2 Geocache Maintenance Owner is responsible for geocache page upkeep. As the owner of your geocache listing, your responsibility includes quality control of all posts to the cache page. Delete any logs that appear to be bogus, counterfeit, off-topic or otherwise inappropriate. --------------- "your responsibility includes quality control of all posts to the cache page" A blank log is IMHO the lowest quality post possible aside from the obvious offensive, profane or TFTC log. I will always delete a blank log IF the logger does not respond to my request(s) to update their log(s). Many have been nubees using phone apps and for the most part, the logger will update their logs. Fortunately I've only had to delete a few and it appears that most of those have been by cachers who have only cached a few times and haven't returned my emails. I just wish I could get away with deleting singular TFTC logs and copy & paste logs.
  5. True, not all geocachers would consider geocaching.com a mission critical site but when you take into consideration that geocaching.com offers services for a fee, those who pay that fee should have the sense of security that the site will be reasonably available in the event of minor disasters. Of course 'no harm' will come to anyone if the site goes down but many people could potentially lose valuable time and money if they depend on the site's availability. Am I expecting too much? I support several clients who's revenue is a fraction of that of Groundspeak who 'get IT' enough to invest in a stable infrastructure. Are they wrong to provide redundancy for their valuable clients? I don't think so.
  6. That's really not very sound logic. For an international web-based corporation with the amount of subscribers Groundspeak has, it would be absolutely foolish to have all of their eggs in one basket. Something as simple as a fire in the basement or a backhoe fiber accident could take down the entire site.
  7. For how long? There are several puzzle caches out there that rely on EXIF data. Are they all broken now if they don't use a third-party image host? I just checked on one of the ones I've done and fortunately the exif data is still there. Whew!
  8. For how long? There are several puzzle caches out there that rely on EXIF data. Are they all broken now if they don't use a third-party image host?
  9. For a small scale business like GSAK, writing software for the little kid on the block might not be a sound investment of their time. As of 2010, the Windows OS globally still had roughly a 90% market share. If you have 10 potential paying customers, are you going to concentrate on the nine with a PC or the one with a MAC? Sure, the numbers are going to vary a little but when you are trying to feed your family, it just makes sense to cater to the larger market. http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/mac-vs-pc-myth-busting-consumer-guide/
  10. I brought this up a while back on the old forum and it was misunderstood. Today I noticed the banner: "Geocaching.com will be going offline temporarily for a site update on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at approximately 11am PDT" But looking on the Forum's release notes page here in the forums (where I was directed in the past) there is nothing at all about this upcoming interruption and scheduled update. In the future, would it be possible to please post a note in the release notes area of the forum advising us all of what updates/bug fixes/additions etc... are scheduled? There must be some sort of checklist your developers are using for the updates. Why not make it public to give us some advanced indication of what to look for after the updates? It would help many of us to know what may be changing and why rather than just have us all freak out when/if something is different or broken. Thanks..
  11. I just cleared my temp internet files and cookies. Issue remains in IE9 on x86 Windows 7 Ultimate.
  12. Example here: http://coord.info/GC396D8 The entire right column that would normally have the Navigation, attributes, maps etc... Missing. So are the logs. All that I can see is the cache description column. Yesterday I tried both IE 9 and FireFox v9.1 on multiple Win 7 boxes, all had same results. Now seems intermittent. This morning, this works with FF 9.1 but not IE9 on the Win7 system I am using today. IE showing the loading page circle on the tab but never completes. Both FF and IE show <!-- Server: WEB04; Build: Web.HotFix_20111212.1 --> A refresh of IE now shows <!-- Server: WEB05; Build: Web.HotFix_20111212.1 --> I'll try clearing my IE cache and cookies but occurred on multiple systems yesterday.
  13. That's pretty strange. I've tried three different computers now. Same results on my end. Sorry about posting in the wrong forum. It's less intuitive now that the forums have consolidated.
  14. Example here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC396D8 The entire right column that would normally have the log your find, maps etc... Missing. Tried both IE 9 and Latest version of FF on multiple systems. Something looks pooched.
  15. Please don't get rid of the audit logs. The only reason I have any PMO caches is for this feature. It's not exactly vital but it helps one see who is working on a puzzle, who in (and out of) your area sees that you have placed a cache etc... For those who do not want to be seen in an audit log, there are ways to mask this. One of the easiest is to use the new version of GSAK or via PQ's.
  16. I hope this does not get implemented. Only because I have seen unknown 'puzzle' caches use a trackable as a part of the puzzle. It may or may not actually exist but it's placement may be critical to the puzzle. Maybe an opt in system for the owners of the trackables?
  17. It seems that I have to log in several times throughout the day especially if I use any third-party tool that uses the API's. GSAK, Certitude, etc... Is this something that can be resolved once and for all? I would like my laptop, desktop and office workstations that I use frequently to be able to retain cookies so I don't have to keep logging in time and time again. This is happening with FireFox, IE8 on XP and IE9 on Win7. Grrrr....
  18. That's nothing out of the ordinary anymore and it will just get worse and worse with all the phone apps. My daughter has well over 12oo finds yet she has only logged about 400 of them. "Logging is no fun" for her. My son too with about 1000 finds, has only logged about 80. Fortunately, they got started with me and they know what to do with TB's.
  19. All of this sounds pretty good! Let's hope nothing else gets broken in the process. Curious though, the notice banner about the update is no longer being displayed.
  20. This is only one of the many reasons I have been so against these challenges in the first place. No accountability. They get published without any sort of review process, cannot be edited after someone accepts a challenge, there is no way to insure any sort of quality or even legality. Groundspeak really should have simply listened to its customers when the request was to bring back virtuals. Not provide apples for oranges. There is one here in my area where absolutely no verification is required to log as a completion. http://coord.info/CX1CFB Fortunately, no one has lowered themselves to do such but in all reality, anyone in the world can claim the completion without ever setting foot in the park as suggested.
  21. I've looked at the challenges in my area and not one has me impressed nor interested in performing some inane stunt to log a completion. One, "Find the Brick" http://coord.info/CX4F5 in Petaluma, CA can't even be played as the object to find doesn't even exist. I'm a geocacher. That's all. I want to go out and find something substantial. But then I'm not even a fan of the old virtuals but at least with them I have seen some redeeming value and will actually log one every now and then.
  22. I was just about to create a PQ from one I had set up quite some time ago and see a new option called "Traditional Cache copy" Have I just been missing something or is this a new option? If either of the former, what is it for?
  23. Ok.. Let's do some math. 24 hours = 1440 minutes. For someone to "Seek, Find AND rehide" 1000 geocaches in one 24 hour period, that geocacher would have to be operating at 1 geocache every 1.44 minutes. That's in a 24 hour period folks. No sleep, no bathroom breaks, no FUEL breaks and would require driving, eating and caching in rotations. Theoretically it can be done but I sure as heck wouldn't want to try it. My personal best was not on a power trail, 240 in 24 hours with one other cacher. I think that's good enough for me.
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