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  1. For me, I actually like the challange! True, some are extremely difficult or require a lot of brain power and or physical agility but those should be rated as such. I recently worked my butt off to score a 5x5 rated cache! GCRZBD. Absolutely LOVED the adventure! 4 trips into the hills hiking over 40 miles for a 7 stage multi. That's right! 4 trips and over 40 miles to land one simple smiley AND! I'll do it again! see GCWME9 Now for the ones I find not fun? It's not the hide. It's the owner. We have one dolt in our area that seems to only have fun if he's bashing other cachers. Arrogance and disrespect go nowhere. After merely a few months of caching, he blames other cachers for anything that he doesn't like. If he can't find a cache, he even gets disrespectful and bashes the hider! He even posts 'rules' on his profile page and then contradicts his own rules. Would YOU hide a nano in the woods after demanding that you must hide the biggest cache that can fit? So... some of us just ignore his hides. Others just wonder wtf? In any case, read the descriptions, ratings and past logs. You will soon know if a cache is one you want to attempt. Jim..
  2. Afraid of religious items?? Not at all. Offended? Maybe. Not so much because of religion in general but more because not everyone shares the same beliefs or mythology. Would you be offended if my son left a satanic symbol or if my daughter left a wiccan pentagram? Maybe not but I'm sure someone would. For me, I'll trade out any religious propoganda and be sure it doesn't find its way back into a cache designed for such a large audience. Jim..
  3. I for one love bumping into other cachers! While I enjoy the hunt as much as any cacher, the more eyes the better sometimes. Being that this is such an obscure sport/game/hobby/addiction, to find another player in the field is a whole different type of game to me. I will either wave from a distance with my GPS in hand, walk up and ask with authority just what they think they are doing - before asking to join of course - You should see some of the looks of surprise and excuses! or simply ask if they've found it yet. Either way, I have met some fun people out there who I have something in common with and some of these have become caching buddies. It's more fun to me to be a part of a group after the same goal - to have fun and grab a few caches. J..
  4. Without hesitation I have to say that Nemesis (GCRZBD) is and probably always will be my most memorable find! What an encredible adventure to grab this 5x5 Multi in the Hood Mtn State Park in Sonoma County. Our group was made up of Dadfish, Psychofish, Clan Duncan and myself. This trek involved 4 visits and over 40 miles of mixed terrain, elevation climbs of over 2000 feet, some encredible sights, many animals, poison oak, ticks, stickers, torn clothes and skin, rock climbing, tree climbing, sliding down 100 feet down a steep slope to escape a bee attack, swealtering heat, blisters and just plain old exhaustion for those of us (me ) who haven't really prepared for such a trek. I for one will absolutely never forget this adventure. A huge thanks to Trailpuppy for this cache!
  5. I actually haven't been caching long enough nor do I have the finds necessary to state that one cache hider is better then the other but... In the North Bay area where I do the majority of my caching, there is a short list of what I would consider to be my favorites. Not so much as best cache placer as much as most creative, most thoughtful, most challenging and just most! In the Sonoma County area, the cachers that come to mind are Trailpuppy for having some of the most challenging, the Fish brothers (Dad & Psycho) for high quality hides and BKip for the most creative and plentiful hides. Not to leave out Swagen Dave, Team Psychopuppy or Moozer who all have proven to have some fun and challenging hides. Since branching out into other areas in the state and Oregon, there are several who have instilled awe in me with their creativity! lately, I've seen some that just blow my mind! To think of how much time and effort that some cachers put into their caches really makes me want to do better than the ol' cammo'd micro routine. So.. The best hider? The one who has placed the one I haven't found yet. Hmmm.. Too many to count
  6. Ya know, You just have to wonder how many archived caches are still out there that may just be a very good hide but the owner can't or won't return to take a look. I have found a few in this area, one quite by accident but none the less, I'd be interested in how many of us out here would actually take the time to really verify that the cache is gone before archiving. And.. along that thought, I wonder how many of us would go looking for an archived cache just to see? I have and was pleasantly surprised with a find. We have a cache in this area that is archived but.. If you go there to take a look, you'll not only find the cache container, you will see a very active log! The owner wanted to change a listing from a traditional to a puzzle so the first was archived, renamed and relisted. I fugured what the heck! Signed and logged it a second time! After all, it's a new cache listing right? Love the game!
  7. Cool! We sure get a kick outta some of these caches across the globe. Since I'll probably never visit that state, I guess I'm safe. On the "lighter" side, Sometimes after DNF'ing a simple 4.5x5 cache, it's always nice to stumble across a LPC for a quick ego boost There is a series of quasi LPCs in Petaluma, just south of here that was actually quite fun! Not all of them were the generic micro in the skirt and the final was actually a two gallon L&L. So.. LPCs? If it's really not about the numbers just ignore them
  8. Hi Robert, Yup.. We have one out here as well. The problem is that we've all known him for several years and he just assums that anything we get involved in is his business. He always has a negative opinion about someone and now that he's tried caching, he goes out of his way to comment on how he doesn't like the walk, placement, design, coordinates, Needle in the haystack hides, and the fact that none of us want to have him join us in a team outing. The funny thing? After only about 150 caches or so, he is trying to declare his "rules" on his profile page that he heard as a suggestion about the upcoming Geowoodstock event in '08. So, in any event, having an arrogant, self appointed cachemaster is inevitable. There's one in every crowd. Just ignore him (or her) and try and remember, it's just a game - Have fun! Jim..
  9. One thing you will find out about cachemate is that the unregistered version will only allow a limited number of entries. It is well worth it to pay the $8.00 to unlock it though!!!! It's priceless to have those descriptions and 5 past logs when 10 miles out on the trail! And once you get the hang of Cachemate, you'll be VERY happy to buy the license for that as well just to get rid of the nag screen. I have become truely addicted to this combo even though I only use them three or five times a week.
  10. I started geocaching with the eTrex Legend back in February of this year and really like it however like you, I had issues under tree cover. I tried all the recommended methods and had mixxed results. I guess it's all about how dense your cover is. By March, I had upgraded to the 60CSx and LOVE IT!! Rarely loose lock in the densest of woods but found that it reacts very odd around tall buildings. I still keep my Legend as a spare and have used a time or two since upgrading but there is a huge difference in performance. Jim..
  11. Thanks for the tip but do these flags show up on a PDA or GPS?
  12. I often "Plan ahead" but my kids are at that age where things are getting very spontaneous. They will often be out with friends, at their mom's or wherever. When they are wanting to spend time with Dad, it's LET's go! From my perspective, the issue really isn't with MO's so to speak, it's the inability to filter the MO's in the GPS and/or PDA. Now that we know how to 'backdoor' log, it will be less of an issue for the kids and newbies I drag along with me.
  13. Actually I use the pocket queries all the time and yes I am aware of the options available but Why would I want to carry two GPS's and two PDA's? I try and find whatever pops up in the area I'm caching. Am I to wipe both my GPS & PDA when ever my kids come with me? I think not. With 350 finds, you should already know how to use the tools available to you, (like pocket Queries.) Wrong!
  14. Thank you!! I'll pass this along to the kids.
  15. Hi All, I just know the topic has been discussed and the title is sure to get a lot of flack but let's face it. Members only caches cause a lot of sad faces when out caching with my kids or new comers who just want to know what it's all about before diving in the way I did. Several times now, my kids have been along with me for a day outdoors caching. Most of the time they have a great time - until they come home to log their finds only to find out that some may be "Members Only". Don't get me wrong! I'm a member and will continue to be one but my kids are not. Not that $30 is a lot of money - $90 is. And we're a small family! I became a member not to find these off limit caches but to support the hard work behind geocaching.com and all they have done. As a member I do take advantage of pocket queries and download waypoints several times a week. Since most of the time, we are using my PDA and my GPS, there will be "Members Only" caches in my tools. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any way to determine which is which when on the road! So, when we get home after a fun day caching, my kids often find that they are excluded from logging their finds. This, in a nutshell, SUCKS. I have only 350 or so finds so far but I have yet to see a "Members Only" cache stand out above the rest. I understand that members (myself included) want to encourage support for those who put this all together and keep it going but there should be some sort of "Family" membership that can allow for situations where spouses and children are covered or at least a way to let them log a find. Just my $.02 worth.
  16. You obviously live a but further away from civilization than we do here out west. In this area, caching with a side arm would get you at minimum 6 months reduced to 45 days for PC417 and a misdemeanor on your record. Also around here, the worst you'll come across may be a band of south of the border pot farmers or a mountain lion. The other day my daughter and I were on trail in Helen Putman Park (Petaluma CA) and came across a Coyote. Fortunately, it was much more afraid of us. But! If I were to cache in some of the more open wilderness, I too would carry at minimum my (pre-US contract) 92-SBF and probably my Winchester model 94. But I'd also have some tags for whatever is in season for the area. Happy caching!
  17. Cool but what time zone and is this AM or PM?
  18. Hi Paul, I'm sure others have replied already but being a 'newbie' here, I have to add my $0.02. While the stereotypical HAM is an aging over-weight troll who hides out in his "shack" talking around the world, the true majority of us are active outdoorsmen and adventurers. We assist with communications during disasters, search & rescues, special events and all sorts of other occasions. Our equipment is very often just as portable as my lil eTrex. How does this mesh with GPS? Great question! Just another gadget dude! We just happen to like toys! I won't even touch APRS here...
  19. Hi Anton, KB6ZOP here from Rohnert Park CA. I have to blame my fellow HAM's for getting me interested in Geocaching. Just picked up a GPS yesterday and have 6 finds so far. Any excuse to get outdoors! This is a blast!
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