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  1. 2DMO

    Date Placed

    Thanks, I'll try that.
  2. 2DMO

    Date Placed

    How do I find the date a cache was placed in a given city?
  3. Is there a way to see, on a map, the location of caches that have TBs in them? When you go to Geocoins you can see a map of where you are and the geocoins that might be in the area.
  4. As I am new to geocaching I would like to know if there is a geocoin for Missouri? This would have to be one that is trackable through geocaching.com Thanks for any direction you can give me.
  5. 2DMO

    True VS Magnetic

    Two part question: 1. When geochaching which is best; 2. When highway traveling. Thanks from a rookie
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