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  1. 4 days when ugraded to general,,, KI6GRN
  2. got my tech last week,, working on relearning code, then my general... KI6GRN, Dave in San Diego
  3. I got v8 after the garmin rep said i was entiled to a free update,turns out she was wrong and they charged me for it, after talking to another rep they did refund half the price. However ater loading it, my GPS tab was not there to do real time tracking ,garmin told me this was not an option on version 8 even though it list it in the help screens and you have to use nroute to do tracking, if I had know this there is no way i would have upgraded.
  4. i'm a sometimes topo user,, but having troubles geting it to recognize my 60c usb connection even after downloading lastest versions of all software,, and ideas? thanks
  5. I don't have the coordinates,but always loved "Montazuma's Well" a water sorce for the cliff dwellings and a cool restfull place to cool your feet and relax under the trees and beat the desert heat.
  6. I loaded the cd to the folder as described and ran setup from the c drive,, everything worked till i went down to level 5 at some areas of the state, and then i got a blank screen, had to got to the map folder option and select each of the sub folders for each disk to get level 5 to show.
  7. Just Frogs II - Gecko Gurl's Turnaround by Team Gecko [profile] N 32° 54.900 W 116° 50.508 (WGS84) anyone interested in doing this cache between now and jan4th, let me know,, i am interested in doing it but would love some company..call me at 619-255-6833
  8. have you considered "flagman's rescue" cache,, sounds diffucult. i came across it today while looking for caches in that area. or maybe just the first leg of it, only 7 miles instead of 14.
  9. Rino 120, great unit that would be better with removable memory
  10. if you get down san diego way,let me know,, love to have company on a cach hunt
  11. I have a garmin rhino, coming over the mountains from the desert last weekend mine was within 3 feet of the posted elevation of all the signs as we went up.
  12. i had my rino in for service twice for headset not working,send it back the same day i got it back from the first RMA, it only worked when you pullled the plug out approx 1/8 an inch not when it was fully seated. when i got it back from the second RMA, it works but will not fully seat now, and shows about 1/8 of the plug.
  13. I sent my 120 in for poor radio quality and the head set not working, got it back a week later with improved radio quality but headset still did not work if i pushed the plug in all the way. sent it back out the same day and they did pay the postage this time,when i called them on friday, they said unit would be shipped that day back to me but they sent it 2nd day air,which is 2 business days, so lost the opportunity to use it this weekend. no freebies on the first go around.
  14. have a 750 VIRAGO,, with a handle bar mount for my garmin,however my bike has no saddle bag,,so jno place to stash my jacket and helmet while looking for a cache,dropped a glove in the brush,so prefer to use the car if i have to park out of sight of the bike
  15. poor sound quality and head set did not work at all, i called them, said it will take a week to fix,mailed it in on monday by fedex,, garmin got it wed morning according to tracking info.otherwise it is a great set
  16. mine was in that range, had radio problems and RMA'd it last week.
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