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  1. I have Vista CX and I eventually want the roads and Topo but will probably wait until May. Was just reasearching cost of Maps.
  2. I see software on ebay listed as US Topo NT update. What software do you need to have to update with this. I am just wondering if I need to buy the complete map set or can update. All I currently have is the mapquest ( Waypoint Mgt )software.
  3. I have bought my first GPS. It should arrive in the next few days. They said it had Mapsource on it but no Topo US or the one with roads. Anyway I plan on purchasing those in May with birthday money. I was just curious are there any old versions or Beta test versions available for free ? I will be getting a Garmin Vista CX. I have never been on a catch, but from what I gather I can get by with just a local map until that time?
  4. Anyone know if this store still exist. I don't get the correct sight when I try.
  5. Thanks for the reply. They are asking 175.00 for it. I had kind of set a limit of $170.00 dollars for myself. I also am not sure the difference between the Legend and the Vista. Maybe I would be better of waiting on the Legend HCX a little longer? Hills and canyons will be no problem I live in Illinois but trees or buildings could.
  6. I am a total newbie and I'm wondering if the Garmin Vista CX would be lacking something I would need to Geocache ?I don't need all the bells and whistles but I was looking at one for sale on the board and I just wanted to make sure it would work fine for geocaching. I like that I could upgrade the memory but am not sure beyond that.
  7. Do you have any pictures of this ? I think I am interested if it's still available.
  8. OK, Thanks for the input. It was a refurbished that I saw for the $170.00.
  9. Hi, newbie here. I am looking to buy my first GPS and take up geocaching. I can't afford the newer garmin's that are similar. I see on ebay the GPSMAP 60C is in the $170.00 range. At first I wanted to stay below $150.00 . But I was wondering about this item. It looks durable with a good screen. I know it has internal 56mb with no card avail. is this a major problem for a beginer? Should I look at another GPS like etrex for the same or less money? I realize this has already been discussed many times in this forum, but I don't see this exact model being discussed. Thanks for any input, and Happy Valentines Day!
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