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  1. I'm using a sony clie. I like it. i got it for around 15 bucks on ebay. it has 8 megs memory (I'd get as much memory as you can afford. 1500 cache listings take 2 or 3 megs.) It also can use memory sticks and has a color screen. I'd say make sure it has all its cables and adapters as well as its sync software. Oh ... and make sure the battery is good. I had no clue what i was buying when I bought it. i just watched for the most memory and features at the best price for a couple of days and then blindly jumped. Chris
  2. Are you saying that you tried running a brand new PQ today (after you posting your question), sending the results directly to a gmail account, and it didn't work? Yes ... it's true. But Ima keep trying! Chris
  3. all issues mentioned addressed ... still no joy. And I'm saying, I got them on hotmail before ... but for some reason not now ... the last 4 times I tried. Chris
  4. Muddy Chris

    PQ Problem

    I have spent the last 4 hours searching through old topics ... So, my last several pq's have not made it to my inbox. What the heck am I doing wrong? I used to get them. They aren't in the junk folder. My PQ page says they were generated. Are they just lost and wandering the internet somewhere? Chris
  5. I like oysters, seaweed, long walks on the beach, macaroni and cheese, hanging out in parking lots, scuba diving, shopping for underware, mountain climbing, sky diving, bullet proof vests, and caving. Oh ... and geocaching. Chris
  6. Sorry it happened right away, but odds are, its going to happen. there are many reasons ... people don't understand how TB's work, people don't care how TB's work, they like your bug and stole it, they were abducted by aliens while out grocery shopping. It's just an unfortunate part of the game. The only thing you can do is send out another one and hope it makes it further! Chris
  7. I spend a lot of time in the woods at night ... it's like a whole other world. Your cache sounds like fun!
  8. Let him log it 20 times ... who cares ... no skin of anyone's teeth except his. chris
  9. I cache with kids and would be happy to find your cache. I, however, won't be able to find a scuba cache if you hide one ... or one that requires climbing gear ... or one in a sewer ... or one more than 300 miles away ... or a difficult puzzle ... or ... so, I guess those with out kids are just outta luck. Chris
  10. I'd let fire ants loose in his bed while he is sleeping. Or duct tape his car ... the whole thing. Or put saran wrap over the toilet. Or steal all his shoelaces. Or staple him to a table. Or delete all his find logs. Don't cut him any slack, that's for sure. Um, or you could go geocaching instead.
  11. I put a geocaching.com sticker on my mailbox. I'm having problems with hunters tresspassing and will likely do the same. I was hoping it would be self explanatory that it was OK for geocachers and would probably also make a note on the cache listing.
  12. I know some famous people, but none of them cache. I know of at least one who I think would like it, though. Hmmmm. I was once asked by a famous person's wife if I was famous because she thought she had seen me in New York before. I have videos on youtube ... that must make me famous.
  13. I hate reading through a bunch of already decided crap from people who have dissapeared from threads 5 years ago. It slants and biases current opinions and stuff. I would rather see a fresh perspective on an old topic. Thanks. Chris Edit - I didn't even manage to get to the thread above me ... which echos my opinion ... before posting. I don't usually go through a bunch of long winded old threads. I also have no clue what the nature of the OP's closed topic was since it was never linked and was only mention in a fairly obscure manner. Anyway. Perhaps we could all lighten up with a quick round of geocaching. It's this great GPS game I heard about ...
  14. I would think that they could be traditional caches on a bookmark list and would contain a list of coordinates to a few interesting local caches. They could be placed regionally by active cachers and would simply give you a plan if you found yourself in an area where you had no info for whatever reason ... lazy, no PDA, your cache printouts blew away in a tornado ... whatever. I don't always plan my trips ... I often just take off and go so this is quite interesting to me. I think it could follow the loose format that governs this entire hobby ... so long as you can get coordinates to an interesting spot or two or ten in an unfamiliar area. Chris
  15. Thank you !!!! Question answered. Perhaps we could close this thread? EDIT - And FWIW, the relevant thread did not come up in my search. Chris
  16. Simple question ... can thay log and how? (OK, so it's a compound question) I'm not here to argue any points ... can we stay on topic please? EDIT - Huskerrich2000 ... that is what I did and it wouldn't let her post the log. Chris
  17. I don't intend to change anything (it is a subscriber only), just wondered if I can let regular members log. Who cares how they may have come upon the coordinates. I don't care if they log my cache, but the system doesn't appear to allow this. If they cannot log, so be it. Edit - thanks Miragee. I'll keep looking. I thought it would be simpler to just ask. Chris
  18. Easy question. I wish to allow regular members who happen to find my premium members cache to log it online. Is that possible or are they SOL? BTW - Yes, I searched but got about 14,000 pages of hate threads. Chris
  19. That's not how you are supposed to do it? I often find the cache while others are still watching the goofy arrow. Chris
  20. I like it. I'd host one here in Northern Indiana. Makes more sense to me than the slew of PQ's I have to be on top of. List of 100 or so root logs, hop on the bike and go ... no need to plan where you will be going so you can do PQ's ahead of time. I like it. Chris
  21. Congratulations! I have twins that were born at 4lb. and 4lb.6oz. They dropped to around 3 lb, before they started getting better. I hope your baby is healthy as can be! Take lots of pictures, he will only stay the size of your gps for a short while! Chris
  22. While the fear of some people ruining geocaching is reasonable and not to be taken too lightly IMO, the above quote is also very important. Without that, any one of us may have never learned about the hobby. Chris
  23. That was the third most brilliant thing I have ever heard. Being a musician myself and a hater of all garbage that is worthy to be played on the radio, I give this song 11/12 satellites (that's eleven out of twelve, not eleven twelveths.) TFTD (Thanks for the Ditty) Chris
  24. Closest - 331 feet Farthest - 322.3 miles Chris
  25. Yes, you can be slim shady. And I didn't call anyone shady, I said I thought it was a shady practice ... go do it if you wish, I don't really care. I said I'm not gonna. *cue singing (and possibly dancing)<and likely caching ... when the sun comes up>* You play it your way I'll play it mine Then we'll go have breakfast Your shoe is untied (that was an aweful song ... sorry) Chris
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