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  1. I think it is... If the number of coins sold in presale is 50 after 2 weeks he will order 100 coins. Presale will continue untill the coins arrive or 75 of the coins are sold in presale. The remaining coins will them be sold as in stock (after he is sure that no coin orders got missing in the mail I guess)
  2. Nice. Mail sent for reservations...
  3. Came home today from visiting my brother for a few days, and a bubble mailer was waiting for me when I came I don't know how the sender knew that I need some chearing up, but the last two months have not been good for me so I needed it Thank you for bringing a smile on my face Bandit #101 says hello from Norway
  4. You think you've got problems, lol! I'm on the other side of the pond! Me too...
  5. This was one good looking coin Congrats to all recipients!
  6. Ditto...WOW.... nice coin. Are these being traded? This is the personal coin of haurstad - send him a mail and ask Great coin!
  7. Yes. Go to http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ and use the TB number for the coin (not the tracking number) found on the coins site.
  8. Congrats on your bday! Today I finaly recieved the Caching Time set and Norway 2008 in Antique Bronze and in Gold
  9. I don't agree that it is easier to mark the coins as missing - then you have to go to the page of each of the coins and mark them as missing. This can be a lot of work instead of dropping them in an archived or not published cache. Groundspeak have been asked to make a collectors inventory, but nothing has happend on that subject yet... And at last a question - what will happend to a coin that is marked as missing when it gets dicovered? Will it stay marked as missing or will the owner need to mark it as missing after every discovery?
  10. Smort78

    Coin idea

    What other tread? that link takes me back to this tread... Edit: Found it - here is the correct link
  11. 2 sets of Viking helmets and swords
  12. I guess it's not the enamel that costs more, but the fact that it is a LE. It is enamel on the RE that costs £6 also... Nice coins btw - I bought a set...
  13. A kd&prettierhalf coin and the july pathtag and coin from geocoinclub
  14. I would like 3. DeeDee2 tell me were to send money and to how; Have you tried to send a mail to the email address in the first post?
  15. I would like to give your son a travelling geocoin if thats ok with you. I will activate it and make the mission of the coin be to find your son and then set it free here in Norway. Then I'll let you adopt it so he can follow it's travels...
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