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  1. Oh dear I was hoping that you had just been busy and not posted yet. I mailed your package on March 12th. How long can it take for mail to get to you?? That hard to say - got a package from USA today that was sent on april 3rd, but have also had packages taken more than a month... I'm sure it will arrive soon...
  2. Recieved an AB CacheHawk today That is one great looking coin! Thanks for the trade Randy!
  3. I have not recieved my mission yet, guess I have to wait untill after easter... And I haven't seen that my mission person has recieved the package I sent either...
  4. What's the name of that rabbit coin in the bottom left?
  5. When tyey log your coin they log it as "dicovered" That way they don't take it out of your inventory...
  6. I'm also looking for one of these if anyone has one up for trade...
  7. What's the name of the colorful coins with flowers? I think that's the Wildflowers 2009 coins from Crake...
  8. I have the Telemarkskanalen geocoins in Antique Silver, Antique Copper and Satin Gold LE available for trade
  9. The coins are now in stock - get your coins here: Antique Silver Antique Copper
  10. 1. Participating: Email sent 04.02.09 2. Received Name: 20.02.09 3. Mission Complete: 24.03.09 4. Mission Arrived!
  11. Hmmm - maybe I should sell my AE.... NOT
  12. The coins will soon come for sale - here are some pictures of the different versions: Antique Silver Antique Copper Satin Gold - LE
  13. I have not recieved any mail and I think I'm on your list... Edit:typo
  14. and the winner is... WRITE SHOP ROBERT please send me a mail with your address and what version you prefer (antique copper, antique silver or satin gold) and I will send it as soon as the coins arrive.
  15. Great design - can't wait to see the finished product! And I agree with tsun - I would like to see a 2 tone...
  16. Recieved my AE Birka coin today And from ElliPirelli 3 cute pathtags, four musketeers christmas edition and a AE polished gold Minne & Treue Thank you!
  17. Recieved my AE version today Good choice of colors!
  18. I'm waiting for Jackalgirl to submit her idea - if no one signals that they are working on something - the cointest will end then.
  19. I think I used picasa to create the tumbnails (www.picasa.com)
  20. I also made a site with pictures of all my keepers, but fell behind on taking pictures so it's not up to date anymore... See what I came up with here (have the cursor over the picture to see the coin name)
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