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  1. Hello Everyone!


    It's been a busy past month here, so here's an update on some pink news!


    Our $1000.00 donation was sent into the NBCC a few weeks ago, and I just received the following letter:



    (Click the pic for the full size letter)


    Once again, this donation is a reflection of your generosity and desire to make a difference!


    Secondly, I had reservations that didn't respond. :mad: Very frustrating, considering the purpose here.


    So, if you'd like a {PINK YIME}, send an email HERE.





    Mail sent...

  2. Gregson, I took the initiative of condensing your photos into one and removing distracting background stuff. Still lots of interesting details with less real estate used. :)




    What is the name of this coin and is it available somewhere?

    Maybe you should remove the tracking numbers?

  3. If I uderstand the system correctly, you had to buy 1000 of these tracking numbers in order to get the custom prefix.
    that requirement has been lowered to 250

    Can you show me where this is stated?


    Quote from pinned tread:

    Custom Code Series:

    1. Following the first order of 1,000 codes for a custom prefix series, future orders for the same custom prefix with a new icon only require a 100 code minimum.


  4. Hey That is a great one. Non Trackable too...


    Norwegian 2007 geocoin




    Good Morning Everyone!


    You're right ! :lol:

    Didn't know it wasn't trackable though.

    Your turn now.


    Been off the forums for a few days, so are a bit late with this comment, but just had to say that this coin IS trackable...

    It's also the first coin I found in an cache and the coin that started my geocoin addiction :lol:

  5. I haven't made any trades yet, but might like to do so in the future. Some trading etiquette ?'s:

    1. Are you expected/would you expect the other person to show evidence that (you/they) have the promised coin in (your/their) possession, or do the traders simply take each other's word for it? If the former, what would that evidence consist of?

    2. Who mails their coin first, the initiator or the acceptor? Or do both mail them at the same time, so they cross in the mail?


    I hope I don't seem wound too tightly over this, but it occurred to me that I wouldn't necessarily know anything about the other person, & vice-versa, so I'm wondering if trades are based on trust? Should I expect scrutiny as a first-time trader? Coins get stolen from caches--do they get stolen in sham trade offers, too?


    I have been doing some trading, not lately though, but it's all based on trust.

    I have never asked for evidence that the coin is in possession and have never been asked for the same.

    Usually both send the coins at the same time. Remember that coins easily escapes an envelope during shipping so just don't put a coin in a paper envelope and ship it like that...

    A confirmation that the coin(s) are recieved are much appreciated.

    I don't think you should worry just because you are a first time trader...

    Good luck with your trading!

  6. Since I'm pretty sure I got this one correct - here is my drawing...

    One of the first coins I got and one of my favorites :laughing:


    Looked at the coin after I was finished drawing - very glad I didn't try to draw with my left hand :)



  7. the coins shown above is the QR version. the Groundspeak version (with the gc.com logo instead of the QR code) will be available again in september.



    I made a reservation, however I was under the impression I could get a coin with the GC logo on it.... guess I'll have to wait until Sept before I make my purchase... :anibad:


    Same here...

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