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  1. It's not easy to choose, but I think I'll go for C
  2. Guess you can stop looking
  3. And we got a winner Congrats mamoreb!
  4. The coins are up in the Norwegian store Antique Silver Antique Copper They will be available at Hogwildstuff in about a week...
  5. Since icons are not my strong side I'll do as on the previous coins and make a cointest of it. See the coin in question here. To join the cointest you will have to post two icons in gif-format in this tread. One 16x16 pixels and one 32x32 pixels The winner will recieve one LE Satin Gold Gaustatoppen geocoin. Icons must be posted by 23:00 (GMT+1) on May 22nd.
  6. Grenlandsmafiaen (www.grenlandsmafiaen.no) is proud to introduce the "Gaustatoppen Geocoin" This is the third coin in our series of attractions in Telemark county. The front of the coin shows Gaustatoppen. On the back there is a map of southern Norway where Gaustatoppen is marked with a triangle and the red area shows how far you can see from the top on a bright day. 3D front, 2D back Trackable on geocaching.com Custom icon Custom activation code Prefix: GM (GrenlandsMafiaen) Size: 2" x 1,33" Thickness: 3,5mm Available in: Antique Copper - 120 coins minted Antique Silver - 119 coins minted Satin Gold LE - 46 coins minted (only sold to our group) The coins will be sold in both a norwegian and an american webshop - will post links when the coins are up. --- Gaustatoppen is the highest mountain in the county Telemark in Norway. The view from the summit is impressive, as one can see an area of approximately 60,000 km². There is an elevator system inside the mountain, built for military purposes, that lately has become accessible to the public. This ascends from the base of the mountain almost to the summit. The mountain is popular for downhill skiing in winter, and competitions have been held on its slopes. These competitions include the "Norseman triathlon", 'Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, billed as "the world's most brutal iron-distance triathlon. It starts in Eidfjord and finishes at the top of Gaustatoppen." The summit is relatively easily accessible on foot in the summer, on a rocky pathway, although the southern side of the mountain is very dangerous and inaccessible. The wreckage of an airplane crash lies there, as it is too difficult to remove it. Elevation: 1883 m (6178 ft) Prominence: 950 m (3117 ft) (Source: Wikipedia) Antique Copper Antique Silver Satin Gold - LE
  7. Another great design from Vanelle
  8. Nice, but in my opinion you should change the size of the blue squares so they match the swedish flag. If the cross is 5mm, the height of all 4 squares should be 10mm and the lenght of the two left ones should be 12,5mm (22,8mm on the right squares is correct)
  9. Also adding myself to the list... Sets: 1) Team kizb 2) wenzelbub 3) Crowesfeet30 / MooseJawSpruce 4) GregsonVaux 5) keewee 6) Smort78 Single: AtlantaGal: BN
  10. Correct - the first one is Noah's Ark - here is a link to the original tread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=160532&hl=noah&st=0
  11. Dude you have it all wrong. If it's in a cache and activated it's a traveller. Should you keep a traveller under any circumstance you've essentially stolen it (exception - it's mission is to get to you). To answer the OP.... it's because tooooooo many coins in the wild go missing waaaaayyyyy toooo fast. I think the "collectible" option has a lot of cachers confused - this is not the first time I've seen that someone think they can take a traveler if it's status is set as "collectible" And to the OP: Because they are so shiny, nice and precious
  12. I have made something similar, but not as advanced as this...
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