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  1. I'm looking for the Pocket Decoder and the Nocturnal coin.


    Got Earth Turtles 2008 to trade...


    Still looking...


    I have an extra Nocturnal that should be coming in any day if you would like to trade for the turtle?


    Trade made for Nocturnal - Thank you :)


    Still looking for pocket decoder...

  2. Someone just pointed me to: http://www.geowoodstockvi.com/News/article/sid=16.html


    Looks like there's a "blind coin swap" all day and a "geocoin search" with metal detectors?


    I wish I haven't clicked on that link - now I really wish that I could go... :laughing:


    Gas prices are to high so I have to say I'm passing on GW. Would you drive to Kentucky for GW?


    With the cost of regular unleaded at over $4 a gallon it'd be cheaper for me to fly to Kentucky :laughing: .


    Well, I'm not feeling sorry for you because of the gas price - here in Norway one gallon now costs ~$9,8

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