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  1. Hello all, We are on Lake Cumberland area of Kentucky and are just a tad up from newbies. We have been enjoying ourselves very much and loving it. I just wish that there were some events closer to us, one of us did enjoy the Lake Cumberland/Dale Hallow event.
  2. I have had to cut back on caching, because of gas prices and other price increases that have occured because of the increase of gas prices. Geocaching and other hobbies of mine that required making trips have all been cut along with lots of other things. Before I was barely living pay check to paycheck, just a little for the extras. No I live pay check to pay check in a two income family. We don't have money for any extras. The last two months we have struggled to keep what we had before. Not only has our gas cost went up but so has our grocery price, our electric and other increases. But not our paychecks. I am traditionally what is called a road runner, I dislike staying home but I am becoming a homebody. Sorry I didn't mean to go on a sob story, I came here to read some forms to get my spirits up after being down with all the pretty weather I wanted to go caching and couldn't.
  3. They are bad here as well. I have pulled i don't know how many off me so far.
  4. I have noticed that some people use travel bugs to log their milage is this allowed and just how exactly do you do it if it is allowed. We are getting ready to go on vacation and thought this would be something cute to log just how much we traveled as well as logging the caches we find along the way. Thanks
  5. I think you can't shut the trail line off completely, you can just clear out the existing trail. Then it starts recording new one. Paraphrased from page 10 of the manual: Press MENU and <down> to CLEAR TRAIL then ENT; iFINDER asks if you're sure; press ENT (or <back> to cancel). Return to the page by pressing EXIT. Note: You can download the manual here if it didn't come in your package: http://www.lowrance.com/Manuals/Files/iFIN...-622_050405.pdf I figured it out, you have to switch back to easy mode to clear trails. I think it works, I am at work in the dungeon right now so can't check the sat fixes to see if it cleared the lines.
  6. I don't have a clear trail option. I was hoping someone here knew how by having done it. I just have gotten a chance to download and read the advance mode for this model. All that came with it was the easy mode one. Thanks though
  7. I have a Lowrance iFinder Go2 can you tell me something. On the map you have the lines showing up where you have been, how do you clear those off? I have tried everything and nothing works. Thanks
  8. I could have wrote this with my 14 yr old. I am lucky enough she has been raised on a farm though.
  9. Thanks, I think we will have to go with what we have used so far and take our chances.
  10. Thanks for the replys, we finally were able to find a new home for the buggy the other day. I went a head and dropped a note to the releaser letting them know we had good intentions.
  11. I found some plastic ammo cans at the local store recently. I am wondering are they as durable as the metal ones that people use for caches? as waterproof or better? They aren't a bad price but not having come accross any that are plastic in my hunts I was just wondering if any one has used them. Thanks RCDispatchersx2
  12. As you can tell our team of 2 are Dispatchers, one of us has been a 911 dispatcher for going on 7 years the other closer to 9 years. The 7 year one has been a vol Rescue Squad (Search and Rescue) since 1998 and the other recently joined the squad as well. We both love our careers and helping people.
  13. What is the best way to attach a TB to it's host? Do I need to try and make it as permanent as poss or using the chain that comes with it ok? Thanks in advance RCDispatchersx2
  14. Being new we don't want to step on any toes but with weather and other things (forgetting it at home when going out), we have had one for over a week. I know that quickly as possible is perfered but what is considered down right rude for someone who does plan on placing it. Just wondering RCDisaptchersx2
  15. Since I am new and just loaded up my pack this topic was fun to read, I decided to share what all I have in my pack brand new....mind you that kids go with us sometimes and this only one of two dispatchers packs. I know that in the other one there is a TB we plan on placing soon lol other than that I don't know what she has in hers. Since it was sitting beside the computer I grabbed it to take inventory, wrapped around the handle is a pair of ear muffs and my camera in it's case(case has two extra batteries and card in it)... in side pocket the GPS in a case (is actually a saftey glasses case but hey it works). Inside the main pocket 1 larger (shows a 22 sheet count) of travel size bounty to go 1 smaller (18 sheet count) of bounty to go mini roll 1 travel pack of wet ones (antibacterial) 1 small first aid kit (87 cents at walmart) 2 small utility hand towels (purple in color) 2 hooded ponchos 1 headlamp flash light (was orginally bought for me for Ghosthunting) 1 small flash light with batteries in it 1 miner type green flashlight 1 travel pack of tissues 1 ring binder with our want to finds and founds in it (we don't have a PDA yet) inside the smaller pocket ziplock bag of swag items (we keep a tote n go in the truck that is full of swag items to replace what we pack to the cache site) 1 4 oz of hand sanitizer 1 felt tip ink pen 1 extra thing of chapstick some gum some packs of tea to go small bottle of tylenol In the outer most pocket is 1 pack of tissues and extra batteries (didn't count them) Since it is winter time here there are a few items th at will be added for summer later I know and a few other things I want to add such as... sunblock (already have it just haven't put it in yet) insect block (see above) sharpies I think that is it.
  16. Here is one of our pages Dispatcher x 2 and here is the other Dispatcher x 1 Make sure if you add either you drop us a note telling us you are cachers as one of us has been dealing with a lot of spam bots.
  17. Love the ideas. Thanks One other thing is you can teach your dog to drink from a water bottle or any flowing water source (hose, etc). It is good in a pinch if you forgot to bring a bowl. I taught mine to do it by using a bottle to fill up their water dish at home and let them drink as you are pouring it. Now all of my dogs will drink from a hose or bottle if we are out and need to. Letting them drink from hands is ok but you give off salt especially if you are sweating in hot weather which can cause problems. I also plan on getting a front backpack for our smaller dog (Brussels Griffon) for those longer hikes she might not be able to do. It leaves your hands free to watch the GPS. Our other dogs are German Shepherds and love to go hiking already, so far we haven't been able to take them but can't wait for them to join in on caching.
  18. One of the duo in our caching group loves to ghost hunt so she is excited to see some caches at these locations for when she might hit them in the future. That way she can do both of her fav hobbies at one whack lol. RCDispatchersx2
  19. While it doesn't involve much traveling (cept when we have training). Being a 911 dispatcher is nice, we know all the officers so if we are out late at night and are spotted it's just a swap howdys deal and not only that but all of our officers know what it is now (helped us out before we got our GPS by trying to locate a couple for us lol) and if they come accross any other cachers it won't be an awkward experience for either parties. We am off 3 days a week so road trips are easier. And where we work we have internet access so we can look up stuff at geocaching.com during down times
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