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  1. There's [removed] everyday since it's release. It appears that the developers is listening to feedbacks and request and had offline use/logging and some other features are being planned for future version. Very promising. Keep up the good work.
  2. [removed] is pretty good replacement of the online web view of geocaching.com for android small screens. All the instant necessary information for a quick geocaching within some form of Data connectivity. I like it's interface and simple use. Looking forward to having some offline features such as storing cache info for later retrieval.
  3. +1 +2 +3. If this is a US based organisation.. A law suit usually can create some interests + changes. Just some bizarre accusations like "Obscured Monopoly against Microsoft" or some sort.... U know what I mean.
  4. If you are into Facebook. The Geocaching Hong Kong facebook group is url at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=12544100334
  5. Just wanted to drop a note that Hong Kong Geocaching scene is happening a lot on Facebook where there's a facebook group "Geocaching Hong Kong" where geocachers and newcomers gathers for hiking out into the hills of Hong Kong! All in the name of geocaching. Do drop by if you are coming to HK for geocaching. We had geocachers over on several occasions and we all had a great time hunting through the mountains in Hong Kong. Not to mention, the FTF rushs!
  6. I might be the odd one out. Using a Dopod D810(HTC P3600) PDA for geocaching. GSAK on the PC for managing and export caches to a Tomtom waypoint and generic gpx file. Tomtom and BeelineGPS on the PDA for paperless cache info+logs and navigation.
  7. Not sure if this is still useful for you. But I'll rely on http://www.geocaching.com/seek/gmnearest.aspx and search for the place you'll be visiting to have a birds eye view of what's available. It's quite a good overall planning approach.
  8. I tend to go geocaching with my wife. I'll do all the hard work and she'll just come along and enjoy the journey and adventure(occasionally find the cache). I'll geocache with various folks around and log whatever I get my hands on. So I do not think I'm of a team arrangement.
  9. Done, good one. interesting age distribution so far.
  10. A Holux GPSlim240 and XDAIImini works well for me.
  11. Holux GPSlim240 and XDAIImini works well for me.
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