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  1. Check out the 12 bookmark lists found on this cache page... Local Treasure Thank you
  2. Is there a link or bookmark list someplace for "best" caches in Southern California? I tried the link I found for the So Cal Geocachers but it was a dead one. I won't be anyplace specific, but plan to roam around while attending a wedding in Newport Beach. Any links would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I too will miss the site, I loved it. INATN was awesome. Thanks for all the hard work. I have logic weave stats but no clue how to post them to my profile, if anyone knows please let me know.
  4. Hey! I like this! Peak baggers frequently bring along an avatar to photograph to show that they were there. Finley Dolphin has been photographed at many 4000' peaks in the northeast. I think that Finley should start making appearances at EarthCaches! The best part is since it is a Pink Dolphin how can anyone claim PinkDolphin is not in the photo...LOL (check out my gallery at GC.com and you will see some of the places PinkDolphin has been photographed).
  5. I don't require faces on my Earthcache just a photo with a specific formation in the background. I don't care if it is a hand with a GPS, but I want something in the photo with the item in the background. It can be your image or a GPS. I usually cache alone, and the majority of the Earthcaches I have done have been ALONE... I have started to carry a Pink plastic dolphin with me, so when I need a photo I put the PinkDolphin into the photo so far it has been fine. Honestly if someone absolutely required my photo I just would not do their Earthcache. If I don't have my plastic dolphin with me it is a hand and a GPS and the required image in the background.
  6. It is missing for me as well. I rely on that heavily when looking for caches. The visual really helps.
  7. The first one that you mentioned should be deleted without hesitation. I've deleted similar posts on mine, where they don't even try. The other folks look like they simply forgot to include the GPSr, and going 2,000 miles just to take another pic seems a bit much. I would let them slide. Maybe put the pic requirements in bold for the next time, but I wouldn't delete these guys. I am not terribly strict with the photo, (as they did have the correct image in the background) but neither answered the questions. I will give it a few more days and send one more request. One of them I think just logged it, but given they were a new cacher with only 12 finds, I want to try to let them at least have a chance to try to answer the questions, and have given them the benefit of the doubt, but if they don't respond to a third request I probably will delete them.
  8. I received 2 recent longs on my Earthcache in Arizona and neither sent an email with the answers to the questions. I have sent 2 emails to each logger requesting the answers and have received no response to either. Only one posted no photo, the other posted a photo of the correct formation but no GPSr in the photo (I don't require they actually be in the photo I just ask for the GPSr). How many any emails is fair to send to request the information before I delete the log? In the second email I pointed out the guidelines for Earthcaches and the logging requirements.
  9. Same thing happened to me. I had a My Finds PQ this morning and I did not request it
  10. Just bumping this back up to the top as my trip now on the horizon
  11. Sounds interesting, I would love to read it. Sending PM
  12. Does it really matter the gender of the hider/finder? Not as far as I am concerned. Anyway we have lots of female cachers in this area. I can understand why one might associate a name with a gender, but if BlueDolphin had not been taken (and never logged in again), that is who I would be, but I went with my alter ego Pink since that one was available. I just chalk it up to admitting that I have multiple personalities (PinkDolphin caches, BlueDolphin dives, and CatOlphin causes trouble)
  13. No it is not important, I just saw the Red Rock and immediately thought Sedona. I have a time share there and have been there 3 times, if it were near Sedona I would hit it up the next time I am there (whenever that may be)
  14. I usually just reply "thank you for visiting ________". If they don't respond with the required information I ask that they do. I have had a couple people say they didn't answer the questions and they said it because my page was too long and it didn't fit into their PDA. I suggest they try. Oddly one of those who said that had the photo with the correct background. Somehow they usually come back with the correct answers.
  15. I have a couple, just curious what you need them for? http://img.geocaching.com/benchmark/lg/f95...b2a70ce22e2.jpg http://img.geocaching.com/benchmark/lg/60a...d7700bcb8f4.jpg
  16. PinkDolphin


    It works now, my new avatar is posted! Yippie. Thank you for getting it fixed.
  17. PinkDolphin


    Does anyone know any active cachers in Aruba, it looks as if most of the caches there (all 15 or so of them) were placed by people who do not live there? Thanks.
  18. Thank you! I don't much care about the hides, but the finds...love that info! I will try to be patient. Now if my avatar will update....oh well
  19. PinkDolphin


    I am trying to change my forum avatar (I was able to change it on GC.com), it also look as if my forum avatar should have been updated but it didn't' This is the message I get about the update Important! If you make any changes to your profile and they do not update in the forums, click on the "Register" link on the forums page and it will send you to a page to update those settings. I can't seem to find the "register" link can someone point me in that direction? Thanks
  20. Looks like a lot of great fixes, but I can't understand "Removed find and hide count from friends list". You have now removed the only useful feature of the Friends List. I really liked that feature!
  21. This dolphin loves scenic areas, I would love the opportunity to volunteer for this fun challenge.
  22. I keep my coins in an archived (unpublished cache) just to keep them separate from TB's and coins I have picked up along the way. However I never ever put anything in that cache that I don't own. If it is a traveler I keep it in my personal visible inventory as a reminder to move it. It is quite full at the moment, but starting tomorrow these travelers will be dropped at various locations in Arizona.
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