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  1. McDonalds hand towel. You know the ones that are put out so people don't have to make the long trek to the bathroom and wash their hands.
  2. Hey i'm looking into getting a pocket pc or an ipod touch. My question is: Has anyone out there used an ipod touch for paperless caching? I like the handyness of a pocket pc, but i also like music. The only reason i'm hesitating buying a pocket pc is because they don't nearly have hard disk space as an ipod touch. Thanks: Kurtis
  3. Moccasins Actually. It was our second caching trip. We didn't know what to expect. Sure enough we all fell in the snow at least once(well i managed to fall down 3 times on the same icy hill in the backround.) that day.
  4. Don't do what my caching partner trevor.manternach did in this photo. Geocache pic When looking at the pic straight on. I am second from the left and he is on the far right.
  5. Agreed I try to carry items in all ranges cheap-spendy. I try to trade items for what their worth and a couple of times i've replaced mcDonalds wipes with something better. I think i'm going to bite the bullet on this one and put in some better swag.
  6. Yesterday I had cacher visit one of my caches. They took some of the better swag and left some smaller items. "Visited with 2 girl guides from Moose Jaw. Really enjoyed the trip. Took t-shirt, locking red carabiner and blue carabiner. Left yellow snap, 2 McDaonalds toys and slinky. TFTC" I wouldn't have cared but he/she took 3 bigger items and the only left 1 sorta big item(the slinky) Does this happen quite often? It doesn't bother me a whole lot but just something I feel that was unnecessary. edit: Next Weekend i'm going to go visit it and put in some more bigger and better swag.
  7. I've also heard of using finger nail polish remover. I've never tried it though. Has anyone out there given this a try? I'm curious to see if it works. Thanks Kurtis
  8. Well for me skydiving was and still is an expensive to get into and still do Initial training: about 1200 bucks (to get to self supervision) gear:(about 2500-3000) jumps: are range from 10-24 CAN dollars after 200+ jumps it starts to add up The main thing for geocaching for me is gas. I live in a rural area so find caches nearby is hard to come by 60 within 50 miles. So now I have to drive upwards 100 miles to go caching.
  9. I know here in the northwest there has been a big back log of caches mine is still waiting to be reviewed after five days, sometimes the reviewers have more important things going on. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=172816
  10. Looks fine. The containers I don't like are those small bison tube's in which you have to roll the log sheet for half of an hour. Although some of those containers have been some of the best finds I have ever seen.
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