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  1. J 3060 Location : Jalan Kota Tinggi. Below the Mount Austin overhead bridge. GPS Coordinate : N01°32.629' E103°47.503' Elevation : 44.7 meter Right view from the BM Left view from the BM
  2. I think the 'USD108.00' that you refer to RM?
  3. Just planted my first cache. Some photos to share...... The cache The surrouding..... Gunung Pulai, Johore (GC12KH8) Altitude : around 295 meter from sea level.
  4. Got to know that when I was searching for "What can I do more with my GPSr?" After reading thru the website, it doesn't attract me......but after I found my first cache....I'm addicted! But too bad....only few caches around my area....
  5. J 1081 N01°30.735' E103°45.581' Elevation : 16.4m Thanks.
  6. My log today.... J 3466(Refer from JUPEM GeoPortal) The brass plate missing...... N01°31.878' E103°48.326' Elevation : 29.6m J 3470(Refer from JUPEM GeoPortal) The brass plate missing...... N01°30.907' E103°49.627' Elevation : 41.2m J 3478 N01°30.065' E103°51.413' Elevation : 48.0m Thanks.
  7. Finally we (Feroz and me) found the "GPS Station - J416" in Johor Bahru, but with a little disappointment! Why?......because I thought will be some different from normal BM, but seems like same....! GPS Station - J0416 N01°27.728' E103°46.415' Around the area (Custom Jetty), I accidently found this too...... I believe is a temporary BM....... N01°27.726' E103°46.412' After walk pass the guard, we found the "J416" stated in JUPEM website actually is a BM'. J0416 N01°27.709' E103°46.402' After the BM, you can walk strait to the jetty ....... In the middle of the bridge, we caught this in between....... Before we going off, just at the exit of the gate......we got this...... Some kind of Marine......don't really understand that..... Thanks
  8. Here's mine....... Area : Johor Bahru, Johore. 1) Location : Around Pandan brigde. No : J0526 Coordinate : N01 31.464 E103 46.116 Elevation : 21.5M 2) Location : Around Pandan Shell Station No : J3063 Coordinate : N01 31.586 E103 46.462 Elevation : 22.9M Along the way to the next Benchmark, accidently I found this! 3) Location : Somewhere close to Wisma Daiman No : J1083 Coordinate : N01 29.747 E103 45.949 Elevation : 62.0M All the above GPS Coordinates provided by RUSSA Application software. I saw a lot more Benchmark on the road side, just can't find a parking place along it.....will 'catch' it someday and post it here. Stay tune! Thanks.
  9. Hi, welcome to Malaysia. Currently the floods are only at the southern site - Johore. Seems like it does not effect other state of M'sia. I'm off work now but cannot go back cos of the flood and roads are congested with cars! Hmm.....got to go to some cafe and cool myself with chill beers! Happy geocaching in Malaysia! Cheers!
  10. Hi Turbo, Robo here too..... Slight poisoned by you.... I'm from Johore, West Malaysia. Trying to plant some caches here at Johor. Because it's only one here! Need advise & guides from seniors out there....Turbo, maybe you can help?? Thanks.
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