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  1. You might also try posting in your local forum and ask for someone to help show you the ropes. An afternoon caching with someone will help you learn what to look for.
  2. Hydnsek keeps a bookmark of Seattle Classics that might help.
  3. I just saw a report that an avalanche warning will go into effect this afternoon for high avalanche danger through next Tuesday. Be careful out there.
  4. Are you sure both were entered as West? Entering longitude as East might just do it.
  5. I agree that 12 miles is a bit far for the types of errors I can imagine. Can you help us out by giving us the coordinates as you entered them?
  6. Without seeing how you entered the coordinates, my suspicion is a format error. You may have entered something like 32° 45.987 as 32.76645. Those are the same, but in different format. Geocaching requires the former, but google will accept the latter.
  7. One is a copy in case something happens to the original. Keep it safe at home.
  8. You still should be able to download it. The PQ request will be deleted at the end of the day, but the result should still be available for several days.
  9. A few years ago, Jester, Prying Pandora and I hit a few caches along the Iron Horse Trail eastbound from Hyak and there were plenty of huckleberries along the way.
  10. I suspect nobody has suggested a place because that is a hard area to find a decent place for an event. Parking is terrible and what there is available is expensive and there are few places to meet that won't cost an arm and a leg for a meal.
  11. The TB is located 0.6 miles from this cache. It is an 8 hour drive from my home so I won't be heading over there.
  12. Go to the log your visit section and click on Archive. You can add a comment and then will be asked to confirm that you want to archive the cache. That's all it takes.
  13. It is most important to NOT leave the trails at Cougar Mountain. There are old mine shafts there that are not marked. Some are not known to park staff. Should you run across one while bushwhacking, it would take at least 24 hours for a mine rescue crew to even get to the mountain. One of my favorite areas is the trails around this cache. Do watch out for Road Apples as there are many horses on these trails.
  14. I would suggest Firestone which is a nice hike along the west side of Mount Tam. There are several good ones along Highway 1 in that area. It is also one of the oldest caches in CA.
  15. WeightMan


    Nate posted about this in post 39. We made a change to cookies in the latest release that is misbehaving. We will have the issue fixed in next Tuesday's release. Sorry, I missed Nate's post.
  16. WeightMan


    No, that's a different problem. That's for people that can't log in at all. This topic is for people who can log in, but have to keep logging in again during later sessions. I was hoping that was the same since TPTB had responded there and not here.
  17. WeightMan


    The question was answered in this thread that was started today.
  18. WeightMan


    Are logging in and from more than one computer? If you log out on one computer, then you have to log in from any other computer you may have used.
  19. That might well be the reason for my problem, since I also use more than one computer. I agree that it is very annoying. The way it is supposed to work is if you are logged in at two or more computers and you log off on one of them, it will log off all of them. I can stay logged on at home for months, but if I stop at a library and use their public computer and then log off, I will find my computer at home logged off as well. The question is "Why is it supposed to work this way?" Why can't it leave you logged in on other computers? The cooky on my desktop computer should not be dropped because I log in and out from my laptop.
  20. As long as I only log in from one computer, it seems to work just fine. As soon as I log in from another computer, then the first computer loses the login information. I regularly use two computers to access the site so this gets annoying. I would really like to see us allowed to more than one computer and stay logged in. I know this has been in place for a very long time (in computer terms) and there must have been at one time a reason for it. Maybe this can be looked at. I don't think logging in via my phone changes the information on my main computer.
  21. <snip> edit: Oh, you said Monday. Sorry, I'm pretty tired. I've got to head to bed. I would imagine it is possible that they had a staging area on that side of the freeway. They had to load the helicopter from somewhere nearby, and since they didn't know where the bunker was exactly they could have figured it was safe to load the helicopter over there. I don't know, I'm just guessing. There are a lot of possibilities though. That is probably the most likely explanation. The only problem would be moving a load across the freeway. I would think they would stage on the same side to eliminate the possibility of having to drop the load due to mechanical problems with the chopper. I'm pretty sure the first item on the checklist for a mechanical problem is to shed the external load.
  22. On Monday I was heading over the pass and there was a chopper with a line down to the ground. I assumed it was related to this, but the chopper was on the north side of I-90. That line from the chopper went into the trees, but I assume it went to the ground. Is it possible that they were trying to keep the location secret and showed a location on the wrong side of the freeway?
  23. The other reason for using your cell phone number is in case the GPS is found shortly after you lose it, the finder can get in touch with you more reliably. You may well be in the same area instead of miles away at home.
  24. Jester, you are one lucky man. I'm glad to hear you came through in good shape. It sure could have been lots worse.
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