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  1. We were in the area as well (Arcata actually)! We spent most of the time hiking in the redwood forests and only managed to do a couple of caches. A couple of other caches we checked out were surrounded by a profusion of what we thought was poison oak and we didn't feel very brave; especially after a friend who'd come along said he had suffered from poison oak induced rashes for a month!! There are *so many* cache worthy spots up there though. Considering our only attempt at placing a regular cache was mowed down!! (it probably was not a well thought out location but ...) - it would have been great to have such a place to cache in! I agree that the difficulty/terrain ratings are different from what we see in the Bay Area. Though the game has the geography independent interface of the web, it seems like it has a different flavor in different areas. We really enjoyed our long weekend. Here's hoping you all had a great time too! quote:Originally posted by TeamJiffy:. . . _Eureka! I’m in it!_ Hi to everyone from Eureka - Fy and I are going to be caching here tomorrow - we found a few in Redding on Saturday. The cachers up here rate things differently - difficulty tends to be over-rated a bit vs. Bay Area standards, and terrain is definitely under-rated in Eureka and Redding. It’s interesting to see these regional standards being formed (and with them, cross-regional differences that will become harder to reconcile.) -Jif A of VnAM
  2. quote:Originally posted by fizzymagic:So I did my 1-year anniversary, my 600th cache, and (it turns out) my 60th FTF all on the same cache. It was very cool. Congratulations on achieving that triple milestone! You beat your 50 FTFs goal too. Way to go! VnAM State the obvious, but not obviously.
  3. Thanks Ron; you just told me how to convert a silent DNF into a loud Eureka V.
  4. We'd love to come but we'll be in India for 3 weeks starting end of March. Have fun, all! Hope we can make it to the next one. Hope that will be very soon. V. quote:Originally posted by TeamJiffy:We all think it's time for a party!! Vdbalamo, Marky & Joani and us of TeamJiffy are planning an outdoor (potluck) get-together for all of the Bay Area geocachers out there--yes, even you lurkers who live and geocache in the Bay Area. Tentative date/time and place: Sunday, April 6, from 11:00 to 5:00 or so at Fremont Central Park. How's the date look for you all? -TeamJiffy State the obvious, but not obviously.
  5. quote:Originally posted by TeamJiffy:...you really don't know what part of kablooey's Big Liar log is true or not - sort of reminds me of Andy Kaufman. Of course, with so many purple frownie faces in kablooey's log list, does one more really matter? And I was thinking you didn't really find it ... V. State the obvious, but not obviously.
  6. Congratulations on 800 M&J! V. State the obvious, but not obviously.
  7. -- [This message was edited by V 'n A M on February 28, 2003 at 10:48 PM.]
  8. quote:Originally posted by kablooey:I don't have my GPS for nine days anyway. Why? What happened? -- State the obvious, but not obviously.
  9. Weighty! It's been bugging me all day. The columnar was straightforward - for A, that is; I'm all thumbs with crypto stuff - but she has other things on her mind so I'm left trying to coax numbers out of it. Think I'll let it go for now and let her do all the hardwork. V. State the obvious, but not obviously.
  10. quote:Originally posted by kablooey:Yeah, until Minita finds out what Clark was doing with her sister during those extra 5-6 minutes. Why do you think he didn't sound upset in the first place? -- State the obvious, but not obviously.
  11. quote:Originally posted by TeamJiffy:Hi, V 'n A M! Welcome to Geocaching, and to these forums! It's a great bunch of people in here, and everyone is pretty friendly! Thanks. We've been lurking for as long as we've been caching and I agree - it *is* a great bunch of people. quote:Your puzzle cache in Foster City looks like lots of fun and the puzzle seems very clever - F. and I will be up there on Saturday caching (I have to catch a 7AM flight out of SFO, so we're staying overnight). We hope to figure it out by then - but with puzzles, you never know - you don't have the solution until you have the solution, if you see what I mean. I know what you mean about puzzles; it took us weeks to do Sounds Good and when it hit us, it was like lightning - that quick. We wondered why we didn't get it before. That's how all puzzles are I suppose. But still, MicroTerrestrial is a lot easier than it looks; really! We look forward to seeing your find log on that one. V of V 'n A M
  12. quote:Originally posted by TeamJiffy:We were DAYS behind all of Venona's goings on. Maybe things are brewing again??! -F Just saw your log on Big Liar. Did you find it or are you lying? scrollOfMapping
  13. quote:Originally posted by Venona:We have place traveling cache already. Is not near posted coordinates. You will solve demand to find it, I post tomorrow. We hadn't the pleasure of making your acquaintance till now, but we had the time of our lives catching up [] spasiba! Wish we'd joined the game a month before we did and we'd have seen it happen live. You guys are cool! scrollOfMapping
  14. quote:Originally posted by Lamneth:I agree... I think there should be 3 ratings for puzzle caches and a new set of guidelines for setting the number of stars (Puzzle/Hide/Terrain). Then we can have 5/5/5 . Totally agree. "Find the S in Stevens Creek" is a hard find without the hint tho' the co-ords are given so it would be 1/5?/1 without the hint and 1/1/1 with. And Sounds Good is an easy find - if you can solve it! I think an objective rating system for hides should consider at least: The number of likely hiding places in the immediate vicinity given the kind (size) of cache container; camoflague; how easy or not it is to be discreet when retrieving/replacing the cache; ...
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