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  1. Looks good in yours or should I say anybody who has recieved one "How awesome! Another mystery coin! And if I am reading right, 3 lucky recipients have received this coin! Castle Man - "Magic is real. At least now I believe in it. Something magical happened today." mousekakat - "I was blessed with one of these coins earlier in the week." danoshimano - "So very very nice! Thank you Highland Geofairy" And make That 4 the other being Cheesy Pigs!!! 5? The Highland Geofairy was kind enough to leave one (No. 16) in "Cathy's Castle Cache" for us. Not sure what I did to deserve this but I am very grateful for the Gift. Thanks from Drumin HGF
  2. I could nominate several cachers who have helped or encouraged me or placed caches that I really enjoyed but I nominate Tooey. I know she has a "thing" about coins, I have found or moved on several stunning coins found in her caches and the caches are well thought out and always in interesting locations. Oh, and I think the coin design is brilliant.
  3. Geo_Leprechaun has paid a visit to Scotland too! By coincidence I had been planning to do the Casino Royale cache and had been waiting for an opportunity to visit when I noticed he had logged the cache a few days earlier. Not knowing much about Geo Leprechaun or mystery coins I did not pay much attention to the reference to ME gold so imagine my surprise on opening the log book to find such a smart and attractive coin. It is numbered 172 BTW. After some research I now know how rare these are and feel lucky to have chanced on one. I traded some of my gold (a £1 coin) and I will probably move this pot of gold on to a cache I think deserves such a nice coin. I have one in mind Thanks again to the Geo_Leprechaun, Drumin
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