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  1. Just a reminder to be safe while hunting.... Here's a little test. Can you spot the snake in this photo? Here's the snake outlined in the same photo.
  2. Newbie Frankj3 here.........11 finds......kind of on hold with back problems. I have an Extrex legend (the old black & white version) and I want to install a mapping program. Trouble is I don't know which program to buy...if there is still any out there for this unit.....topo or city streets? My unit works fine but I'd like more detail when caching or traveling. I have the cable connected to my PC and it works fine. No problems when when downloading waypoints with EasyGPS. I run XP Home Edition on my pc. Any suggestions on software and where to buy it would be most appreciated. Frankj3
  3. When I input my home address in Google Earth, it finds my street OK but lists my home at the south end of the street when I live on the north end. That's about 1/8 mile difference. I have not knowingly made any changes in my settings on GE so how can I get it to show my correct location? I have version 4.0.2722 installed on my PC. There are no updates available from GE. I hear wonderful things about GE but I'm a little concerned about the accuracy. Any help would be appreciated. Just in case you couldn't tell ------- I'm a newbie!! Frankj3 (Texas bred and born!)
  4. I've owned 6 GPS units and every one would from time to time report some incredible max speeds while walking. I think its a normal, temporary glitch. Thanks for the info. I'm feeling better about my Legend now. I was caching by myself in a cemetery this afternoon when it started bouncing. Maybe it's a spiritual thing?????? I'll see what it does tomorrow as I did not find the cache.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'm new to this and this is my first unit. Up til today I loved it.....I guess I still do now. That still doesn't tell me why the max speed went up to 190 mph. I've downloaded updated software from Garmin. Maybe that will help. Thanks again. Frankj3
  6. I bought a used Legend and it has been working fine. Now, if I'm standing still, the unit will "bounce" showing anywhere from 5 feet to 100 feet to my waypoint. I've also noticed my maximum speed was 190 mph......my 4-banger Nissan Sentra ain't that fast! Do I need to find a hospital for my Garmin or is this commmon? Will a patch from Garmin correct this? Thought I'd ask the pros before I contact Garmin. Thanks. Frankj3
  7. U.S.A.F. - 1973 -1977 Aircraft & Weapons Security Basic Training & Tech School - Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX 1st assignment - Dyess AFB, Abilene, TX, '73 - '75 2nd assignment - Spangdahlem AFB, Germany, '75 - '77 TDY - Zwiebruken, Germany, '76 for 3 months HONORABLY Discharged March '77 Loved the military life. Went places to I would have never gone to, saw things I would have never seen, did things I probably would not have ever done with people I'll probably never see or hear from again. Was not real happy with my "job" in the USAF but I would have re-enlisted if I could have cross trained to another career field. The military was very good for me and to me. I proudly tell people of my service. Frankj3
  8. nj stranger is an honorable man! The used Garmin Extrex Legend I bought from him had problems at first but now works fine. He offered to take the unit back and give me my money back if I was not satisfied. I won't be sending it back but it's nice to know there are still nice guys out there! I will certainly buy from nj stranger if he offers anything again and I can use what it is!! frankj3
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