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  1. FYI, I modified the alternate email field on several and added one using just my Home email address and both worked!!! Thanks for the information. Its only a minor inconvenience to let my email do the forwarding. Im surprised that Geocaching didnt give people a warning message or something before making that sort of change. It could have taken some time before I stumbled onto that. I was about to email my service provider and start working on that end.
  2. Thanks, Ill look into that possibility, Ive had these set up for so long this way I would have never have thought of that being an issue. It would answer why I got the two on friday since those did not get set up that way. I will give it a try with a new one ASAP. When did they change this so it was a problem?
  3. Thanks, that is what I thought (was a afraid of). Since the notifications come from there as well and are getting to me then its probably not a spam block. Oh well will keep trying to figure it out. If anyone has any ideas of how I can check with Geocaching.com to see if they are getting them returned and what error they may be getting from my provider?
  4. Im using Charter.com for my email The pocket queries are ones Ive been runing for many months on a weekly bases and worked fine up until a week ago friday, then all stopped coming. They still show as run on the pocket query list and no change to any of them has occurred. I did get 2 friday and thought everything was working again. Im going on a trip this week and tried a new query and it didnt come through but shows as run. I wanted to have Charter.com verify geocaching.com isnt being spam listed for the pocketqueries. Can someone tell me the exact email "From" address for pocket queries? Funny thing is that Im still getting my notifications and owner messages. Ive asked around the area and a few people tell me they arent having an issue but they use a different email service.
  5. If the number of caches is larger than 500 in that 100 miles, Break up the query into multiple ones. for instance creae one for just the small caches, then another for the regular, and then 1 for the large ones. Another often used is split up the caches so under 500 fall within a specific date range for when they were placed. For instance all caches placed between 1/1/2000 and 1/1/2004, a second query for 12/31/2003 and 1/1/2008, and finally one for 12/31/2007 till 1/1/2010 (to get all current ones). Dont for get to check on the # of caches at the top before setting a day for these to run so you dont waste your limited runs on queries that give you too many or dont give you what you want to see. This method of breaking up the caches of course will vary by the total number and how you split them. If you have 2500 in your area then you will need at least 5 and maybe 6 splits (maybe spliting each size query into 2 or 3 that split by date placed as well.). For reals, I'm still trying to figure out how to get all the small, reg, and large traditional caches within 50 miles of my home, and I haven't figured out how to get them all!
  6. Referred to as a "towel" in the HitchHikers Guide. But should be in the Geocaching Guide as well.
  7. When I started I tried to match up the logs but had too many that I couldnt read, some that logged the cache but not the web, etc etc. I actually scanned one log sheet after replacement and posted with the cache page. But Ive had more cache logs un-recoverable due to muggling, cache disappeared, logs to wet to read, or in one case burned in a controlled burn. Now I don't bother unless I get a hint or feeling a particular cacher is logging a find and not actually doing so - especially on one particular difficult find (many return visits to find). I think as previously stated that the only person a web logger is hurting if they dont actually find it is themselves. Like cheating at solitare or crossword puzzles. There have been instances that I was not able to physically sign a log and claimed the find online (usually by CO permission) Cases like: cache was missing but I described in detail where it should have been or in one case a series of vituals that information was to be verified at a checking site that no longer worked, owner hadnt been online for an extreme period, and Never sure if recieved an email from me using the email address since no reply. My wife has often done puzzles and virtuals in far away locations (been there sometime in the past or researched the information) and CO allowed the find anyway. Even then I don't log them as finds on my account since I havent figured them out even though I could simply ask her for the answer.
  8. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Sorry I was offline this past week due to my workload on the job. Im going to look into some of these ideas and see if any/all make since. I like the WAP access on my phone with the data plan, but there are some things it just doesnt seem to give me so I have to go to the actual geocaching.com area and it takes so long to load. Ill check the Spinner software for creating seperate PDF files for caching as well and cachemate (Ive had others mention that before to me - before I got a smartphone). It may not be GSAK but might work well to quickly get the basic information at least about the next cache we go after. We normally cache on the fly - picking out an area; downloading the caches in the area; then wherever and whichever cache pops up next is were we go. If a cache appears too long a hike or needs mainteannce ect then we skip and go on to the next. Because of this we don't always have easy access to a piece of information that we might want except for getting online somehow or pre-printing out paper copies. Again Thanks for the info and suggestions. Ill let you know what I find in the near future.
  9. I have a Moto Q smartphone using the USCellular phone service. The phone uses Windows Mobile as its base. Is there a Database that I could download GPX files onto that will run on this phone? Maybe a good way to download a searchable PDF file (something like 1 page per cache) so I can search the PDF for a cache name or GC# and get the description/clue/difficulty/type/or other basic info on the cache without having to scroll through 100s of pages? Maybe someone has an alternate idea that I missed. If so Im open to ideas.
  10. Results are still up in the air, but this weekend I deleted my notifications and re-created them. Soon afterward they appear to have started working. It should be noted though that my wife did not make any changes and her cell address appears to have re-started as well (With a stange change. She used to get all notifications broken into 5 different messages; Now she is getting them as 1 message (an actuall improvement). Im still holding judgement as to if this problem is fixed or temporaily appears to function only. Anyone have any informatoin on what the problem is or was it would be good to know. As mentioned before it would be nice to have them acknowledge the issue.
  11. I have notifications being sent to 2 different email addresses, My Wife has a 3rd email provider she uses for her notifications, and we spoke with at least one other cacher using even a different email provider. All 4 of these email accounts stopped recieving notifications at what appears to be about the same period of time. All of these were working correctly up until the last 2-3 weeks. Wife submitted a Ticket# WKC-719191 and they told her that it must be an issue with the email provider(s). Just dont understand how at least 3 providers stopped sending on the emails at the same time unless it was something changed in the method used to originally send them. Anyone else having this issue (what email provider?) and do you have any suggestions on how to fix? I am using webmail account: Charter.Net; My Text Pager is Archwireless.Net; My Wife's Cell phone text messaging is Cingular; and Im not sure about the other cacher.
  12. The reason I use an external program is because with a very slow dialup connection, it is much easier, and faster, to do most everything offline. Ohhh - my condolences and Appologies - That explains your previous statements.
  13. As I do not use GSAK, I always use the web frontend to the GC database which I think is a very nice UI. Think about it, we have Google Maps, Web 2.0 and full Javascript/CSS/HTML support in modern browsers. Thus everything can be done online from text editing (writely.com), image management (flickr.com), real-time collaboration (thinkature.com) over RSS aggregation (pipes.yahoo.com) to a complete desktop (eyeos.org). So why should I have to use an externel program when everything can be done online, too? Ill have to agree - Im in the middle of a series of logs and "oh was that cache called On the river, by the river, or by the river number 2, or by the river 2" Guess Ill have to open GSAK look it up there and have it bring up the proper one (and probably have to log in again to log it). Seems a bit round about method. Besides if your going to limit capability so the system runs smoother then why not limit Google Earth queries - Its not very accurate - They dont even display the proper type Icons 1/2 the time - and thier customer service is NILL (even Microsoft does better on that end - oooooo did I say that? )
  14. Actually if it is to reduce the Friction to the database being the issue, that brings up another subject but will mention it.... Since Ive done some database programming in my real life - It would reduce the work of the database to raise the maximum points allowed in a pocket query also a Query by State (defined box etc - instead of max points in circle). Since it is no more work to the query engine to increase the maximum results and the real "power" eater of any query is the conditional statements then to run the same set of conditions (just changing the center point truely is a waste of computational power.). Besides if a company is to stay in business it better work the systems to match the resource needs of its users not limit the users to make the systems run. I can see it now - Ebay only allows you to place 1 bid a week (too many people want to make bids and it slows up the system - yeah right...
  15. How abuot Continuing to use the Micro size and have the cache owner note in the description (container is smaller than a Pencil eraser. Or add to the name of the cache. instead of calling a cache "The Brick Wall" for instance call it "The Brick Wall Nano" The largest part of adding too refined size levels is that everyone's idea of that size is different - this is intended for a guide not to tell you exactly what the container is. I mean Ive seen some pretty good sized "Small" and some pretty small "Standard" size contaners. Then there's always the problem with I placed a 35 mm film canister someplace and it blew away or muggled or didnt hold up to the conditions or something So I replaced it will a small Nitro Pill bottle (how many will go back and re-adjust the size setting?)
  16. As Moose Mob suggests you will get that if you set too strick of criteria (only traditional 1/1's in 5 miles of point X) and there are only 1.5's in that area Or if you have conflict only traditional type, but Vitural size; I havent Found and I own (are a little tricky), With in 50 miles of your vacation spot 3 states away, but you have your State selected. Etc. RECOMMEND ALWAYS VIEWING THE RESULTS BEFORE SELECTING DAY TO RUN (so you dont mistakenly use up your query runs for the day).
  17. Yes I do see the Alpha order, But, as a programmer myself, I find thats never a good way to search when it can be avoided. People spell things differently, write them out differently etc. One example of how a Distance sort would be a added benefit. If I were to go to Texas and on my trip pick up a cache called "Down by the River!" and oops forgot or didnt notice the "!" so when i went to log it or look it up I enter the search "Down by the River", I get 217 entries which this one is on page 6 after "Down by the River II", "Down by the Riverbed", 2 other "Down by the River" caches IN TEXAS, By the way there are about 3-4 pages of just "Down by the River" caches. If it was sorted by distance from a point I enter in Texas, or from my home, or even just sorted by STATE then it would be much easier to make sure I find the correct one.
  18. There are different types of caches because there are different types of cachers. If you can't rock climb, there are caches you will not be able to find. If you can't bushwhack a couple miles there are others to take off your to do list. I figure if there are puzzles you can't solve then that smiley doesn't belong on your list of finds. Im not much into the harder puzzle caches although I do like some of the easier ones. Ive put one out which isnt a true "puzzle" but an unknown since it walks you through the park using found clues along the way to reach the final. I did this since the park was small enough that if I placed a cache in any area that wouldnt be muggled easily it would disallow any other cache in that park anyway. So why not give the person a good feel for the whole park. I wouldnt want someone or some web site to give away the final (this sort of puzzle cache or the true "puzzle" caches. It would defeat the whole purpose of having the cache of that type. If someone needs a hint to help them along Im always glad to respond to an email either with a tip, additional clue, or outright give them a portion of the answer if I think they need it. I don't want my caches to be Frustrating, just challenging.
  19. would be usefull last week i had to find a stick and mixed some clay with water to sign in a log book because the lisitng did not mention bring your own pencil I NEVER EVER go caching without at least 1 writing instrument. Too many micros cant hold one, Too many larger caches either missing one, not working, or broken pencil etc.
  20. Thanks Markwell. Yes I do use GSAK, But at times especially when posting a note/find/nofind etc. that I remember the name of the cache but not necessarily have the GC# readily available so in order to find it I either have to enter a good portion of the name (and hope i spell everything the same) and weed through the ones out of the area, or I have to go back to GSAK and seach then enter the number into to pull up that cache, or do a search by another nearby cache etc. Of course if there are many very simular named caches then its a roll of the dice where the one Im looking for falls. For instance. If I search for the "Down by the river" in missouri it not only comes up with 158 listings from all over but there are at least 2 in missouri by the same name and on different pages. Wouldnt it be easier if they would at least list out in some order (by state, By distance from home, in alpha, etc.) I understand they dont have the ability for you to do a "second Sort" currently, but I think that would be a great feature to add either like many programs by clicking the column or check mark by criteria etc. But I would hope they could find a way for at least some "Default" order that the list would come out in.
  21. Sounds Excellent - too bad there isnt a easier way to get the word out though. Still think an attribute would be a good start - would be easier for even the GeoTruckers website to search and add to thier lists. Hopefully the Geotrucker website can work something out with Geocaching.com for the betterment of both. Ill be sure to suggest the next cache either Cribbage Witch or I put out which we believe to be Trucker or RV friendly to that website though and try to make sure we note it somehow in the description/name also.
  22. Excellent points - I understand not everyone knows. My thinking would be it would be like other attributes (especially the transportation ones) -horses allowed, recommended for kids, etc. if you don't know then it wont be on your attribute list either way. but if you know for sure then it would be a way to let others know. For instance Im thinking of putting up a travel bug hotel and know there is a Semi parking area almost next to the area just so a truck driver or traveler in an RV would know that would be a great place to drop a travel bug or pick one up on thier way to someplace far far away. But currently the only way to let them know is in the description (or possibly name). In this case it just gets lost in the other 100s of caches while going through or around the city. I know that many states now allow additional road signs for large trucks/RV accessible resturaunts, gas stations etc. This would be just a nice idea for those who travel that way.
  23. I'd probably log a DNF if I logged anything. My personal definition is if I started the hunt, and it doesn't matter how far along I am, if I'm thwarted for any reason that has to do with the hunt, I'll log a DNF. It could be a hornet's nest near the cache, a posted sign, washed out road, muggles, or anything along those lines. If I call off a hunt because of something other than something with the hunt, like got a phone call, got a flat tire, got hungry and never returned, started raining, if I log anything it would be a note. I think the major difference between the two is one is conditions in that area while the other isn't. My way exactly. Basically If I call it off due to something about the area or cache then its a DNF - "if I feel I put a reasonable effert to it" Such as couldnt find the way into the park (went down every street I though might make it but nope couldnt find a place to park or get into the area = DNF). If as in the other day I tried from one direction and by the time I got around to the other side I think I figured it out, but it was late and I was too tired to walk the required distance to the cache = Note). If i get to the park and the first place I look I realize its a mile hike and it just too hot or late in the evening to start that then = no log (or possible note depending on if I think others or the owner could learn something usefull from it).
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