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  1. Let me preface this by saying that I have used this option as an officer of various groups. Usually to correct obviously incorrect coordinates or correct typos or change the primary photo. I think it is an option that could definitely be abused. I am also a little troubled by the concept of someone changing one of my waymarks that still has my username associated with it if the change was significant in some way. I'm not sure if this already happens, but I think it would be nice if the site e-mailed the waymark owner if the waymark were edited. All of that being said, I think it is a valuable feature that allows us as a community to improve Waymarking.
  2. Someone posted this on Facebook and I thought it might make a new Waymarking category - what do people think? http://www.snopes.com/travel/airline/arrows.asp May not be enough of them to make a good category, but seemed interesting.
  3. When I first started Waymarking, when one of my waymarks was approved, the person who did so added that I should post a visit and have ever since. Now, I wish I hadn't so that I could play the game of seeing how many different categories I can visit that I didn't waymark myself. I just don't want to take the time to delete all my old visits...
  4. First, let me say that offhand it sounds like a good category. Although I agree that there need not be 10,000 items to waymark to make a category, there does need to be some minimum number. I've been out of Waymarking for a number of years due to health reasons, but I thought I remembered we used 100 as sort of a rule-of-thumb minimum (even though a couple of categories have fewer than that.) If you exclude MUNDANE postings, please give very clear boundaries as to what that means. It can be very frustrating if what you think is not mundane is rejected as such. I agree that metal posts with lights and reflectors on them should be excluded. I am not an officer in the lighthouse categories, but I would have thought your example would be acceptable (I think it would come down to what type of light it uses.) That doesn't necessarily mean it can't also be included in your category (at least in my opinion - others may disagree.)
  5. Hmmm....I haven't gotten into it, yet, but Disney sure seems like a great place for a Wherigo game. I would take mine with me for sure, but that's just me.
  6. Actually some people for some reason can never learn to read these. I had a friend who could never get her eyes to unfocus just the right way. I can read them quite easily, but I am also very adept at reading them. I wouldn't worry about it too much. There are some puzzle caches that I am never likely to solve because I just don't have the knowledge to do so. I can either spend my time trying to find a way to solve them or I can move on to the next cache. I wouldn't be surprised if someone somewhere has a program to "unstereo" these things. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to check this out if I ever get over there.
  7. GREAT point I didn't think about so I tried it. All of the 800 directories online came back with no results for that number, but i went one step further. So, when you call that number you get an automated message that says something about "call the talk line at (another number) to talk to exciting people online". When I called that second number I got a "talk" line that may not be aimed at anyone under 18 (if you catch my drift). I certainly wouldn't want anyone calling and getting that type of stuff, so i called the company manufacturing the signs and had the number on the signs changed to a time/temp/weather number in our state. That shouldn't bother anyone. They will just be informed about the climate in Charleston WV Thanks for thinking about this. Is the time and tempature # a 1-8xx number? A lot of those are regional. (If you dial it from California, it routes to one place and from New York to another.) Safest to do as almost all movies and TV shows do and use 1-xxx-555-xxxx. I believe this always routes to information.
  8. I haven't broken anyone's cache, yet, but I did lose one. I went out to a multi and the first stage was a nano attached to a sign post. When I reached up between the the sign and the post, I knocked the nano loose onto the ground and couldn't find it in the grass. As soon as I got home, I e-mailed the owner with details and apologies. His son went over and checked and was able to find it and put it back where it belongs. If I broke someone's cache, I guess it would depend on where I was and what the opportunities would be to return to the location. If I was far from home and wouldn't have an opportunity to return anytime soon and wasn't carrying a suitable replacement container, I would do the best field fix I could, notify the owner ASAP and offer to ship him/her a replacement container. Depending on circumstances, I might head to the nearest WalMart and buy a replacement Lock-N-Lock and come back to replace the cache.
  9. I wonder if these two posts have some sort of relation to each other?
  10. Hmmm... One of my most recent caching expeditions included two urban caches near the Green Bay Packers stadium. It was early Sunday morning and no problem with muggles. I also went after a couple of rural caches north of green bay. One was a great puzzle cache which ended up being a guard rail micro. (kind of disappointing climax, but the puzzle was great!) The other was hidden in what used to be a wayside, except they closed the wayside access from the highway and instead you had to get off the highway park on a nearby surface street and walk 1/2 mile to the old wayside area. Fall day in Wisconsin 1/2 mile hike each way beautiful weather. Difficult cache to find - had to scramble up and down some rocks (not because the cache WAS hidden there, but because I was having trouble finding it and thought it MIGHT be there. Now that's what I love about geocaching! Be more choosy about the caches you hunt.
  11. Anyone is welcome to start or join a group like http://www.geocachers4christ.com/ if they want to mix their specific social desire with their geocaching.
  12. Although I usually cache alone, I sometimes take kids, grandkids, friends of kids/grandkids with me. Even when I'm alone, if I trade, I'm usually looking for something for any of the above, so I like hot wheels, dinosaurs or other plastic animals. I'm not fond of McToys, but occasionally when they're like Star Wars or something else one of the grandkids is into. My older daughter collects keychains, so I always give those a second look for unusual ones. One of my recent finds was one from a chiropractor's office with a plastic spine on it. I thought it was cute, but I'm sure most people thought it was trash. I'm pretty well equipped with flashlight, compass, hand warmer, insect repellent, and what not, so I'm rarely interested in those. Just remember the flea market's motto: "One man's junk is another man's treasure". You can't please everyone, so go with what you want. I usually carry the same type of stuff I'm looking for - toys. My kids get disappointed when I buy hot wheels at the store and they realize its for geocaching and not them. Several times one of the youngsters would rather have what I'm putting into the cache instead of what is already there. Happy caching and God bless!
  13. After reading this thread, I decided to check this out. There are 3 caches within about 40 miles of my location. Two are virtuals and one is a micro. The micro is placed in a large county park that has 3 ammo can caches in it (one of which is mine). I just shook my head as to why anyone would bother putting a micro in this park - it has room for dozens, if not hundreds more ammo cans, although most would require fairly lengthy hikes. Like some of the other posters, I may join the site and check it to add to other caching runs, but I'm not going to spend a lot of time there.
  14. First, let me say, "Thanks for donating plasma!" I used to try to donate as often as they would let me, but my iron level was usually too low. I did get a few pints out, though. Now I take prescription medicine and cannot donate. As far as the issue with the tag line. I think they are wrong, but it's their web site and their rules. Seems like they should be able to get a Database person to go through and edit your posts for you without deleting them (I know I could do it at my job in a similar situation.) It probably violates the guidelines, though.
  15. I like the idea of custom made keychains. I would probably grab one and send it to my daughter who collects keychains. However, I've never understood people who leave business cards. Personally it seems like they just clutter up caches. Poker chips and wooden nickels, no matter how well decorated seem just as bad to me. I guess some people like them, though, so I just ignore them.
  16. This is the photo I submitted for the Red Jeep contest: If you like it, please consider going here to vote for it. Thanks for looking
  17. My youngest two are 2 and 4. The others are grown and have kids of their own. So far when I've gone caching with the four year old, I've brought the swag to replace what he picks out, but sometime in the near future, he will have to bring his own. When I go by myself, then I usually bring back something for each of the kids. I've gone caching with my grandkids and friends of the family and we usually have each child take turns picking something out. If we're only doing one cache, then I would consider them each take something out and leave an appropriate number. I had a fun trip in June with three pre-teen boys who were friends of my oldest son's family. The first cache we found whoever found the cache first got to pick something out. The second one, of the two remaining boys, the one who found it first got to choose. In the event that the boy who found the first one found the second one, then I selected who got to choose (in this case one of the boys had been caching with me previously so he would have gone last if I had need to select.) At the third cache, the boy who hadn't had a turn got to choose regardless who found it first. It worked out great! Each boy found a cache first and each boy got a turn manning the GPSr. I look forward to repeating the experience. I also went with my 5 year old grandson just the two of us. The first cache, he got to pick out something. The second cache, he picked out something for his sister. I always leave something regardless of whether I take something (if the cache is big enough). In some cases, I have been known to take trash out of the cache (paper toys that have become wet, a bottle top that someone left presumably because it was good for buy one/get one free on the next purchase, except it had expired two years before I removed it.) One cache I found I felt like dumping everything in the cache except the log in a CITO bag and dropping all my swag in the cache. I resisted, but I took a rusty piece of metal that as far as I could see had no purpose and dropped in a toy.
  18. I would say go for it. Yes, many cachers are not going to be interested, but, if done well, the ones that are interested will enjoy it.
  19. I "discovered" a travel bug in a cache and the owner e-mailed me to find out out where I had seen it. It was still being reported as being in the hands of someone. Maybe not worth all the "extra" e-mails, but it does occasionally serve a purpose.
  20. I agree with the rest of you - if it can be done stealthily, great! Otherwise take a DNF. Last month I went down to Titusville, FL to watch the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch. There's one park on the north side of town with three caches in it. One was along the fence line bordering the parking lot. I was easily able to grab it without attracting notice. I re-tied my shoe just in case there was someone watching. Another was a magnetic keyholder stuck to the bottom of a bench. I sat on the bench and was able to grab it inconspicuously. The third was more out in the open. My coordinates put me next to a concrete structure. I assumed it was hidden in the bushes surrounding the structure, but this was right across the street from a playground that was very busy with launch watchers waiting for zero hour. I circled the structure trying to be inconspicuous, hoping that if I spotted it, I could retrieve it with another shoe re-tie, but I finally decided it was too dangerous and took a DNF. It may be years before I get back down to Titusville, but I didn't lose any sleep over that DNF. I checked the log a few days later and someone else had found the cache on a quieter day.
  21. I grabbed a TB (or geocoin - I forget which) from a cache while I was visiting Pittsburgh. I didn't get a chance to get on-line until a few days and states later when I discovered it wasn't supposed to leave Pennsylvania. I messaged the owner and apologized profusely and explained I wasn't going back to Pennsylvania anytime soon (I still haven't been back.) They said it wasn't a problem. I dropped the item in a cache in North Carolina with the hopes that some nice soul would return it to Pennsylvania. I also added a paper with the goal written on it so other geocachers would know what it was. I think any Travel bug that has a specific goal that is important to the owner should include a laminated piece of paper telling what the goal is. Many of the items I find have these and it helps me decide whether I can help the item along. I generally will not take more than one TB or geocoin unless I am trading a similar number. However, if I am able to help several of them toward a goal, I grab them.
  22. I really don't like them. One main reason is they don't have maps. Also, you don't have the option to decrypt the clue.
  23. I really don't like them. One main reason is they don't have maps. Also, you don't have the option to decrypt the clue.
  24. Recently the web page was changed so that the look and feel of the "Make this page print friendly (no logs)" page changed. The changes are a somewhat minor improvement, except for the fact that the "Make this page print friendly (last 5 logs)" option no longer is available. I like printing out the pages (hey I work for a paper mill, so paperless caching seems like a conflict of interest), but I also like having the last five logs to see any relevant notes. Any chance we can have the "Make this page print friendly (last 5 logs)" option back? Please?
  25. Hmmm.... Wish this topic had come up a month ago or so. I was traveling from my son's place in Georgia down to Florida to watch the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch. I of course cached my way down and back. There was a new cache (a few days old) listed at the Florida welcome center on I-95 that no one had logged. When I arrived at the rest area and parked near the cache there was a woman and a older boy just exiting the woods. Just as I was kicking myself for not driving faster or perhaps skipping a cache or two in Georgia, they looked at their GPSr and went back into the woods. I sat there for 10 seconds debating. Wait or intrude? The lure of the FTF (I had never been FTF before) got the better of me and I grabbed my geocaching bag and followed them into the woods. I introduced myself and everybody was cordial. They had been there for some time and had exited the woods in hopes they could get a better fix with their GPSr since it was bouncing in the woods. Their GPSr had ground zero about 30' from where mine did, so they searched near theirs and I searched near mine. Mine was more accurate (although still 30' from the cache, making it 60' for them) and I found the cache first. I logged the FTF and they congratulated me. Unfortunately, I had never heard of co-FTF, or I would have gladly offered. If they had hard feelings about my "pirating" their FTF, they never let on. If the situation had been reversed I would have been disappointed, but would not have begrudged them their FTF. I usually cache alone, but always welcome company whether it is family, friends or strangers. In the future if the situation arises, I might open a discussion, but I guess I feel just because someone arrived on the scene first, shouldn't mean they get to monopolize it. Again, if I arrived at a scene first and someone else showed up, I would be glad for the company and would ask if they wanted to work together or separately, but I wouldn't expect them to wait for me to finish.
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