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  1. I use the Chrome browser with Windows 10 on two different laptops. GC is the only forum/logged in site that this happens on.
  2. Anyone have any suggestions on why this site keeps logging me out? It is very frustrating. Tonight I logged in, navigated to the forum and was told that I couldn't do anything until I was logged in...which I had just done. I also choose the keep me logged in option as I am the only user of my PC, but I have to log back in every time.
  3. Now,now, give it to me now! I mustn't miss out on anything! It's my right to find every single cache. It's your responsibility to do the work for me. All of the above is what is causing this and I say it's all wrong. Can't find it, walk away. There are enough other caches out there to find.
  4. To answer in reverse...I am in Australia with a premium account and was able to find premium caches when traveling in the USA. So I would expect the answer to your question is yes.
  5. Read the guidelines. Read the guidelines. Read the guidelines. Read the guidelines. Read the guidelines. Read the guidelines. Read the guidelines. Read the guidelines. Read the guidelines. Read the guidelines.
  6. People can post photos in the online log which makes the content accessible to everyone. Seems the simplest solution.
  7. PS You need to charge your phone. It's almost flat.
  8. As well as taking multiple readings on your device, see if you can take readings on other devices. For example, when I hide, I take multiple coordinates readings with my GPSr, my iPhone and my husband's Samsung.
  9. Topic 1 - the more caches you find, the more you will be able to recognise whether your idea of a good cache and hiding location is actually good or not. With just nine finds, some people will say that you haven't found enough. However, there are no actual rules about having to have a certain number of finds and it seems to me that you are doing your research, educating yourself, and being open to help, feedback and guidance, so go for it. Work closely with your reviewer. They are very experienced and invested in the game. Take advantage of their knowledge, learn from them and you will be a great cache owner.
  10. Go back and sign it as soon as you can. Otherwise the CO has the right to delete your online log.
  11. Last visit is to this website but you can log in other ways i.e. via the app, which doesn't register as a visit to the site.
  12. Great attitude. Keep on learning and enjoying. There are plenty of caches out there and we don't have to get them all.
  13. Welcome Godrick! Your best bet is to join the Geocaching Melbourne Facebook group. It's very active and very welcoming of new members.
  14. Great research and asking questions upfront. One small point to bear in mind is that the previous approval of a cache does not serve as a precedent for future caches, so if a reviewer knocks back or questions one of your caches, don't expect to quote a precedent in your discussions with the reviewer. Good luck.
  15. Thank you to the developers working over Easter to keep our hobby happening.
  16. The finder says in her cache log that she has added her TB to your cache but, as you say, there is nothing listed in the inventory. Perhaps she visited her TB rather than left it there. You cannot do anything without the TB number so you would need to collect it from your cache and then follow the instructions above. Or just leave it for someone else to find and move on. You are not required to move a TB whether it is in your cache or any other.
  17. The inventory may say it has a trackable or travel bug in it, but you may find that the item is no longer there when you arrive at the cache. This is common so don't count on finding the trackable. But if you do.....check the trackable's goal on the app or website and determine whether you can help it reach its goal. If not, then best to leave it there. Yes, there is a special way to log them. If you are using the phone app, then log a trackable option is available when you are logging your find for the cache. Yes, you are supposed to move them to another cache. Again, look at the item's goal and try to move it to a cache which helps it achieve that goal. If you are going to hold onto the trackable for more than a week or two, it is nice to drop a note to the owner and let them know so that they don't think it has just gone missing. And no, you do not need your own trackable for a swap. So, the big takeaways are: There may or may not be a trackable in the cache You should check the goal Log the trackable Move it to a new cache that helps it towards its goal ENJOY!
  18. LeelaDayz - I just looked at your profile and see you are in Albany, Western Australia. That's where I was born! (Although I moved to the east coast as a two year old). 100km in your part of the world is nothing! Hope you get lots of finders on your cache. I will certainly look it out next time I am over west.
  19. My guess is that the CO didn't receive a new cache notification and that is probably because of the range applied to her new notifications. Highly likely that cachers with notifications set up for the actual location of the cache did receive notifications.
  20. I applaud the OP for asking the question. Knowing that you don't know everything and being willing to learn by asking those who know more can only be good for the game.
  21. Don't worry about being subtle with LPC - the novelty wears off soon and you'll be skipping them.
  22. One thing that really annoys me about series is the repetitious nature of descriptions! I understand that there will be some commonality because it is a series but when I read the same description time and again, it becomes very boring and leads me to suspect that the hides will also be the same. So, on a more positive note, may I suggest that the first part of descriptions in series be the part that is unique to that cache then followed by the generic series description?
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