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  1. Again, it doesn't look like a software problem. If the computer can't see the GPSr, no application on Earth would help. Of course, if I'm wrong, please let me know. hah
  2. Neat video. Too short, tho. http://www8.garmin.com/ces/m/v/Colorado.mpg
  3. Well, for my eXplorist, I'm able to use the USB cable that came with the unit. But I can have my unit plugged into my computer without it mounting. To get the computer to see it in this situation, I'll need to put the unit in USB transfer mode. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Garmins, so I won't be much help.
  4. LoadMyTracks won't work if the computer doesn't even see the unit, nor does LMT assist the computer in recognizing that there's a unit plugged in. EDIT: Have you attempted to set your unit to USB mode (or something like that)? That's what I have to do with my eXplorist.
  5. T F T C


    When you log a visit and hit "Submit" you're taken to a screen that shows your completed entry, where you can click on "edit" or you can search for another cache with a waypoint. Perhaps you can add this information to this screen, too: Find... ...other caches hidden or found by this user ...nearby caches of this type, that I haven't found ...all nearby caches, that I haven't found ...all nearby waymarks on Waymarking.com ...all nearby benchmarks I use the "all nearby caches" quite a lot, instead of inserting the next cache's waypoint. Putting the info above on this page too will help a ton!
  6. You need to be able to enter waypoints, either manually, or via a usb cable or something. And once you've entered in the waypoints, you need to be able to see how far away from the waypoint you are/which direction it lies, in feet. If it can do that, then you can geocache.
  7. I just posted a thread about Garmin maps in OS X in the Software thread. Perhaps that may help.
  8. I love my eXplorist 500 LE. I use mine with my Mac, but the workflow is universal: 1.) Download geocache coords (via PQ or actual downloading) 2.) Convert the .gpx or .loc file(s) to .upt (for Point of Interest use) or .gs (for Geocache mode use) 3.) Upload the .upt or .gs file(s) to your unit. That the basic 3 step process. Now, how you go about it is where it gets fun. And by fun I mean potentially annoying/complicated. That's why I made a website http://chimbisimo.googlepages.com . You'll need software to do steps 2 and 3. Magellan's software should be able to do this for you, but once you get the hang of things, you'll probably want to branch out. There are many options out there, some of them free. I used GPSBabel for a long time (it's free), until I found GeoJournal http://www.geojournal.net , but GeoJournal is Mac only. I suggest you disregard the geocaching mode. Sure, the icons are the same as they are on Geocaching.com, but I much prefer to use the POI mode instead. I list the reasons in my website.
  9. This article came up today, thought I'd pass it along to my fellow MUGs, elthough I don't use a Garmin so I can't try it myself. Convert Garmin maps for Mac OS X
  10. I submitted some emails last January about using Mac SimpleGPS with my eXplorist, and I haven't heard back yet. The app won't recognize my eXplorist.
  11. I've created a website for eXplorist users. It's mainly geared towards Mac users, but it contains info regarding eXplorists that will be handy for PC users as well. http://chimbisimo.googlepages.com I don't use the geocaching mode in my eXplorist, for many reasons (which I cover on my site). I prefer to upload them as .upt files to my My POI's folder (Point of Interest files). I use GeoJournal (or GPSBabel) to convert waypoints in .loc or .gpx files to POI files and move them to my eXplorist, and I also use GeoJournal to create a .pdb file which I sync to my Treo 650 which has CacheMate, which lets me go paperless.
  12. I've created a website specifically for Mac-using geocachers. There are several applications that you can purchase, which I've reviewed on my site. But there's also a free alternative, which is very doable. Have a look: http://chimbisimo.googlepages.com . The reviews are found by clicking on the "Resources" link on the right-hand side. I used GPSBabel for a long time, but I currently use GeoJournal after testing out everything else. It has a ton of functions and is easy to use.
  13. I've created a website for Mac-using geocachers, especially those with eXplorists. It explains how to upload geocaches to your eXplorist for free, if you have a Mac - have a look. http://chimbisimo.googlepages.com . In fact, the instructions should still work on PCs, so long as you use GPSBabel.
  14. umm, iPod shuffles don't have a screen. Even if you got cache info onto a Shuffle, what would you do with it?
  15. GeoJournal does for sure, and I thought MacCaching does, too. You always do it for free with GPSBabel.
  16. MacCaching is Mac only. I believe that the most popular option for PC's is GSAK, however I don't know if it will work with your iPod.
  17. ...but you still need to purchase a copy of Windows. Ouch. And then you need to deal with Windows. Double ouch.
  18. I use a Treo 650, which runs Palm's (antiquated) OS. On my Palm I use CacheMate to manage my geocaches. I use GeoJournal to convert caches into the Cachemate file. I use The Missing Sync to sync my phone with my Mac. Here's my routine: - Import geocaches into Gejournal http://www.geojournal.net - Export caches from GeoJournal as a CacheMate PDB file - Load CacheMate files into The Missing Sync - Load CacheMate files into CacheMate on my Treo 650 via The Missing Sync
  19. You should have success with any number of Mac software applications for Geocaching. I prefer GeoJournal http://www.geojournal.net , but you have other choices, too. I have a web page about Mac-using Geocachers http://chimbisimo.googlepages.com The phrase "Garmin is not Mac ready" is a little misleading. The company has tried to make strides in developing proprietary software for Macs, but have limited success I understand. In this sense, Garmin (the company) is not 100% Mac ready. But you CAN use a Garmin GPS with you Mac with no problem by using applications not created by Garmin, but by other geocachers. In this sense, Garmin GPS units are very Mac compatible.
  20. The only real trouble I have with geocaching and my Mac is that there is currently no nice way of syncing maps from my computer to my Magellan eXplorist. I can do everything else with GeoJournal (http://www.geojournal.net). I made a webpage for Mac-using geocachers: http://chimbisimo.googlepages.com
  21. Geojournal's interface looks nicer, but as far as I can tell, it cannot export to iPod Notes as MacCaching can. If it can, please let me know. No, currently it cannot. NOTE: I don't want to make this a features request thread, but I think discussing Mac geocaching software pros and cons here is very appropriate.
  22. That's because you helped beta test it and wrote part of the documentation. I've tried GeoJournal, but I prefer MacCaching -- and I have no ties to either one. To anyone wanting to know which is best, download both and try them out and make your decision from there. They're both good pieces of software, but the best one is the one that you can get the most use out of with your particular needs. My reviews of MacCaching began before I was introduced to GeoJournal, and it includes emails to MacCaching and forum participation on the site before GeoJournal's time. I tried MacCaching for a while but switched back to GPSBabel, until I saw GeoJournal. I would help write documentation for MacCaching right now, if asked But my main app would still be GeoJournal. Additionally, I don't receive any money or anything from sales of GeoJournal. I'm just trying to be helpful. I'm curious as to why you prefer MacCaching over GeoJournal - perhaps I'm missing something. I'd be more than happy to switch to MacCaching if/when it works better for me than GeoJournal. I'd also love to help in the development. I'm all for stiff competition - it benefits everyone, especially us consumers/geocachers! Thanks!
  23. I'm loving my Magellan eXplorist 500, so don't knock it till you try it (or let OTHERS knock it!). I use my Mac to upload waypoints to it.
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