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  1. Yesterday, I received a log on my TB Thunder Chick, TB14PJ0, from Chrisg83... stpetegeo@gmail.com063Blue Pelican I've emailed him and messaged him. No reply yet. The log is a little cryptic, but I'm hoping he found her.
  2. Looking for a complete, unactivated Agent Dusk with Briefcase and a briefcase for my Agent Dawn. Contact me here via PM or at z51stingray@outlook.com
  3. No Agent Dusk yet. Not many agents were released within 150 miles of me. The ones that were released usually happened on a week day when I had to go to work. It was blind luck that my wife and I got to the one in Cedar Rapids before anyone else did. About a 60 mile drive one way. We were going to go toe Cedar Rapids that day anyway.
  4. I snagged first agent today. Any idea where I can buy the briefcase holder?
  5. That was GREAT! I'd love to see more shorts like this about TB's.
  6. Did you post the film online anywhere? I'd love to see it.
  7. Take picture of it and post it here. Block the 6 digit code of course.
  8. I race, so does that make me a racist? LOL
  9. As my Dad once said to me, "Watch it boy, I'm this old for a reason." ?
  10. We've noticed that normal sized caches have been getting fewer and far between around our area and more micros being placed. We know this is in part due to muggles and a few Richard Craniums going around destroying them. It's sad that there has to be people put there like that. Personally, we're not really fans of micros unless they're at a point of interest like the scenic overlook in McGregor, IA. We go out looking for caches when we can, even if they're micros. We enjoy the hunt(not the bugs or plants), but it's also interesting to see the swag left behind by others and trading. Any suggestions on how to make a nornal size cache have a long life? We want to start hiding caches like we like to find. Puzzle caches are great for some, but we're out there for leisure and don't like our brains being tortured so we definitely won't be doing puzzle caches or at least not difficult ones.
  11. Yes I did. I tried contacting Jeep and no response. So I figured since I resurrected the Jeep TB with an actual Jeep, bought with my money, I'd add a personal note.
  12. Inkjet printer for sure. The tags I made seem pretty stout. The ink soaks into it and doesn't rub off. Search for Inkjet Printer Shrinky Dink sheets.
  13. Here's the new Jeep... Yes, I know someone will probably bogart it soon after I release it again so I actually made a duplicate to keep for myself. On a side note, printable Shrinky Dink sheets make for great tags since they shrink to 1/3 their original size and get 9 times thicker. I'll probably give this refreshed Jeep TB to my Dad, Muffkin42 x 2, so he can take it to a Premium Cache somewhere.
  14. Yep, I've thought about that too. I even made new tags for them and added a note on the back of one. LOL
  15. The original owners are long gone. I've tried contacting them and no response. Being a Veteran myself, I feel an obligation of hanging onto the coin and continue having it visit places. As soon as I get a red Jeep to make a copy, I'll be releasing the Jeep back into the wild cuz I don't want to be "one of those people" who keep travel bugs.
  16. Sorry, typo. "Little Swan River (MN)" Red Jeep Travel Bug TB1NP3Q
  17. Found this in a cache last weekend... see photo. Jeep 4x4 #196, TBH2NT It's not a Jeep, but it has the Jeep tracking number on a paper tag and a note... see photo. It needs a Jeep makeover. I've got 2 yellow Jeeps arriving in the mail today and I've got heavy duty tags made for it. I'll post photos when it's done.
  18. I've got these in my inventory... "Little Swan River (MN)" Red Jeep TB, TB1NP3Q In Honor of Lt Cmdr Jane E Lanham, TB3HGQD The Jeep I found at a garage sale on June 29th... $5 The geocoin I found on eBay. It was one the contents of an abandoned storage locker... $13 I paid for them so am I wrong to keep them and continue visiting caches or do I send them on their way?
  19. I received my other half of my mammoth coin set. VERY NICE! I love the fact they're magnetic. $4 shipping is a small price to pay to get it too. Didn't bother me at all.
  20. My parents already have this and their gps coordinates engraved on the back of their headstone.
  21. I added dangerous vegetation and trees.
  22. After the hunt and the anticipation of finding a mammoth, the $4.05 to get the free companion skeleton mammoth coin is acceptable to me. If $4.05 is going to break my bank account, I've got more problems than paying for shipping. LOL
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