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  1. I found MicroMac tonight. I think it is easier to hunt this one at night, but must confess I got a voluntary tip from Team Roadracer. I need to get some more caches hidden. I have several just waiting to go out. I think I will have to make one for Green Achers to nab a FTF. Hmmm. Put some nitro in the tractor Bill.
  2. Our racer from last year never made it out of NY State. Still there. Wonder if they can enter Rodzilla and just give him a head start based on his current NY location? Camelot Crew
  3. quote:Originally posted by Green Achers:Geocaching has a new ''state map'' program. It's really nice and will be used as a tool once again. I checked out the new State Map tool too. Not being familar with the old version (newbie) I have nothing to compare with, but it is better than what has been available. Much better. Traveling in IL (Chicago area) this week on business and managed to squeeze in some hunting. David of the Camelot Crew
  4. quote:Originally posted by cachew nut:I'm pretty sure this is GeorgeandMary's cache area, you might want to crosspost this into the Regional forums for California, many there only read the regional forums. Marky already did this. Believe links to this thread are in the CVC thread and Bay Area Thread.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Marky:_http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=4016058331&m=22060098_ Thanks for putting up the link Marky. I sent an email to DiverMan offering any help we can. Even if it is a runaway situation it is still got to be something awful to be going through. Our heart goes out to the family. -- Camelot Crew
  6. Hey there DiverMan. We are local to Modesto and available to help if needed. You can email us at davidcline92@alumni.calpoly.edu. You might try contacting Kim Petersen of The Sund/Carrington Foundation at 888-813-8389. Kim is in touch with people who can help you during this time. Camelot Crew Modesto, CA
  7. quote:Originally posted by Great Scott!:New logbook added to the cache.--GS! Thanks for the help GS!
  8. Anyone in the vicinity of Tulare Welcome Center? I need some assistance with a fresh log sheet. I've gotten busy and can't get down to check the cache for a while, but have been informed the log sheet is filling up. Email me if you can help. Thanks. David of the Camelot Crew
  9. quote:Originally posted by Brute-Force:_ARRIVED!_ Olivia On 8/23/03 @ 6:22am 7.2 lbs 20" Great day for a birthday!! Congratulations!! -- Camelot Crew
  10. We are looking for someone to team up on Where's In A Name Cache We are looking for someone near N 60 xx.xxx E 22 32.568. The second set of coordinates is the fixed portion that is tied to our name. Email us if you want to team up or just want to help us out. Thanks. Camelot Crew Modesto, California USA
  11. Looking for someone to team up on a sister city cache. We are from Modesto, CA. Email us if you want to team on this one Sisters
  12. We are looking for someone in Vernon BC, Canada to complete a sister city cache with. We live in Modesto, CA and Vernon BC is one of our five sister cities. Email us if you are interested in teaming up on this one Sisters
  13. MODESTO, CALIFORNIA SEEKING A SISTER CITY PARTNER Looking for a partner in any of the five cities: Vernon BC, Canada Vijayawada, India Aguascalientes, Mexico Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine Kurume, Japan Email us if you are interested in teaming up on this cache. [This message was edited by Camelot Crew on August 22, 2003 at 11:58 AM.]
  14. How come this thread only gets a four-star rating?
  15. quote:Originally posted by JaimeeG:Has anyone here been to the Bonfante Gardens in Gilroy? We were thinking of going over there, and I just wondered if anyone had visited and had an opinion of the park. The Camelot Crew just visited Bonfante Gardens on May 31st. We had a great time. We have small children so the rides were nicely suited for our family, but I would agree with Marky and Joani...the gardens are the real attraction. The park was extremely clean too. The day we visited the crowds were minimal resulting in no waiting in long lines. All in all we had a fabulous time. If we lived closer we'd proably buy season passes too. BTW, Someone needs to place a cache closer to the park. There are some not too far on either side, but nothing right near the turn off point for the parking. Got to be someplace safe to place one. David of the Camelot Crew.
  16. Rodzilla is so well loved ...gets held for nearly a month only to be transported a whole 27.13 miles and dumped into a 4/3 multi-cache . It's looking like this monster is not going to make it out of New York state any time soon.
  17. quote:Originally posted by pdxmarathonman:Oh, and the only reason I might make a cache MOC is to read the audit log. Its fun to see who looks at your cache page - and how often! Audit logs are one of the main reasons I like the MOC's too.
  18. quote:Originally posted by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders):We just became members and have not made any plans to do MOC mainly because there are so few caches within a 50 to 60 mile radius of our home. We subscribed because we enjoy the sport. One criteria we use when placing a cache is the difficulty in getting to and finding the cache. The tougher it is the better the items in the cache. We also ask on the cache page that people trade equitably so others will be able to find something nice. When we hide a cache it is for our enjoyment first, then for the enjoyment of other cachers second!!! If no one finds the cache we still had the fun of Geocaching. That is why we subscribed. You make some excellent points Rockhounders. Thanks for your input on MOC's.
  19. Just returned to the Central Valley from San Diego. I will have to come back and cache some more down there. Wish I haven't had soooo much work and could have cached more. Managed to squeeze in a few including the two by the Convention Center. My thanks to the San Diego cachers for the fun. Friday provided me some night caching time too. Thanks again. David of the Camelot Crew.
  20. Just arrived back from San Diego. Great area, except too dog gone much work. Managed to squeeze in a few fun caches. Two right at the Convention Center. Wish I had more time while I was there.
  21. quote:Originally posted by Night Hunter:I would suggest any of the many caches in the Mission Trails Regional Park system... I have included a link that should show most of them in the park.... Night Hunter Thanks for the heads up and the link Night Hunter. It's looking like Friday night caching for me.
  22. quote:Originally posted by MrToad608:Getting prepared for a family vacation to Disneyland etc. Hey Toad. I see there are several virtuals for Disneyland and only one physical cache in the park. I think you'd better place another one while you're there. Have fun!
  23. Hello San Diego Thread... I am going to be visiting from Northern CA on Thurday, Friday and Saturday. Coming down for a convention and plan on a little caching while I'm there. Any caches that I shouldn't miss while I'm in San Diego? Also if you have any bugs that need transport back up North let me know. David of the Camelot Crew
  24. quote:Originally posted by Green Achers:I wanta go to S.D. [whaa] If I put a Trave Bug tag around my neck, will you take me? I need a vacation... too much ''home work.'' _Bill of Green Achers_ Sure thing Bill. My flight leaves Thursday AM. Be ready to hop into my suitcase then and I'll take you with me. You'll have to jocky Zach for space as he wants to hitch hike along too.
  25. quote:Originally posted by elmo-fried:but I'm too cheap to do a membership when there are still hundreds of caches within a half-hour drive of me. Hopefully it'll stick around for me to exhaust the "free" ones, and once I shell out some cache to do the members-only cahces it'll still be around. Jason Roysdon http://jason.roysdon.net/ I see the premium member tag is up now. Guess Elmo-Fried had a change of heart.
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