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  1. These days, my biggest pet peeve is when I drop a TB/coin into a cache or event, and I don't have the time to return home to log my found and drop and somebody already have grabbed it!! Can people be so impatient that they can't wait for a proper drop before doing a retrieve? that they have to do a grab immediately? I believe that the "Grab" feature should be treated just like last resort. Get a warning and a note like "Can't you wait for a proper drop, or contact geocacher by email in parallel before a grab". When doing a "Need Archive", you get a "You are submitting a note that this listing should be archived. Click "yes" to continue". When doing a "Need Maintenance", you get a "You are posting a "needs maintenance" log entry. This will add an attribute and alert the owner. Click "yes" to continue". Your thoughts? Pierre (Tipete)
  2. Well, that is the closest post I found for my exact same question... Why can't we have a smilley face at the top of the tracktable page when retrieved or discovered?? I moved hundreds, I drop many just to pick them up later in another location. I discover some in events (although I usually forget to log these discover, and rather log the retrieve only), but then I see later that I already logged it long ago! So, yes, it happens all the time. I don't, but some use logging programs for mass-discover, regardless of having logged them before... so that is mass junk! A MUST in my mind!!
  3. Yes, I noticed that the LOC file is a collection of <waypoint>. Could you try to edit your LOC file before loading into your Garmin and see if it recognize them. I did the test and it worked n mine (after a few attempts). Mine will recognize "multi-cache", "virtual", "mystery" or "puzzle", "letterboxhybrid", some others I forgot. I just took a LOC file, all with "geocache" and replaced a bunch with the above, then loaded. Of course, when the type was truely invalid, it would show the cache as unknown. BTW, anybody knows the list of "type" or a place that explain the syntax of LOC files? Pierre
  4. My gps is a Magellan Explorist 500. I used Mapsend for maps that allows to load LOC files, and they all shows the same. I use Magellan cache manager, which just send the loc to the gps. I can improve on it, but it sends the same. So if I fix "geocache" to "multi-cache", then I see a multi on both software, and on the gps. So my question remains: why is the LOC file from geocaching.com all saying "geocache regardless of type? Pierre
  5. Can this be considered a bug that all caches types downloaded in a .LOC file shows up as <type>Geocache? After some investigation I found that my gps would appreciate to heve them show up as "traditional", "multi-cache", "mystery" or "puzzle", "virtual", etc... instead of all as "geocache". Of course, I can edit the LOC file before uploading to the gps, but I would like to remove this step. I say "my gps", but really any software I know can't differentiate the cache types if they all show as "geocache"!!! Is this a limitation that dissappear when you move to Premium member?? Thanks, Pierre (Tipete)
  6. I know what you mean, I was around Quebec city and Lévis last week and spent lots of time geocaching underwater. And I used hwy22 (instead of hwy20) to get from Quebec to Montreal. I have started a list of discrepancies. It is a little infuriating to see that the detail level of "North America" drops by 10-20x when you cross the US border. The map doesn't seem to be shifted, just wrong, incomplete or done by somebody with a bad aim. Sometime a road will be North, South, East or West or where I am. Intersections are rarely in the good place... Think that if we complain enough, they will give us the Canada topo for free???? Anybody knows of a good technique of converting the traces (that I assume are pretty accurate) into parts of the base map? I rely often on previous traces, but I think they max at 2000. Any other advice? Thanks, Pierre
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