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  1. I have recently "procured" :lol: a copy of Mapsource and uploaded it to my laptop. I was wanting to use a feature in Mapsource that allows real time tracking of the movements by hooking a cable to my Garmin Vista to the laptop.


    However, the cable supplied with the Vista has a female serial port. There is not a serial port on the laptop. I got a male serial to male parallel adapter from Radio Shack to hook up to the laptop and it did not work.


    Radio Shack also sells a serial port to USB converter cable but it is $42.00. This a lot of money to spend for it not to work. I realize I can return it but thats a hassle I want to avoid.


    My first question is...can this be done. It works on my desktop computer while sitting in the house (I actually get satellites in the house). But that is because the desktop has a male serial port on it.


    My second question is, if it can be done, what kind of cable or adapter is needed to do this?


    Any assistance is appreciated.

  2. I want to change my user name ever so slightly. It is now Ham_Bone and I want to change it to Hambone (no underscore).


    According to the site this username already exists. But when I look up for a username by Hambone it turns out he (or she) hasn't logged in since March 2002. He/She has no finds, no hides, and no forum posts.


    If this account is inactive I would like to change my username to it.


    Is this possible.


    (FYI: I just sent an email to the account to see if it is active and will await a response.)

  3. Seamus' dimensions sound about right.


    This might get me in trouble but....these books are cheaper from your local surveyor supply store. Same size and every thing (you can even choose how you want them lined, just don't have the gc.com logo).

  4. This cache is located very near the longitude you need. The latitude is a little further north than what you're looking for but it may help.


    You may want to post a note to the cache page asking for assistance from the next person who looks for it.


    I would try and grab it for you today but I left my GPSr at home.


    I will be back on Tuesday if no one has got anything for you.


    Let me know if this helps.


    Edit for hyperlink.

  5. I want to set up a webcam cache. However the site I want to use does not have a webcam that takes a picture every so many seconds, but rather uses streaming video.


    I have tried clicking on the video portion and saving it. The only way I can figure out how to do it is to do an "ALT-PRINT SCREEN" and paste it into a Word document.


    I was really wanting to be able to save it as a gc.com supported format (*.jpb, *.gif etc) so that it could be uploaded with the log for viewing and verification purposes.


    Anyone have any suggestions how to do this??

  6. I have tried to use both Mobipocket and GPX Sonar for my Ipaq and I am not satisfied with either. First the Mobipocket does not let you page up, only down, and the hints (I use them!!!) are in an appendix.


    GPX Sonar has died. Whenever I attempt to load a newly genereated GPX file I get an error "No Caches Match Your Criteria." Plus GPX Sonar will not let you do a search by waypoint name (alphabetical). You have to scan the entire list looking for the waypoint name.


    I am done with Mobipocket. GPX Sonar has a slight chance.


    I was wondering:

    1) Am I not using Sonar correctly and thats why no caches match my criteria?

    2) Am I blind and can't find the search function.



    If I can't resolve these problems what other software is out there (free not like iSolo where you only get an evaluation period) that will adequately handle .gpx files and be very user friendly.

  7. Yodadoe,

    I know you used to be local to the Raleigh Area. In fact I think I remember meeting you at the Too Cold To Cache Event.


    I just bought my ticket to Coventry Saturday. Big Cypress was awesome but I think this is going to beat it (even if its half as long)!!!


    So if you are looking for someone to take the TB to VT and you can get it up around Raleigh I'll be happy to take it for you.


    This is definitely the end of an era.


    (Edited for grammer)

  8. Southwest is at a bearing of 225 degrees. West South West is at a bearing of 247.5 degrees. Therefore it is halfway between south west and west. Conversely south south west is halfway between south west and south (or a bearing of 202.5)

  9. OK. With some help from NCBeisers I got it figured out. What I had to do was open ActiveSync and explore from there. Then I had to open Windows Explorer on the computer. Therefore I in effect had 2 explorer windows open.

    Then it was a simple drag and drop.

    Thanks for everyone's help :huh:

  10. For some reason I cannot navigate on my PDA from my computer. I have highlighted the GPX file and drug it to the PDA icon. Nothing happens after that. When I attempt to open the file in the palm it cannot find it.

  11. Like I said I'm sure this question has already been asked but I can't find the right thread.


    I have downloaded GPX Sonar to my Ipaq and received my *.gpx pocket query. But now I can't download the *.gpx files to the Ipaq.


    Please help.

  12. My girlfriend and I go caching together all the time. Right now we log the finds seperately in the log book and on the website.

    Is there a way to create a team where we only have to log it once and still keep our stats without having to start over.

  13. I'm not going to get in a flame war. When we met in the park we were pleased to finally meet people that were also geocaching (our first such instance), and I thought everything was well.


    I hate that it has erupted to us exchanging these messages in a newsgroup forum. I hope my next encounter does not follow form.


    I'm not sorry we found it first. I'm not sorry for anything we did that day. Is that aggressive, maybe. But we did find it first and to the victors go the spoils.


    You do things your way and I'll do them mine.

  14. We were the ones who found the cache before Batman. I would like to explain our actions.

    1) We did know that they were caching and they knew we were also.

    2) We were on a vey limited time schedule (we live 3 states away) and did not have time to wait for someone to poke around until they finally found it.

    3) While looking for it both parties agreed to let the other know if they found the cache first.

    4) They were looking way off the mark (at least 200 yards away).

    5) It looked like Batman's wife was miserable and wanted to quit.

    6) They sat at the bottom of the hill directly below us while we opened the cache so rehiding it would have been fruitless.


    Therefore, since it was mutally agreed that we would let each other know if the cache was found and they for all intents and purposes watched us open the cache I think that we were justified in our actions.



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