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  1. GPS is still available, and the price includes shipping.
  2. I have two extra GPS's that are gathering dust. An Explorist GC by Magellan. Used three times. Alsoa Magellan Explorist 500LE that was my goto until I got got hooked on Garmin's. Go to my profile to contact me for more information if you are interested. Coinpopper
  3. If you are still looking, I have a GC that has been used in the field 3 times. Comes with a complete instruction manual. $55.00 plus shipping Coinpopper
  4. Thank you so much for yor reply. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I had already selected two of the caches you suggested as I was trying to locate the cruise docks. Guess I guessed close. Are you fron Tallinn? Perhaps we can meet when we come through. Again, Thanks and I will check into the maps. Trying to get a good defination of the Garmin N. Europe map set. Cache on. Coinpopper
  5. My wife and I will be cruising in mid-late 2013 and visiting numerous cities. I have seen city maps offered by Garmin for some of the places but not all. Hoping someone has a source for the following cities. Of course, I would love to cache the entire area but when one must be on board the ship, time in port is limited. We will be visiting: Copenhagen,Denmark; Warnemunde,Germany; Tallin,Estonia; St. Petersburg,Russia; Helsinki,Finland; Stockholm and Helsingborg,Sweden; Bergen and Alesund and Oslo, Norway; Lerwick,Shetland Islands; Torshaun,Faroe Islands; and Reykjavik,Iceland. This is our 51st Anniversdary cruise and we plan to enjoy the sights, at least those in these cities and often near the cruise ship ports hence the need mostly for city maps. Caching is not a primary function on this trip, but I hope to find several caches in each city. The balance of the time we will spend learning about these beautiful countries. I cache with a Garmin GPSmap60CSx amnd the Oregan 300 which generally use the identical map sets. Any help will be appreciated and as well, hint for caches near the ports and/or the city sights and landmarks. Cache on, Coinpopper Texas, USA
  6. Thank you very muh. I will get over there tomorrow.
  7. My wife and I are making our plans for a trip down in 2012. I have been there, several times before I retired. Those trips were generally in August/September and included vists to all States except the Northern Territory. This time our trip could be either in April or September depending on factors we cannot control just yet. I have a few questions, what traveller does not, and hopefully several geocachers will reply. Which would be the better time to arrive? We intend to visit Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Ayers Rock, Perth and Adelaide and a foremost requirement is that I locate a cache or several in each State as well as the islands. Is there a forum for each State? If not, might I be so lucky that one or two cachers in each would take me under their wing and be a sounding board for specific questions that may arise as our trip time nears? Nothing personal, but information about caches, the weather and sights to see during our stay. The most important question I have so far is about Maps. Is there a source for Australia geo-caching maps other than through Garmin? I use the GPS 60Csx and the Oregan 300 almost exclusively. Last year we traveled through the UK and was put in touch with a chap in London that supplied maps on SIM cards that were more current and detailed than those supplied by Garmin. Hopefully my ramblings have not put you to sleep, since you are just waking up about now or will be soon. I also hope that I may have the pleasure to meet with a number of you on our travels and that time permitting, we can grab a cahe or two. I plan to find several caches in each state in my quest to find 10,000 caches before I lay down to rest. If caching is not possible, perhaps we can chat for a while and enjoy a coffee or a beer. While in the UK last year, I did my part to put Guiness on 24 hour days. Hope to here from some of you. Cache On.... jack Lowry ///aka/// Coinpopper Dallas, Texas area USA
  8. My wife and I are making plans to visit New Zealand, both Islands, sometime in 2012. At the moment our trip could be either April or September. We have several questions and would appreciate your thoughts. Which would be a better time to visit? Before I retired I was in Auckland twice, both times in late August/eary September. Is there a particular or specific forum for North and South Islands, and where would I find it? If not, is there an individual or two or more that will correspond fairly regularlly with me as our plans become final? At this time we know that we will be spending most of outr time in Auckland and Christchurch. While our time will be somewhat limited we would love to visit with fellow cachers and It is a given that I must find a few caches on my quest. I have a few good years left and I hope to reach 10,00 caches before I finally lay down to rest. I guess my last question for now is about maps. Is there a source for local maps for my Garmins? I use the GPC 60Csx and The Oregan 300. When visiting the UK last year, there was a chap in London that had a very good set of maps on SIM cards that were much more than adequate, and much more current that those offered by Garmin. In hopes that I have done this correctly and the post will go through, I will sign off now. Cache on Jack Lowry ///aka/// Coinpopper Dallas, Texas area USA
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