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  1. We are looking at about 5 words-per-second or less. It is very slow. That may be a good thing for me to add in the description. Did you perhaps really intend to write "5 words per minute (WPM)" instead of "5 words-per-second"? 5 WPS would translate to about 300 WPM; at that rate Morse Code cannot be copied by any living human being and would need to be machine-detected and machine-rendered/translated using some fairly sophisticated processing equipment. But see, you have already described how it could be possible, so maybe... Or make them record it and slow it down. No, you are correct in your correction. WPM. It was the CPM (characters PM?) that made me stumble.
  2. We are looking at about 5 words-per-second or less. It is very slow. That may be a good thing for me to add in the description.
  3. Just wanted to thank you all for your suggestions, and to point out that this cache has been created and is available. Sunnyside Up
  4. Just posted It's funny, I had this thing all built and ready to go when I was directed to this post. Count me in and come check it out! GC1563W It is good to note that this was a home brew design. Further, for those interested, the chip can be programmed to do all sorts of cool things, and when I have time, we might just get to see what it can do. I realized not too long ago that very similar things have been done before. What would make this one stand out? I hope to add some type of user input; just think. It could ask questions and only give you the coordinates if they are answered correctly. But for the competition, it does not do this yet, but it can with simple programming.
  5. I was thinking along the same lines, and surprised I haven't seen or heard of any done like this already. Hurray for the unconventional! As far as problems, do you mean for getting approved? As far as losing it, it can't get washed away or fall down the 100 ft slope into the ocean...(cough) My suggestion would be to tie the loose end to something so that when it is lowered, the end doesn't fly over too. The way we hang lines in the ham radio world is using a bow-and-arrow and fishing line, and then using the fishing line to pull the rope over. Sling shot, rock, stick also work. It would be really cool to approach a cache and realize that it is 70 feet in a tree...and that you don't have to climb it. brainflash: the bow ideas is bad in a park.
  6. I have always made a point to ride my bike whilst caching. You really get to see a lot more riding 20-40 miles through town than you would in a car. Granted, it limits my number of finds, but I have a lot more fun doing it. After a year of geocaching on foot or wheels, it seems almost ridiculous to jump in the car to drive to the park to find something in the wood and come back again.
  7. I made one a few months ago; it is sitting on my desk in my dorm. It may not be exactly what you are looking for since it uses a key. Another good way to mount a combo lock is to put an eye bolt through the hole in the latch, where the bolt is mounted to the frame so the combo lock sits in front of the latch. How small are you looking for--around a .30 cal size can, or smaller? I will post detailed pictures in about week when I get back to school.
  8. It would probably work for a while. Unless you reset your GPS, like I did, without backing it up and lose all the user data. But don't fear, if you post the coordinates in this forum you will never lose them. Just maybe the said valuables.
  9. Yeah, my idea is becoming more to make this a fox hunt type deal I think. I guess I haven't been reading up on the rules, but making this puzzle solvable before getting there totally destroys the purpose of it. This is accurate , no? FM transmission is legal to within 200 feet, or until it interferes (something like that). Just look at the FM transmitters everyone has in their car for their iPods. same thing. Fox hunting is interesting in that you must use techniques like body shielding to find it. We just started getting into it at the ham club we have at school. Good stuff. Anywho, I will post the cache after it is set up. Probably some time next week. I'm looking to replace one of my disabled caches with a new box and a new hunt. **Fm has nothing to do with CB, nor do hams have anything to do with the 11M band as said. I would love to use the 2M band, but the transmitters break the $10 mark the FM transmitter stays under and also has a wider attraction. ***correction, FM as in 87.8-108.0. FM, read below, does have quite a bit to do with Ham Radio. enjoy, montyxc KC2SAE
  10. Thanks, I will look around for the thread, I know that I made one a year ago as well. I like the idea with the car lights a lot, but it would have to be mounted too low to the ground. A spotlight may work, but then hiding it would be out of the question. So here is what I have: And the simple and small insides: Can't wait to set this thing up and hopefully attract many visitors.
  11. I just finished building a solar powered FM transmitter that broadcasts morse code (programmable). I'm having trouble where I shouldn't: what kind of cache hunt complements this? My original idea was to post coordinates near it, where the cacher could sit comfortably in his car and tune in using the car FM radio to decrypt the code with the next point coordinates. Seems dull, still too simple. Now, it seems with such an unusual idea (for the area at least) that this could be kicked up a notch. The transmitter will only work on a sunny day, not at night. This part is partly on purpose, but I eliminate the need for a battery making it very reliable. Here are my thoughts: A) Make it into a night cache, where the coordinates need to be decoded during daylight hours, and the marker trail can only be found at night. B. Give general coordinates, like a park parking lot, but the transmitter must be "found," where a portable receiver is used to seek out the signal, somewhere in the park. *range is about 200 ft. Maybe you all can help me come up with some other crazy ideas! What would you be interested in finding? This transmitter has been a thought for a while and I finally have it working. My main concern is that it will be spotted and stolen from where ever I hide it (up in a tree probably). I will post pictures of it by this evening. What do you say!? -->Montyxc
  12. So I've managed to save my $110 for maps so far. I hear that the new version will be released sometime in June? I'm ready to buy, like, now; do I wait for the new version release, wait for it to come up on Amazon and get it, or does Garmin usually provide the free upgrade to recent buyers. I would really hate to buy a map that will be replaced shortly since I've waited so long already. Will all regions in City Nav. NT fit on a 1GB card?
  13. I noticed the same thing today. It looks like this so called plugin is brand new and probably has a few kinks to be worked out, but I tried it on several computers here and all failed the same way. Hope they get it working soon, it looks very convenient.
  14. I have one Radio Shack used to sell for $20. Everything else will be scrapped together. It will run off of 12volts and recharge by solar...That is, if it works. It is interesting there are others out there. I knew it was a good idea...
  15. It would be every 15 minutes or half hour. As for the name, I mean more what type of cache is this? A multi or mystery as it both solves something and is a multiple location one. Also, I may have answered the second part of my own question. They would be a multi-cache?
  16. I'm thinking of placing a series of caches, and am wondering if it is acceptable, and if so, what to call it. They would be in a series completed in order. At least of the caches would go as follows: Inside a cache that is not meant to be 'found' is an fm transmitter (legal as per fcc regulations) that at a given time or interval would transmit the next/final coordinates or clue in morse code. Cachers would be directed to either have an fm radio or it would be located near a parking lot so they could do it from a car, to receive the transmission and decode it. (It would be slow enough that you could with a cheat sheet) The others would be clues or coordinates and instructions to this cache. What do you think? Also in general, what kind of cache would have several individual caches posted that would lead to another/others and could be solved over a period? I realize that 1 multi spread over a large area (town) isn't worth it to some.
  17. Some vehicle windows also have metallic coating for UV protection... it seriously effects GPSr reception inside vehicles. DD I just used my venture cx in our Safari van over the weekend and had 8ft. accuracy. Moving it to the middle of the car away from the windows did seriously limit the signal, but overall, I was surprised how well it worked. I just got it a week ago and was afraid of it not working in the car.
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