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  1. Siete perfettamente ragione, non ci sono le cache molti in Italia. Ho deciso di inserire una cache mentre ero in vacanza in Italia (si veda questo post del forum). I recensori hanno chiesto che io do loro una persona che farà di mantenimento per me. Qualcuno può aiutarmi a aumentare il numero di cache in Italia? Grazie in anticipo! (tradotto con google...) You are exactly right, there are not many caches in Italy. I decided to place a cache while I was in Italy on holiday (see this forum post). The reviewers requested that I give them a person who will do maintenance for me. Can anyone help me increasing the number of caches in Italy? Thank you in advance!
  2. I have already contacted several cachers who have a cache nearby (luk1969, cialo, vericol), but they all think it is too far... I hope there are followers on this forum who live closer and that do not have a cache of their own.
  3. My apologies, because the cache has not been published yet, it can't be seen by others than me... There is a screendump of the cache including coordinates above.
  4. Hi, I am Etienne from the Netherlands. This June, I have hidden a small traditional cache called "La vita è bellissima" while on Honeymoon in Italy. I need someone who is willing to do maintenance because I am 1000 km away. I do not expect to have many finds as it is quite remote. So, also, I don't expect to require much maintenance. Here is a screendump of the cache, including coordinates: Is there anyone (in the region) who is willing to help me out? I need to have a name for the Reviewer... Regards, Etienne
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