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    oops, brain farted that one. but yes that would be nice to see or hear depending on how you do it
  2. I had an idea for the garmin rino. and this was a repeter that would translat data and voice what I need to know first of all what fcc permits do I need and second any suggestions on what I need to pull off the data half?
  3. I might be. but what type of problems dose it have? Around here people who can aford them have given rave reviews.
  4. Ya, know after reading the tails like thease I would like to think that the police would know(by now) what this hobby is. Maybe refering them to the web site would be a good start
  5. this is grate news. I'll try and catch up on it . and if you want to reach mor people try getting an I.R.L.P on the output and the in put then to a repeater with the owners blessing of course. good luck kd7bbo
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    Ok I'm anti c.b. the biggest problem (at least out here) is no one use's it so the c.b. owner gets the Idea that he or she "just dosn't have enough out put power" and so they buy find an amp and cause all sorts of problems eather unknowing and for some of thease clowns knowingly cause problems. And for the most part if your far enough away from home that you need a 2-way raido c.b. on AM would be my last choice. my first chioce would be a GRMS .
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