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  1. Havent lost any....yet. I put them all in one of the pockets of my geobag I always make sure to log them when I'm at the cache or when I get home after taking them from a cache.
  2. This also bugs me. Im paying $$ for a messed up stats graph
  3. If the non-cacher is a police officer I tell them I'm geocaching. If it's someone who acts like they have the right to demand information from me, I usually tell them I'm minding my own business. Hahaha right on ! I should say that next time I usually tell people that I was in the area before and lost my earrings so now I am looking for them. Or I pretend to tie my shoe.
  4. I recieved and email from someone on the site asking for personal information so that they could transfer 5 million dollars to me. Obviously this is fake. The user signed up on monday and has nothing on their profile. How would I report this?
  5. I follow the geocaching vlogger on youtube. His videos can be cheesy but I like his enthusiasm. Some of his finds are really cool and I like how he puts his videos together. They might be spoilers for some, but I dont even live in the states that he caches in so it doesnt effect me. Its not like he posts the GC codes either.
  6. I've noticed this. All the caches I go to around Newport have the same group of people finding them or hiding them. I want to be a part of a group! I think I've even emailed a handful of people like Smoochersmom, bajatym and Fifty1fifty for help on a few caches. I usually go solo on , y adventures. It would be nice to go with others
  7. In my geocaching bag I have: snack size ziplocks. Just in case I need them to replace cache baggies extra logs in different sizes tweazers, for stuck logs. a bright flashlight/magnet a waterproof pen, to sign logs any trackables that I have picked up my own personal swag items to place in caches i like my phone for gps and the geocaching ap headhpones to listen to music
  8. I haven't done that before sounds like fun!
  9. I threw this together a few weeks back-- hadn't really played with iMovie before. There are a few spoilers I suppose. Very impressive! Cute kids
  10. I am looking through it right now. Haven't posted anything since 2011....wow. I havent heard of geoswag.com, thanks for the reference I'm so sad, lol. Why dont you start posting on it again?
  11. I am looking through it right now. Haven't posted anything since 2011....wow. I havent heard of geoswag.com, thanks for the reference
  12. I write something about every cache I find-there's even a spot on the cache page for that. A lot of people think it's to put TFTC on Hahahaha I try to be constructive and detailed in my logs. Sometimes it is hard if they are micro/nano easy grabs. I'm getting tired of those
  13. Thanks. I thought it might be a "bad" idea to post my pictures. Someone could easily cheat, but I think if someone is willing to work that hard to ruin the game for themselves then they don't understand the true reason behind geocaching. I like posting pictures, on cache pages, that don't give anything away. Mainly to show the CO I had a nice enough experience to share it with them/others
  14. Thank you! I started a blog today with tons of pictures. I'm still working on it, but there are lots of posts already.
  15. I have seen a few Instagram accounts that are for geocaching and even some Youtube videos. Does anyone here share things publicly? What are your thoughts on this? I take pictures of every cache I find.
  16. Edit: I found my answer thank you! Most logs in a cache have the geocaching logo on it along with a description of the game and to not move or throw it away. Are these logs printed out? I know you can buy some from the geocaching shop but most of the logs I have seen do not look like they are from that site. I would like to have some to carry around with me on my adventures so I can freshen up the caches that have full logs. I don't like to use blank or ripped paper
  17. Wow that is unfortunate. I've noticed that a lot of caches have things in their inventory but in reality the trackables aren't there or haven't been active in a few years. It is disappointing. I haven't placed my trackables yet and I hope this doesn't happen to mine.
  18. I posted this in the SW forum but I don't think many people are active in that forum. I thought I might get a response here. I am going to the Big Island this year. I searched and there are caches here. I will only be there for a few days and I want to look for the best caches. Caches that are challenging or take me to beautiful spot. I don't particularly like micro or nano caches. Have you been here or to another island of Hawaii? What were your favorites?
  19. Im 22. My friends are the same age as me and they geocache too. Sometimes I take my teenage sisters with me on geocaching adventures
  20. I'll be going to the big island this year. I've looked up geocaches here online but I want to know what sites are the best. Which ones will lead me to beautiful sites? Or which ones are unique and innovative?
  21. Brutemus and friends was the name of my old business on etsy. Now I just use brutemus as my username for most things, like Instagram. I like it. It's an old nickname. It came from the word brute.
  22. Wow thanks for all the info! The night hunt seems like a ton of fun. Haha I wish I could go to your events
  23. I think it would be really interesting to hold some type of Easter egg geocache hunt. Has this been done before? Any ideas on what to do or how to organize this?
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