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  1. only doing what i was asked of me by the reviewer .
  2. this event is about getting the Sudbury geocachers together before the snow flies for one last event . EVENT DATE SAT OCTOBER 19 2013 Everyone will meet up around 12 noon and be given a little snack and a bottle of water as well as some coords for the 12 new caches that will be published before this event . THIS EVENT IS NOT A RACE everyone will then disperse and go find the new caches and have a great time doing it . We will the meet up at the restaurant corrds and sit back and relax and chat exchange stories and maybe get some help with those hard to find caches .there will be a place for tb and coin exchange . the dinner location has a buffet that will be the responsibility of the cacher. please respond with number of people attending so i can let the restaurant know i am in the process of getting event published on gc.com
  3. i have one but live in canada are u still looking for one ?
  4. was out looking for a cache and found a new norco mountain bike
  5. well the drama has been hidden from most of the geocaching community except for the few local cachers who know what is going on and a couple of forum post from mikeandjess. It is pretty sad when certain cachers can ruin a person outlook on the game . remember it is just a game .Come on mikeandjess rethink it abit you both have done a lot for the caching community of Greater SUDBURY ON .
  6. well as for the containers that went missing i would assume that they do belong to the person that hide them . with that being said there were some incidents that took place that caused the cache container owner and some other persons to remove them from the posted coords.
  7. there are lots of ther things to complain about but if it happened to anyone else they would be upset as well
  8. i am looking into getting one . i think i will be the first one in ontario canada with a tb tattoo.
  9. looking at getting one i think i will be the first one in ontario canada with a tb tattoo.
  10. i got mine at 3geeks.ca or try landsharkz.ca they are both in canada
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