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  1. i no longer get email notifications when someone logs a cache of mine or when they move a coin of mine. i see there is a post about their email severs but it says they are up and working again. is anyone else having this problem or have they discontinued this service?
  2. there are hidden service functions in the explorist. take a look at this web page, i did a reset on my unit to get it to stop acting stupid. http://rhamphorinkx.newmail.ru/sf.htm
  3. i just bought a used 60cs, it did not come with any software, i have gone to the garmin site and downloaded the drivers and now i can send LOC files to the gps. i also have a magellin explorist 500, when i plug in the usb to the computer it comes up as a disc drive that i can access to add or delete files from multiple folders. when i plug in the usb on the 60cs the computer says new device found but thats it, it does not appear as a disc drive. i'm wondering if i need the "Trip and Waypoint Manager" to establish a connection? second question, is there a way to display geocaches by name instead of gcxxxx? any help will be appreciated.
  4. i've downloaded the file but i'm not sure how to back-up my base map. any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. i picked up a roll at wallmart in hanover ont. it is good quality tape, the colours don't come off , if you look at the canadian tire tape on the web site someone has posted the comment that the colours rub off.
  6. does my log keep going beyond 30 days or do you need to become a premium member to get a longer log? i have done a few searches in the forums but have not found an answer.
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