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  1. I just ordered Delorme Topo USA 5.0 on DVD for $64.95 including shipping and not counting Calif. State sails Tax @ 7.25%, and I used code 6022 to get the reduced price. Thank you for posting the code 6022 E-Coupon.
  2. What is that old saying,....you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink!
  3. quakemap~ I would like to complement you and your GREAT Quakemap program!! I use it to plot our adventures when we are out in the boon docks exploring with our ATVs,.....Thank You for this wonderful tool and the $10 price is a gift.
  4. Fire Eater~ I think that I can HELP YOU. To do a screen capture: Press the Print Screen Key (RT. of F12) you will not see any thing happen,........ then go to > Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint > click on the screen > press and hold > Ctrl > V .........you will be able to see the page that you need to capture. Then you go to the top left of the page to > File > Send to ......and you can email to your friend.
  5. Booger and The Grub~ I will start with the fact that I am computer "CHALLENGED". With regard to you and several others noting that you removed the "Intel Application Accelerator" , I looked for this specific wording in the control panel's 'Add/Remove Programs' and the only Intel listing was ...."Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver" on my computer. I did not remove that driver for fear of falling off of the cliff. Do you have any other advise???
  6. Thanks Embra for responding. Even if I new how to un-install the Intel Application Accelerator ?? I would NOT go to that extent. After all of the negative comments that have been express about Magellan's new Direct Rout CD and the fact that the Copy Protected CD will not function on some computers DVD drives even after the apparent successful install ??? You would think that Magellan would come out with a software work around to correct the problem because of the potential loss of sales as more people learn about this. I will just waite and see what happens with correcting this problem and not load the V5.12 version update CD into my Meri/Plat because the V4.06 is working fine.
  7. Well Gentelmen I am now caught on the same horns of the dilemma that others have been addressing on this thread. My son purchased Direct Rout for my birthday and I was able to install both disks, but when I try and just look at the CD to see just what it is that I have, the computer will not recognize the disk I have removed the disk and reinstalled on two occasions and it still will not load up. I am running Win. ME on a two year old Dell , with a DVD drive and compact disk rewritable drives and nether one will load up. I did a search to get to this thread and notice that it is last dated Dec. 31,2003 so it is old,.....has any body found out just what the latest fix is other than requesting my (gift) money back
  8. Thanks Embra,.....I can always count on you for a clear and concise answer.
  9. Perdon my ignorance,.....Why can't you load mapSend ToPo on to one SD card and Direct Rout on a second SD card and depending on what type of detail you are looking for, ToPo or Direct Rout, just incert that SD ???.... or did I miss something?
  10. I use my MeriPlat on my ATV for trail riding in the extreme boon docks and use the ToPo maps for guidance on logging roads. I wonder how or if the new Navtech based software will help when using ToPo??
  11. embra~ Well done, thanks for posting. I am sure that several will welcome this information.
  12. Embra~ Once again you have answered one of my long standing questions about how to set up the Position-Destination line. You are truly a learned professor of this wonderful machine. One of these days,....when you have lots of time on your hands, it would be very helpful if you would post a check list of settings for the MeriPlat that the average Geocacher would use just like the one above. I know that the answers are in the BOOK if you can stand to read it,.... But you have a unique way of explaining things that turn on the light of understanding. Thanks again for your help. Jerry
  13. Wow.....Do they, Magellan even offer the up graded CD for purchase?? You would think that because of the ammount money that I have spent on my ToPo CD,and GPS that free upgrades would have been good costumer relations. Most other Company's (Microsoft) offer free firmware and software updates as a part of a continued effort to keep their existing costumer base, and to show good will to future purchasers of their products. Magellan may have this in mind for a future updates... but they are so darn SLOW to post them on their web page.
  14. Thank you again embra for the help. I downloaded the 4.06 software and installed it into my MeriPlat and it loaded ok, but took some time to load the Sats....will check it tomorrow. After it was up and running every thing looks OK for now.
  15. I have 4.02 and it seams to work, but if some one would post a link to 4.06 I will give it a try. The Magellan web page only has 4.02 posted. Thanks.
  16. Skippy2~ Hang in there BUD.....you have all the GOOD tools, you just need time to learn how to use them. You dont pick up a violin and the next day play at the Metropolitan Opera House. You are among friends here...so just ask your questions. I would hate to see you loose so much money on your purchase because $250 is to cheep a price for all that stuff.
  17. wvabackpacker~ Why cant you just purchase a second 24Mb SD card and load your 5th, 6th 7th & 8th region on to it then just change SD cards as needed ?????
  18. biggestmuff~ TotemLake answered the question....The Magellan site only gives a link to update the GPSr, but has no listing to update the ToPo. Gentlemen~ My next question....Now that I have upgraded my ToPo software to v4.20c from v3.00a on the computer.( v3.00a was origially used to load the regions map info. on to my 64Mb SD) Will I need to reset and reload the the upgraded v4.20c on to my SD card to get any benefit of the software upgrade onto my GPSr ????? The download of v4.20a was smooth and self installed on the computer....but on first look was not able to see any difference.
  19. embra~ Looks like I am once again in need of your good advise. I have been looking for several months at the Magellan web site for software upgrades to my MapSend ToPo v 3.00a that came with my Meri/Plat and they are not listing any. your link http://www.ftp.kkc.tzo.com/Magellan/index.htm to MapSend Top v 4.20c up grade is not on the Magellan site........It looks like I need some of that good advise from you on this. If I download from your mentioned link....will it automatically upgrade my existing v 3.00a version ??? Why is Magellan not listing this software upgrade on their site ??? And last but not least....is there a listing of what v4.20c upgrades are ????? Thanks Mr.Embra (Max) in advance. And I think that I can speak for us new-bees out here when I say that it is people like you that makes this hobby fun when you give freely of your experience to others that are struggling like me to figure this darn thing out. THANK YOU. Jerry
  20. Thanks Jamie~ A fine explanation that is much appreciated.
  21. Brad~ I have a Meri/Plat and all the goodies just like you.....but for me the ToPo software is all that I needed. The streets & Destinations is ....OK, has the same detail of streets and roads as the ToPo with out the contours and has POIs that deal with hotels,places to eat...things that I can do with out for $140. Did you get your $50 dollar rebate coupon from Magellan ?? Good luck !
  22. GEO* Good post on the subject.......thank you!
  23. I also have 4.02 and it works great for me, the cursor is a little bit off of the road, but you would not be able to see your bread crumb tracks if it was a direct over lay of the road. The ToPo satellite software is old, and you don't need to be precisely/spot on the map. This is not a bomb run on Baghdad.
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