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  1. I use my Magellan XL with a ram mount and ToPo 3D maping on my Suzuki 700 KQ ATV and my wife also has the same set up. We use them for navigation while we are on our desert adventures to find that elusive old gold mine or the hidden canyon that is 60 + miles out into the middle of the boon docks and then to be able to make it back to the pickup with out worries. We have had several adventures exploring with the GPS that would have been imposable with out them.
  2. Thank you,...THANK YOU KOOAID105~ I had posted previously on this thread #69, where I had stated that "My latest XL addition had the older 9.1.04 firmware,....so following Magellan's upgrade instructions on their web page, cleared the memory and successfully uploaded the recommended 9.2.10 firmware and NOW MY XL WILL NOT REGISTER WASS IN THE ACCURACY BOX and now I am pissed. After the placing the two identical GPS sitting one foot apart for 30 minutes the WASS accuracy is down to 9 feet on my original XL and the one that I uploaded the9.2.10 that is now non WASS, is 23 feet EPE." I found your link above and just thought what to hell and downloaded and installed the 2.57 firmware with out doing anything to the second XL other that just going to the file transfer mode and just down loaded from your link,...that is it, didn't worry about bricking the GPS, just did it. WOW it worked the revision is now 9.1.55 and no problems. I now get WASS the additional screens and I am now a happy camper. Thank you again. WHY in the HELL can't Magellan just simply check into this and make it available from there official web site,...HMMMMMM !! IT SCREAMS at you MAGELLAN to do this,....PLEASE!
  3. How are you liking that Meri/Color Dennis ?? I hope that it is working out for you and it looks like that you have solved your problem with GSAK. I screwed up with the XL because I made the mistake of up grading to the latest XL firmware and now it will not pick up WASS like my other XL,.....seams to be a problem with their software update that Magellan is unwilling to fix. You would think that a GPS company would not screw up a represented GPS of there manufacture and not try to provide a fix to the problem that they caused.
  4. I now have two XLs , my older XL was updated to the 9.2.10 firmware and was used several times before and during the June 2007 shut down of the two WAAS satellites and I get the WAAS notation in the little accuracy box screen. My latest XL addition had the older 9.1.04 firmware,....so following Magellan's upgrade instructions on their web page, cleared the memory and successfully uploaded the recommended 9.2.10 firmware and NOW MY XL WILL NOT REGISTER WASS IN THE ACCURACY BOX and now I am pissed. After the two identical GPS sitting one foot apart for 30 minutes the WASS accuracy is down to 9 feet and the non WASS is 23 feet EPE. Should I try the Austrian upgrade on the listed link ??? http://www.nextdestination.com.au/Pages/Do...dId=13#firmware. And if so please tell me how to back up my firmware baseman,....Thank you
  5. Mr. Wanderer7 Is a true gentleman and dealing with you sir is my pleasure,....Thank you
  6. PM sent with a deal that you can' t refuse.
  7. With DUE RESPECT given,....I am glad that the OP brought up the problem in this forum as I would not have known that I have a problem with my Magellan XL. I hope that several people call and bug the heck out of Magellan to hopefully correct this problem, but I seriously doubt that Magellan will respond (as usual) and hoping for the BBB from 50 different states to correct this problem is a JOKE. The OPs question was "Do you have waas? The easiest way to check is to look for "waas" appearing above the accuracy number. " Answer: Yes my XL has WAAS by the accuracy number. Mine is two years old,...if that makes a difference.
  8. I agree,...good info and helpful people,....but a frustrating web site to have weather through to find what you are looking for. You would think that with all of the interest and Intelligent people on that site that a better format would have evolved.
  9. No experience with the Garmin 60CSX but I have a Magellan eXplorest XL and think that the GPS is one of the best on the market. AA battery's, 2 Gig SD chip, LARGE color screen and a good file system in the OS and the satellite acquisition is awesome. The only thing that I am disappointed with is the new ToPo3D software not being as detailed in off road features as the older ToPo V4.20 that will not work with the eXplorest series. Hoping that Magellan will come out with more detailed ToPo software SOON. Thank you for being there for us.
  10. ...and what part of selling a second copy erroneously received as not being theft don't you get? I agree that the second copy should have probably been sent back to Magellan,.... But! ...While you may consider it theft, this individual obviously felt that it was just compensation for his dually purchased item that was incomplete. He was subjected to the frustration of trying to make his purchase whole as represented by the manufacture and also compounded by loss of full function of his newly purchased GPS for 2 weeks or longer. Its Tit-for-Tat the way I see it.
  11. What part of " I bought a Magellan eXplorist 500 in Canada" don't you get ???
  12. Good for you! I also don't get the negative responses from the above members, Magellan is aware that their products are sold in countries other than the USA and should accommodate the offer made in the country that their products is sold in ,.....or not advertise the mapping offer as a sales gimmick in countries other than USA,.......it is that simple!!!
  13. Photom~ Are you thinking like I am thinking about reverting back to the EU V1.55 ??? You first then post if it works OK !!
  14. A large 22Mb download for so little noticeable difference. What is up with this,.... And why two separate installs, the V 1.55 and V 2.10. The GPS display showed V 9.2.10 but the GPS would not work the first time as it only installed the V 1,55. I had to clear memory and install a second time 3 or 4 hours later after fiddling with it and then the PC screen said that it was installing V 2.10. Like PHOTOM's post above I also lost nav screens that I would like to still have as I enjoyed having all the bells/whistles just like what was on my Meri/Plat I would think that after waiting for over a year for the XL firmware update that NOW if it is so important as to require a 22Mb download , that Magellan would make it seamless and IDIOT PROOF as the alternative is TOTAL FRUSTRATION and we still don't have the upgrades like the EU v1.55 ?????????????
  15. I just checked out the Magellan support site http://www.magellangps.com/support/softwar...ates/XL_210.asp and found that they have updated the XL firmware to NA 2.10. I think that this is good news,...but I noticed on line #7 of the instructions they say to download to a SD chip and not the internal memory,..what is up with this?? If I take out my SD chip and replace it with one that has different mapping programed, do I need to up date the second SD with NA 2.10 to make it work ?? I thought that updated versions were added to the firmware memory in the GPS and not SD chips.
  16. Sanke~ The XL without ToPo 3D software is like a brick, you will need to spend the $$ to get the proper software to even be in the ball park with your expectations. It is like having a Cadillac without all the BLING that goes with it.
  17. I use my Magellan XL on my Suzuki 700 cc King Quad on a Ram Mount for navigation when I am riding in the BoonDocks. With the GPS set for Track Up, the road/trail that I am following unfolds right in front of me on the ToPo 3D mapping large screen of the XL. With North Up it gets confusing as the direction you are going is not consistent with what is shown on your GPS screen,...unless you are going North.
  18. Norm~ Look at the bottom of the linked page at the BLUE LINE for the downloadable link for V2.10
  19. I have felt like a red headed stepchild ever sense I purchased the Magellan eXplorest XL because of the lack of firmware support and the lack of back roads and trails on their ToPo 3D software, but it looks like that Magellan has posted a new freeware update for North America XL with version 2.10. http://www.magellangps.com/support/softwar...ates/XL_210.asp Now I need for my GPS adviser * embra* to please look into this update and inform all of us of the particulars about this latest offering and should I jump in and install at this time. Thanke embra befor hand.
  20. The eXplorest XL is the perfect size and would be a the number one GPS to have if,...Magellan would just up date the software and improve the ToPo mapping. Garmin is setting in the catbird seat and could use the XL formfactor,..... BUTT ?????
  21. Hogrod~ Thanks for your response. Ahhhh ,....Someone that has both versions of the old ToPo V4.20 and the new ToPo 3D and can also make an intelligent comparison and comment. Unfortunately you also fall into the long line of Magellan ToPo software users that have also been SCREWED !!
  22. Gentlemen Please understand~ Yes there are logging roads, dirt roads and some trails on ToPo3D, **BUTT** not shown to the same detail and extensions in remote areas as was incorporated in the MapSend V4.20 version,... and that is only part of the problem. I payed good money to get what I thought was a newer updated version of Magellan proprietary software (ToPo3D) map that would work on my XL GPS, possibly providing me with at least the same detail and got a version that lacked a significant amount of detail that the older V4.20 had. And to make matters worse the older V4.20 ToPo software that I also payed good money for will not work on the new Magellan eXploeist series GPS. That is why we are screaming about getting screwed!!!
  23. I did the same thing that you did, from a Meri/Plat to an XL (a great GPS) and the new ToPo 3D hoping to get a better view for these old eyes. I made my purchase based on the misguided impression that the new product that Magellan had produced was as good or better than what I had as far as mapping of the dirt roads/trails that we need for navigation in the boondocks when ride ATVs. Magellan has **SCREWED** us by not up dating the XL GPS and ToPo 3D mapping from the first production run. I have close to $500 in this set up and I still have to resort to the older Meri/Plat and MapSend ToPo V4.20 to have the back road information that I thought I was getting when I made my newer GPS/Mapping purchase. Magellan pull your head from your posterior and do what is the proper thing for your dollar committed costumers !
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