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  1. I also have experienced this problem. I log out and in and opt out. Most of the time it works, sometimes I have to wait till the next day. And I do use Field Notes. I can log in on the cache page but I keep notes, TB discoveries and drops in my notes. As well as problems and or giving a favorite point.
  2. Lots of Power Trail CO's use a certain attribute so you can load just the PT caches. Like a scuba attribute in the desert. You can use that same attribute to ignore caches on your PQs.
  3. Wow Our area of caching is becoming famous. There all types of cachers in this game. The guy who started the WTF series is a great guy with a great sense of humor. If you ever have the chance to go cache hunting with him, be prepared for a fun off beat humorous time. If your mind goes in the gutter with the mention of three little letters, that's your choice. But for me here in the land of snow, I save the WTF caches for those days you want to cache in a foot or more of snow. Keep the WTF caches coming!
  4. Getting back on topic, Town, village, city, township really doesn't matter to me. Now if it's a new county or Delorme, I am in. I just like accurate cords, a useful hint if any at all is given, and caches that are worthy of going after. A few places in our (315) area are dissolving but it's still all the same to me.
  5. On a recent cross country trip I passed through a very cache popular area. I was surprised to see that the previous finders had bought new cache containers, pre-stamped logs, and loaded the caches. They just picked up the existing caches and put down their new ones. They were the only names in the logs and all the caches were the same yellow/orange pill bottles that stuck out to be seen by anyone driving along the road. Not a fan. But again, not for me to judge, just observe....
  6. I looked back a few pages to see if this has been addressed before and did not see it listed. Anyway, on the Find Locations feature on the GC main page I used to be able to type in a city, village, or town and the state and it would direct me to there and list the caches. Now it only seems to bring up major cities. All the local villages that use to come up are now showing as "Not Found". Still works by Zip codes, but who can remember all of the ones in the area. Anyone else experiencing this?
  7. I found that when I release a coin I drill a hole in it and attach a traveler or sealed instructions on where it is to go. Ruining the value, but keeping the intention of the coin in tact.
  8. Last year when 1st. Mate and I went to Coinfest, we looked up the Virtuals in the area. Especially ones with favorite points. It was pretty much the highlight of our trip doing them. The areas we saw and the pictures we took and the memories made were great. Going to do the same this year.
  9. If it required to be able to find Chirp without a GPS capable, I wish the same with all the Smart phone only caches for those of us who do own one.
  10. Yes that is probably my solution. Read deeper in the forums about 62st and found a link for that. Thank you for the responses!
  11. Menu menu set up geocaches brings up: geocache list / Found Geocaches/ Filter Setup. No chirp set up. Any suggestions?
  12. After reading the posts about the chirp , I looked on my 62st which was purchased last November. I do not see the option for this. Am I missing something? Also when I bought this unit I was dissapointed to see no Wherigo also. I know it is not all that popular, but thought the 62 series would be able to do them. Thanks for any advice!
  13. Question about the coin. I got mine and looks like it may have been dropped. Does the interior part spin? Mine is a very tight fit and looks like it it supposed to spin, but it does not. Thanks for a reply! Captain Jon
  14. Been a month or so since I have been on Coins and Pins web site. Tried for the last two days and get an error pop up. Any one else having problems? Looked through the last weeks posts and did not see any related posts.
  15. I bought three at Geocoinfest and could not be prouder to move these along. Can't imagine anyone wanting to keep one/own one in a collection when they were clearly meant to move along.
  16. Being alife long resident of Geneva area and Boating on most of the Fingerlakes, I really hope I can buy a few of these well designed coins. Keep me in mind please! (PS Hi to Captain Ross!) Captain Jon
  17. I have in my hands a Free die side coin from Oak Coins. It expires at the end of this month. I changed my mind about having a differant personal coin of mine made. Instead I am going to get another 150 made up of my Benchmark coin to get an icon. Looking to trade or whatever . I am interested in Benchmark coins (I have most of the common ones), and Pirate themed and nautical themed coins. If anyone can use it, let's see what happens. Captain Jon
  18. I'll be sure to look you up at Coinfest and pick up some! Captain Jon
  19. I am brining about a dozen of my personal benchmark/geocaching personal coins to trade. been looking foward to this for a long time!
  20. thank you all for the replys! Got where i messed and how to fix. THANKS again Captain Jon
  21. I am sure this has been discussed many times, but I don't seem to find in in past topics easily. I gave a coin to a fellow cacher who took it from Rochester, NY to Sinapore China. (First time drop) 8110 miles logged. Coin picked up and moved to France. (Differant cacher) Now shows 5,300.00 miles. I assumed it would be combined mileage. What's up??
  22. Can anyone tell me where the printable business cards that described geocaching went to? I am helping with an event this weekend in Canandaigua New York and would like to hand them out. THANKS!! Captain Jon
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