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  1. Sent my info to Laval K-9: 2/5/2021Name received from Laval K-9: 2/7/2021Sent my gift: 3/11/2021My gift second gift to Canada shows it was delivered today. I received a gift: 3/11/2021 Mission(s) accomplished. Happy Easter everyone. And thank you Laval K-9 for hosting this event.
  2. Greetings for Las Vegas. Keep on Cachin
  3. Sent my info to Laval K-9: 2/5/2021Name received from Laval K-9: 2/7/2021Sent my gift: 3/11/2021My gift arrived at destination:I received a gift: 3/11/2021 I have two recipients. I'm really loving this.
  4. You can use the following text... Sent my info to Laval K-9: Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  5. Thank you for your reply. I was waiting to replace the TB before I emailed them but your words ring of caching wisdom. Thanks. 68gyspy
  6. I have lost 2 TB that were placed in my care through caching. I have gone back over the area I believed they went missing with no results. I'm not sure what the proceedure is but what I was thinking about doing is create a proxy TB tag with the TB number on it. Some identifier as to what has occured and why the tag is apperaing in this manner. As closely as possible recreate the original TB and send it back out into the wild. I have spent 2 sleepless nights over this and am in evey way responsible but not sure if this is a "proper" way to handle ths situation. Any responders and suggestions would be appreciated. Please be kind. 68gypsy
  7. Hi Bob, Maybe I'm a bit late in responding. I just got home from a week in Vegas. Your mode of travel would be most important in deciding what caches. At least thats how I play. I have a jeep so go for the desert. Three points to consider if you have a vehicle at your disposal. I pick a zip code and zone in from there. I have only encountered one nano and one micro in the Las Vegas area. If you want to stay metro log in the waypoint of GCHYCB and radiate from their. This is a log only cache but there are so many beautiful parks in Las Vegas just waiting for discovery. If you can get out of the city head up 95 and log in coordinates of 36 34.292 N 116 04.560 W. Radiate from their in 5 and 10 mile sections. I think you will be surprised how beautiful the desert can be and trust me you will get a hike in. Don't go for Awww Ratzz. Its a dangerous position and I need to contact the owner. Either their coordinates are off or they didn't consider the traffic. Keep on Caching
  8. I have an area in mind to place a cache and the only "reasonable" way to it would be to park on the north side of railroad tracks where parking is in abundance, walking across the tracks and another 1/4 mile south. Does this constitute a dangerous cache? If so, I will surly find another place. Thanks for the imput. 68gypsy
  9. 68gypsy

    Area 51

    I've always wanted to visit a non existant place. Oh, wait. I did that in the 60's. Heck, I'll go place a cache there. They already know who I am. 68gypsy
  10. [8D] I couldn't find any pending event in Southern California. Don't you find that odd? I planned on attending the Las Vegas happening but my (crash pad) fell through. Does anyone know of an event in Southern California or how I (lowly hippie that I be) could get one going? I think it should be on earth day also. 68gypsy
  11. I am now the proud owner of a Garmin 60 and have updated my account to Premium. This weekend will allow me an adventure. I'm still not comfortable with the GPS. Lots of whistles and bells. Any ideas on what I really don't need to know right now? Wish me good hunting. 68gypsy
  12. I now how technology can promise the world and not follow through. I haven't had time to check in this week and am amazed at the information provided. I subscribe to Apple procare and got curious about the promise of Mac support. Go to www.apple.com/retail/pro Click on the Made4Mac in the menu bar. In the search window I typed in Garmin and found several interesting tid bits of information. Hope this is of help to all. Garmin has been saying that for a long time. This time last year, they promised Mac support by the end of 2006. Now they are saying next year. Notice a pattern? It doesn't take 12 months to realize it'll be another 12 months before something is done. I gave up waiting, and decided to write my own. I really applaud you on your Maccaching appll I wish i knew programming on MAC os. As a switcher, i dont know anything about programming on MAC yet. Ive only had my MAC for a week but i dont intend to look back now You know of any programs on MAC os that grab the track logs?
  13. I am new to geocaching and am a mac user. Which GPS unit would be best for me to purchase in regards to downloading data? 68 gypsy
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