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  1. Titanic section of Halifax cemetery. Photo taken during 100th anniversary of Titanic. Large arrangement placed at grave of young violinist from the Titanic band.
  2. Tried to download direct but got an error and directed to provide email addy and await files. Thanks for info.
  3. Yes, thanks , it was garmin. openstreetmap and now see it si having further server problems at the moment. Will check you recommendation(s)
  4. Also heading to Europe in May and have submitted 2 requests to Openstreetmap over the last month, including manuals builds of 4 cities. Any feedback regarding timeframe for map builds to arrive? May have to invest in City Navigator
  5. Hope this tags. Was a thumbnail in original post. The image didn't display correctly. We have over 100 waterfalls within 10 miles of Ithaca. I posted a photo of Ithaca falls in the first post on the thread. Here's another waterfall that's about 9 miles from town. There's a earth cache located here:
  6. Here is a shot of Websters Falls in Dundas, Ontario (close to Hamilton). There are over 100 waterfalls in Hamilton. Within walking distance is Toews Falls. Both of these locations have nearby caches.
  7. I'll 2nd the comment above by Tugman and Wifey! Sure, there are always steps and ways to obtain the same data, but a one click link on My Account page was convenient and useful.
  8. Plans , material list and instructions for 1 variation is on www.greathides.com
  9. 18 month old Garmin 60C for sale. Americas Rec. Basemap. Excellent cond. with no scuffs or scratches. Has ZAGG invisible shield on screen. Includes all orig. components ( lanyard, USB, beltclip, Waypoint CD) and original box. Selling due to upgrade. Asking $150 US + actual shipping to Canada or US. Feel free to also PM my profile email.
  10. Can't help much other than to empathize with you. I recieved a trackable coin as a BDay gift. Took it to the far west coast of BCand wanted to see it travel the country and beyond. It made it 98km before someone took it and kept it. As with you, 3 emails went unanswered. They joined GSpeak in July 07 and and only lasted 3 weeks. Only advice I got was to suck it up and to tag it as stolen. Best of luck to you to not have to do the same.
  11. I'll have to agree with Lee, I've done it myself more then once Sure...poke fun all you like. But drawing attention to what someone paid for something has nothing to do with how much they are (trying) to sell it for. As for "haggling" ..maybe refer to the posting guidelines below Individual negotiationsor information exchanges should take place through private e-mail or telephone correspondence, not on this board.
  12. Ditto! I received a unit as a gift. According to Lee Rimar, I should list it as free?? Maybe you are taking the forum name "Garage Sale too literally?" Last I looked, any product is worth as only much as someone is willing to pay for it. I wouldn't pay his asking nor would I wouldn't pay $350 for a rare LP from 1982,...but someone might. If no one wants this item, then it will go unsold or prompt the owner to adjust. Do some people have nothing better to do with their time?
  13. I purchased the lifetime about 6 weeks ago. Considering up to 4 updates per year, it paid for itself on the first update based POI's and new roadways after 18 mos of no new software. If you weigh the option of $79 for 1 download, the lifetime is well worth it. FYI, I had a laptop crash and phoned Garmin to get the download again. They activated my map update for 5 days enabling me install the 09 version on 2 laptops and my desktop.
  14. I also built the one off great hides, but found that the small T at the end kept getting broken off by the people who tried it. After 3 times rebuilding it, I finally had enough. If there was someway to fabricate it from metal so it would not break, it would be better. I might suggest using copper pieces for part #11 ( Tee) At the risk of plugging a product, to join the Tee to a plastic part #10, try The Last Glue out of Oakville. Perfect for these noncompatible materials.
  15. for a pretty good monkey puzzle check out this link http://www.greathides.com/page6.html Enjoy!
  16. When you sent them a mail, did you check "I want to send my email address along with this message."? Some mail-providers mark these mails as spam and sort them out. Try sending another mail without this field checked and write your adress in the text. Didn't consider junkmail routing... Thanks for suggestion.
  17. I agree on the newbie statement....and I don't think they would purposely hoard or collect the coin. Just mistakenly collect it. I would hope that if the interest died off a bit ( 5 mos. idle) they might drop the coin in a local cache. I will try to email again and avoid spam possibilty as suggested...thanks
  18. Thanks for optimism. My fear is that if they haven't logged on to site since Aug, they may no longer be actively caching.
  19. Any help, advise or similar problem anyone? Last April I received a Geocoin for my BDay. Waiting for a good chance to drop it, I waited for a trip to Victoria BC in July and was eager to track its travel. It was picked up once or twice soon after, but has moved only 98km. The problem is that, the cacher who picked up my coin in August still have it in their posession. They joined geocaching.com in July and havent visited the site since Aug 19!! I emailed them through geocaching .com in Oct or Nov and did not get a reply. Their log states they were excited to pick up the coin..... but I fear they think it is to collect and not to drop off. Unless the site's data is incorrect, this cacher hasn't even been caching since Aug.
  20. I had a brief chat with a young trooper when I was out for a cpl of finds in New Hampshire in Jan. He pulled up with lights flashing as dog walking muggles just left. I had to quickly restash the cache and scramble back to my (out of state rental) car. The Fort parking lot was closed and I parked in the wrong spot. As I approached him he told me he was just about to write a ticket. I told him I was just in for a quick "geocach" and was prepared to explain it. He didn't ask for details...just wanted to slap my wrist. I talked my way out of the ticket and actually asked for directions to the next cache. Followed him out, and down the road. Luckily that park had a big lot. If you want a good read on police and stumbling across something..check this log! [url=http://www.centralontariocachers.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=152
  21. Although my kids say I act like a 15 yr old, but I will be 45 in April. My kids sometimes cache with me and they are 16 and 11.
  22. Thanks to all for the feedback so far. It seems this isn't as straight forward as I thought it might be. So for now.....as most of the other icons describe access to the area or other area features (pets allowed, 24/7) I will lean towards winter accessible to mean the property or cache area is open in winter. Glad to read a few see my point on the initial question... winter accessible doesn't by default mean winter friendly. I can understand the owners don't want a statement of winter friendly to lead to a presumption of "in a tree" or "off the ground". But, although I tend to wander in the snow so any direct tracks are not a spoiler...digging out 12" of snow in a 4 ft circle sure takes care of that. Maybe a more precise definition of the attribute icon would help. It seems like most things...it is a matter of translation, if not debate. Half the fun is learning as you go! Thanks
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