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  1. Download EasyGPS. www.easygps.com It will put the waypoints for Geocaching in your GPS for you. Keith T
  2. GPS 72 software version 2.02 as of 12/19/02 Changes made from version 2.01 to 2.02: * Corrected problem that cleared waypoint comments every power cycle. http://www.garmin.com/products/gps72/agree.html
  3. The default setting on my GPS 72 is WAAS DISABLE. Question...as a newbie...should I leave it there or enable it? Keith T
  4. Good informative site for a newbie. Thanks PDOP. Keith T
  5. Sorry for all the newbie postings. But I've found a new toy here and am craving for more education. Here are a couple newsgroups I found. alt.satellite.gps sci.geo.satellite-nav Keith T
  6. Thanks guys. I went out on a Geocaching adventure today. I'm starting to get the hang of it.(a little) I usually can figure stuff out in no time if I have a good manual. The manual that came with my Garmin unit is joke. Beside here, is there a usenet group out there? Keith T
  7. I new to GPS. I got this new one and the manuals are a joke when it comes to telling you how to use it for a newbie. Can anyone recommend a book or a website that will help me understand it more clearly. Ive got the basics (I think). I want to use it for "back tracking" when I'm on the ocean or unfamiliar lakes when I'm on my Jetski, and for Geocaching. Thanks in advance. Keith
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