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  1. it would be nice if the search by coordinates was in degrees minutes seconds instead of degree decimal so i wouldn't have to change the gps over before doing a search. Zombie Tribe
  2. or you can go to logicweave or GSAK has a macro that does a nice job here (this is what is currently in use on my profile) Zombie Tribe
  3. would like to trade my personal coin for one. Zombie Tribe
  4. Do you remember when geocoins actually had something to do with geocaching?
  5. already planned on going to the event, but i must admit this is a nice bonus.
  6. You can get them here. The Caching Place
  7. i ordered a couple of extras and will condsider trades.
  8. I was just wondering how everyone was displaying their coins. With some extensive collections it would be a shame to have them stored away. Hard cases? In an album that can go to events? Inquiring minds...
  9. hmph, and they would go so nicely in my Cachemas series caches. Zombie Tribe
  10. got mine tody and they look great! got lucky and got a silver as well, very cool! thanks
  11. 2 silver and 1 gold please zombie tribe
  12. please add me to the would love to buy list... zombie tribe
  13. i would be interested in purchasing one of each. zombie tribe
  14. interested in 5 when available. thanks Zombie Tribe
  15. we would like 3 of each please. zombie tribe
  16. also if someone emails you a bill. you can just log in to your ebay account (by going to ebay.com not the link in the message) and if that bill is legitimate it will be in your account, where you can just pay it from there.
  17. we would be interested in a few coins. let us know. Zombie Tribe
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