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  1. I'm coming back into the thread because I'm still very annoyed at this. I wanted to find out what new events were happening here in Manitoba. So going through the Advanced search that was promoted, I counted the actual screen contacts I made on my smartphone. 16!!!!!! (including the country scroll list and a couple of pinch and zooms) That was 16 times I had to touch my phone to get information that originally took two taps. How is this an improvement? Now, let's try the distance from N routine... from my house to Churchill Manitoba (where we have had events that people want to know about) is a distance of 1700 km (1000 miles)! Now, if I also wanted to know about caches from here to Oklahoma, Chicago, Wyoming, Colorado, Alberta, Northern Ontario... then okay... I'd ask for that. I've given it a couple of weeks and the benefit of doubt, but this change really doesn't work. It has added layers of complexity rather than simplicity. 16 screen touches!
  2. Further to the mailing address thing. I'm okay with eliminating the need for mailing address, but why not simplify it by asking "What State/Country" do you live in?
  3. Oh my. This is not a pleasant update. We've just lost a daily used feature. Here in Manitoba, this feature is part of our training and training materials for people, especially on finding events. One click and go. (Two clicks actually, one on the profile two on the newest and you're there quickly.) Now we're adding layers of complication, 5 or 6 clicks and two scrolling lists. MUCH harder to teach and WAY more annoying and way more time to accomplish. Tonight I needed a quick reference to an upcoming event and had to struggle to get to the event page. What should have been a quick 30 seconds ended up being more than a few minutes of frustration. As a result, I end up popping into the forums here to find out what the heck happened. I for one am not pleased with the now added layer of complexity to get to this information.
  4. Finally having a chance to add our coin photo for Manitoba, Canada. --
  5. Sounds like your reviewer has taken the commercial cache a bit too literally. Commercial is supposed to be something that supports a commercial business. AtlantaGal's right. Leave the price off the description page for the initial time being.
  6. Echoing that too! Thank you! BTW, Manitoba signed up for the traders, E&Cplus3 wanted to collect all the Canadian versions, so we're in!
  7. Here is Manitoba, Canada's colours. These are a bit visually enhanced from the PMS colour choices. But the basic idea is there. We're using a copper finish and the outer ring on the backside will have no enamel. The center button on the front and the numbers on the back will use glow in the dark. We've opted into the trade option.
  8. Can't wait to start messing with colours after I get the invite! Glow in the dark! (drool)
  9. IF you click yes on Trade participation you will get one of each coin of the people who participate in the trade. If 15 people participate in the trade we will add 14 more coins to your order. And you remove the same amount from your own order? ie We order 75 and opt in with the above example of 15 others so we get 61 of our design + 14 of the other varieties?
  10. Email about to be on the way.
  11. Liking the circuit board idea too!
  12. Good timing for me. Just got back from vacation to see where things were at with this coin. I like the overall design. Interesting use of the 12's in a rotated fashion. I see what DresselDragons saying. A suggestion might be, instead of raising the digital clock, have it recessed. A further fancy addition might be to have a snap-in magnetic piece that covers the digital clock. The covering piece would then continue with the 'ancient' look and design. Of course, this adds to the expense... but adds to the cool factor as well. LOL (Can we make the digital clock blink? )
  13. Count Manitoba, Canada in again this year! Would like to know if there is a list of participants being tracked somewhere. Is our post in this thread good as confirmation or do we need to contact Avroair directly?
  14. So to get a good estimate, pull out a beer and drink half the can. If you can fit everything into the space, great. If not, drink more. If the can is empty, you may need a second can, just to be sure. Rinse and repeat. Eventually, almost like magic, you'll have two small caches on your hands to hide!
  15. I concur. Would be extremely beneficial to cachers (like us Canadians) outside of the US.
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