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  1. I got out of the game some years ago (premium member), after buying the Iphone app. Now my grandson wants to try it. It seems I have to be a premium member to get caches over 1.5. So now I have a $9 app that I really can't use! If I'm wrong about this, I apologize for this post. If I'm right I call BS.
  2. I think Dale Jr. was thinking about it but his GPS isn't working properly. He can't even find the finish line. LOL must be a WAAS issue!
  3. I have the same type of situation near me, the original cache, GCW2DY, was found (by me) then later it disappeared and was adopted by someone else and moved. It's in the same area and with the same name, just a new hiding place. I just don't know the protocol of logging it.
  4. I agree, a long log seems to show appreciation for the cache.
  5. My theory is that if someone hates micros, don't look for them. Where I am it's micros or nothing.
  6. Here would be the place to ask...
  7. Here would be the place to ask...
  8. I don't worry about the SWAG, I'm just looking for the cache. I agree there is a lot of junk in some caches though. IF there was a $100 bill in one, that might change things a little......
  9. I think every one of our Texas state parks have at least one cache, and recently the parks have been placing their own caches. They also have a State Park Geo-Challenge that requires you to find x number of caches in x number of parks and you can earn a geocoin. Is that ok Pat? I believe Arkansas has a state park cache prog. in place also. EDIT to add links Arkansas State park caching Park caches
  10. Personally, I like Branson,MO. We try to grab a few every time we get there. Plus there's loads of other stuff to do too.
  11. 1) I had purchased a GPS for other uses, then a friend mentioned caching. Now I'm on my 3rd gps. 2) It sounded like a fun hobby. Whenever we go out of town we try to grab 1. BTW I'm more of an urban cacher, I will go on a short hike but not bushwhacking.
  12. Yup, that's how to do it on a 300. I had one (donated to local FD) it was a bit of a pain but it worked, and worked well.
  13. I used a 210 until I got a Legend HCX, I loved my 210 BUT I do like expandable memory. I think the 210 is a great unit! To me, the file system is way better than Garmins. Accuracy is fantastic on mine.
  14. The forums have been working great for me for the last few weeks! Seems like after the fire things got better, no time outs or server errors. Maybe Groundspeak did some fixing, I don't know. At any rate, GOOD JOB!
  15. You started in the right place. Keep reading the posts and it will come together for you. Search for caches in your area and see what's out there, get a GPSr and load the easy ones, go for it and have FUN! Maybe stay away from micros 'till you have a few under your belt. Ask questions as they come to you, If answers are already posted here someone will point you in the right direction. DO NOT get discouraged and above all HAVE FUN!
  16. Vent may have been a not so good of a choice of wording.
  17. I was looking for a cache Sunday, GC1DR32, which is very near, GCPRK5, less than 100' actually closer to 50' apart. I found the general area and searched for at least 20 min. without luck. I went to GCPRK5 and looked inside the ammo can (which I had found before) and found a camo'd match container with a log book, which I failed to read, then went back and looked more. As we left we met a couple looking for the same cache, as we were leaving thr area we met them again and they allowed that the match container in GCPRK5 was infact the one we were after. As stated in the other folks log for GC1DR32 the state park confirmed that their cache is inside the other. Not only were the cache's too close as per my understanding of the "rules" but to put one inside of another with out changing the location on the web page just seems uncool. I took a DNF because I failed to sign the log and didn't feel up to the treck back to the cache. It just seems to me like this is not an alright thing to do, even though the cache is owner by the state park. I just wanted to vent, sorry for being long winded! I just don't understand how 2 caches can be put that close together, much less moved into another cachers container. I just hope I got all the number right! If not I'm sure someone will let me know......
  18. I just upgraded to a Legend HCx from a Magellan 210. I love the Legend! I'm glad I chose it!
  19. goodwrench00


    Same deal here, somewhere else (here) it was posted that "New" PQ's get run before scheduled PQ's. So I make new PQ's and get them PDQ.
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